Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 8)


Swara sadly:dad u can’t go like this.i am not allowing u and turns her face
Shekhar:princess look at me. Try to understand beta.this meeting is very important i have to go.
Swara widened her eyes:but dad for one week.u know! There are 7 days in a week how can u think like this.
Shekhar:plzzz princess allow me to go how can i leave without your permission.
Swara:okay but one condition u will bring a lot of chocolates for me.
Shekhar gets happy:pakka.thank u my princess and kisses her on forehead.
At morning shekhar leaves for meeting.

Swara and ragini were doing preperations for mehndi function.ragini smiles remembering lucky swara sees this and thinks:is she become mad why is she smiling like jokker and goes near her.
Swara whispers:laddooo!
Ragini:remains silent and was meantime lucky and sanskar comes there
Swara sees them and shouts loudly near ragini ear:ladddoo!
Ragini gets scared and jumps from her place.lucky and sanskar smiles.
Ragini shocked:what happened? Do u want me to get hearattack?looks at her angrily
Swara smiles:laddo what has happened with u?and goes near her and give her water.ragini starts drinking
Swara whispers in her ear:are u in love my dear?ragini splits water on lucky face.sanskar laughs loudly
Swara checkles lucky looks at ragini angrily and wipes his face
Lucky angrily to sanskar:why are u laughing? And thinks sanskar never laugh like this before what happened in these two days.
Sanskar:tomorrow u were laughing on me now its my turn and again laughs loudly
Ragini:are u kidding with me?
Swara excitedly:i’m confirmed.tell me who is he?
Lucky becomes fascinated and said:what are u talking about?
Swara whinks at ragini and said:i have a good news.ragini hits her head and thinks :now ragini get ready for bomb blast.don’t know what she will do now god help me.
Lucky excitedly:what is it? tell me and looks at ragini tensed face.
Swara yelled:ragini is engaged now.lucky and ragini gets shocked and looks at each othere.sanskar was looking at swara as he comes to know that she is lying but swara was staring at ragini and lucky face expressions.lucky was fuming with anger and his eyes were showing deep pain.ragini was helplessly looking at him.lucky goes from there in anger.a drop of tear falls from ragini eye and walks out from there slowly.swara gets confirmed about what she was thinking and remembers that yesterday both ragini and lucky were glued with each othere they didn’t leave each othere for single moment she was busy therefore she didn’t ask about this from ragini but now she was confirmed.she yelled:ohhh i am so happy for my friend.she is in love yipeee! Sanskar smiles and comes close to her.her’happines gets vanished
Sanskar:u came to know about your friend’s feelings. What about me.swara looks down and stammers:si…sir! Wh..what a..are u talking about.sanskar smiles and holds her hand and takes her to lonely place and pinned her to wall
Swara:sir what are u doing? Someone will see us but sanskar put his finger on her lips and othere on her wrist and said:sssssh! Swara’s heart was beating so rapidly that it will come out in any moment.she looked in his eyes.sanskar missed his heartbeat when she looked into his eyes.there was everything in her blue eyes innocence purity shyness and the biggest thing which shocked him that was TRUST. She trusts him this thought make him stunned he losses his grip on her wrist.swara takes advantage of this and runnes from there sanskar looks at her with shock. Swara stops in mid and turns and gives him a wide smile and runnes from there.sanskar was standing there with hell shock

Ragini was crying in girls washroom and suddenly door opens with a full force and lucky comes in.ragini looks at him with shock and asked:what are u doing here this is girls washroom?
Lucky holds her shoulder and said:i don’t care.what u think of yourself
Ragini:what did i do? Lucky tighten his grip on her shoulder after hearing this.
Ragini:sssss! Leave me its paining a tear falls from her eyes.lucky looks at her tears and leaves from there angrily

Credit to: zaimal

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