Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 7)

THANK u guyss for your lovelly comments.tia i am sorry but pairs will be swasan and raglak. i love them as pair sory for
hurting u.and plzzz comment it urges me to write.

swara and ragini are doing arrangements and then lucky and sanskar comes there.ragini and lucky looks at each othere angrily but says nothing
sanskar:arrangements are very good.
swara:thank u sir. after sometime ragini was giving some instructions to a man lucky comes there and said:how are u lizard?

ragini looks at him angrily and said:monkey don’t call me lizard or else…
lucky:what will u do.ohhh i got it u will start crying…hahaha.ragini again hit him on foot.
lucky:aaah what’s wrong with u crazy girl! ragini laughs and said:ohh! monkey is crying like a baby.don’t cry do u want a icecream and pulls his cheek.
lucky twist her arm and come close to her ear:u should have not done this to me.ragini looks at him confusingly they have a short eyelock.
ragini:plz leave me it is hurting.lucky comes to his senses and leave her and goes from there.ragini was standing there silently.
swara comes to sanskar and said:sir! these files needs your approval.sanskar noddes and start reading the files. swara was standing there silently.swara phone rings swara:han dida!
dida:how is your crazy boss and giggles.swara smiles looking at sanskar and said:sir! my dida is asking how are u?.

sanskar looks at her shockingly:whatt!.swara repeats loudly:how are u? dida hits her forehead and said:swara i was asking from u.
swara:but dida how would i know about his health? i have to ask him na then i would be able to tell u.
sanskar clears his throat and said:i am fine miss swara.
swara:dida he said ‘he is fine’.dida: plz swara borrow some wit.
swara:what did i do now? u asked question.i didn’t know the answer therefore i asked him whats wrong in this.sir u tell me if u don’t know anything about me
u will ask me about that haaan naaa!!.sanskar checkles and noddes in positive direction.
swara:see dida sir is on my side.
dida:offfo! and ends the cal.

swara:hello hel…lo. dida? she cut off my cal and pouts.sanskar smiles swara looks at him and said:why are u smiling don’t u have no manners? i am sad and
u are smiling and hits on his foot angrily and goes from there.
sanskar:aaah! in meantime lucky comes there and said:what has happened bhai?
sanskar:don’t ask. now i can feel your pain.she hitted on my foot.lucky laughs loudly and said:that lizard hitted your foot too? and again laughs.

sanskar:noooo! your angel hit me.lucky:really?? both are friends na therefore.
ragini and swara comes there.swara angrily:sir! we have complete our work can we go now.
sanskar gives her an intence look and noddes.swara and ragini were about to leave but sanskar said:swara convey my thanks to your dida.swara looks at him angrily and goes from there.sanskar checkles.ragini and lucky look at each othere and then goes from there.
swara reaches home and was going to her room but stops and said:diddaaa! sir! said thank u.
dida was about to pull her ears she runs from there.

swara and ragini were going to attened engagement.swara was wearing a white frock which was touching her foot her hair were open and were coming to waist she was looking like an angel.ragini was wearing a black gowen her hair were also open and she had put them on her left shoulder she was looking very beautiful like a princess.
when swara and ragini entered into the hall sanskar and lucky looked at them they were stunned to see them.swara and ragini comes to them.
swara:sir! is arrangement is okay? or do u want something else?but sanskar was numb.
swara a little bit loud:sirr! is something wrong?
sanskar comes to his senses:hmmm! no everything is perfect like u.
swara confusingly:what??

sanskar:nothing.on the othere hand lucky was staring ragini but ragini was avoiding him as she was feeling very nerveous with his constant staring
ragini whispers:lets go swara.swara noddes and they walks out from them.
swara:laddo! stay here i will go and check music arrangements.ragini noddes.when swara was not there lucky comes there as he was waiting when ragini will be alone.
lucky:u are looking beautiful.
ragini was nerveous so she remain silent and was looking her hands.
lucky looks at her and smiles and said:are u nervous?
ragini nodedes quickly in positive direction.
lucky checkled and said:why?

ragini:i never atteneded a function like this. i don’t know anyone and swara is busy in work.
lucky:aaray! i am here na why are u taking tension?
ragini looks at him and pouts:i don’t even know your name…..monkey.
lucky laghs loudly and said:my name is laksh u can call me lucky.ragini noddes.
swara was shouting on a worker for not playing music and sanskar comes there and said:why are u shouting swara?
swara:sir see na this man didn’t play music until now.
sanskar:swara relax u go any play music. the man noddes and go from there.swara opens her bag and bring out a chocolate and start eating it.

sanskar looks at her and said:what are u doing?
swara confusingly:sir i am eating chocolate can’t u see?
sanskar irritatingly:i know that but why are u eating it now? one min before u was so tensed ad now eating chocolate.
swara:sir wo na…i have habbit that when i’upset. i eat chocolate.
sanskar:why are u upset?
swara:sir! i have done all these arrangement for first time.if something goes in wrong direction then.

sanskar:everything will be relax.
swara completes her chocoleate and put wrapper in her bag.
sanskar irritated:throw that wrapper in dustbin.
swara looks at him and said:why sir!
sanskar becomes irritated and said:first stop calling me sir.
swara: why sir? u are my boss so i should call u with respect dida always said respect your elders.and u are taller than me also. see! and stands with him while her shoulder touches his shoulder.

swara was talking continuously.sanskar hold her waist from side and whispers:u frogot rule no 1 u have to follow what will i say and clean chocolate near her lips.swara feels as current passes throw her body when he touches her.sanskar goes from there after cleaning her face.swara touches her face and feels his touch and smiles.

swara was not able to sleep whenever she closes her eyes sanskar face comes infront of her and she smiles everytime.she wakes up and goes towards her table and open her dairy and start writting. “I NEVER FEELED LIKE THIS BEFORE. IS THIS LOVE? OHH GOD! I DIDN’T FORGET HIS TOUCH UNTIL NOW BUT I HAVE TO CONFIRM THIS FEELING”

ragini was lying on bed and was thinking about lucky and was the whole function she was with him.he was so caring he didn’t left her alone as he know’s that she will feel bore.

lucky was smiling thinking about ragini and said:she is very beautiful and innocent.and thinks about the incidence when ragini was helping a child to find her mother as the child was lost.when child gives her kiss on her cheek and she blushed.and smiles again and said:your smile is very beautiful ragini and i promise i will always keep u smiling.

sanskar:u are so innocent swara u get caught in my trap so easily.i feel sory for u and smiles evily looking at swara pic.

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