Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 9)

A dark room is shown curtains were hang on the windows there was complete silence one person can hear the sound of falling needle sanskar was sitting at center of room he was leaning with bed.he was holding swara’pic and looking at her blankly and remembring whole incidence from start
Sanskar’s POV

I still remember my first meeting with her that was so frustrating i never see a girl like this before.The way of her continous talking crying and sudden exclamation make me numb.the way she ordered me to fix her foot was a big shock for my whole life someone did not dare to order me but she ordered me without any fear at that time i was full of different emotions angry frustrated amased and i fixed her foot. I don’t remember when i sit when i hold her delicate foot when i fixed it I was just seeing her innocent eyes that changes colour with every second her eyes was beautiful it looked like a sea of emotions is hidden in her big blue eyes when she close her eyes firmly and hold my coat i came into my senses her hairs were coming over her face.

he wanted to slide them behind her ear but before he could do any thing she jumped from her place and start talking continously it was very frustrating i just wanted to shut her mouth with my hands but i get satisfaction after taking her parking i saw her open mouth with disbelief that make me laugh loudly in my cabin but seriously it was very difficult for me to stop myself from laughing when i was walking towards my cabin after contolling my laughter in 15 min then i opened file to see candidates for PA and i stoped with jerk when i saw her pic in the list that brought a smile on my face she was here for interview but when i read her details that was huge shock for me she was swara gadodia my smile vanished and my eyes got filled with anger and hate for a moment i felt that my heart  stoped beating for a moment i closed my fist in anger and walked toward the window which was showing ground hall i don’t remember for how long i stood there then i saw her entering the hall with  angery and frustated face.

Without knowing i watched time she took half hour for finding anothere place for parking.we should extend parking area i thought.She was talking with receptionest i take my phone and ordered receptionest to send swara in my cabin.Finally i was getting chance to take my revenge i was burning in my revenge in my whole life i didn’t forget that night that changes my life completely and now its my turn to take revenge and this was big opportunity for me but i never thought that it will happen like this.But for a change its gona be fun and i smile meantime i hear a knock she entered in cabin i sat on my chair she was shocked to see me there. I just started the interview for basic formality but i heve appointed her at the time when i read her name but before that her phone started ringing and she opened her huge bag and believe me it was huge bag.heaven god! what was she carrying in  it and ughhh!

She started putting everything on my table.there was a mess on my table i feel a small heart attack passed from my heart after seeing it.i clear my throat and in return she gave a tight smile i feel i’m loosing my senses but again she jumped and shouted that she will not work here but she agreed later.Now i wanted to order her that she can join from tomorrow but she informed meee that she will join from tomorrow oh gosh! From which planet she came from my mouth was open at her attitude and i went after to confront her strickly but she was in her own world she was trying to call someone and oh god! she yelled with her full strength and after that i feel that i became deaf i stared at her angrily for yelling and when i come to my senses she was making faces as her dida told me mental because i give her job i chukled.her dida must be right i was mental to give her job and after that anger revenge surrounded me from everywhere and i take my first step for taking revenge and went close to her

She burn swara’pic and said:no one can stop me from taking revenge not even her trust

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  1. Whts dis..y shanky taking reveng frm swara..pls clear it first nd pls make it long nd update daily..waiting fr nxt

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  3. Which revenge??? Plsssss reveal the reason for revenge???? Make them fall in love!!! 🙂

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    Nice episode but which reavang waiting for next episode

  7. Priya tripathi

    Nice episode wait for next update

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