Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 6)



Swara looks at sanskar but before he could say something lucky holds his his hand whispers near his ear:plz
buddy say yes i wanted to spend time with her.sanskar look at him angrily but noddes and said: Miss swara u can start
your work from today but funtions starts from tomorrow so make arrangements from today.
swara:yes sir.
swara goes towards a side while lucky and sankar sees her going.
lucky:kiaa larki ha yaar!

sanskar gets angry and said:she is my PA.stay away from her i am warning u.
lucky:chill yaar i was jocking i also don’t want any mess in my sis wedding.sanskar noddes.
swara calls ragini and said quickly:laddo where are u? i want u to be with me my life is in danger my boss is planing to kill me
plz come to five star hotel
ragini:what i am coming don’t worry.she ends the call.swara goes towards sanskar and lucky and siad:sir can i go to check the arrangements?
sanskar noddes.
lucky:i will also come with u but sankar holds his hand and said angrily:lucky we have to discuss some imp work come with me and swara go complete your work.
swara goes and sanskar grabs lucky to opposite direction.
after 15 mins ragini comes while running and strikes with some one and falls down
ragini:can’t u see and looks upward.lucky was looking at her angrily and said: i have same question for u.

ragini stands up and said:it was your mistake.
lucky:no it was your mistake.they start arguing.
lucky:whatt! am i look monkey. if i am monkey then u are lizard and winkes
ragini:what i am lizard how dare u call me a lizard and hit on his foot in anger and walks out from there.
lucky:aaah! my foot.looks at her angrily
ragini comes toward swara who was doing arrangement for engagement ceremoney
ragini:wht he think of himself am i look like a lizard……monkey and strikes with swara.
swra:aaah ragini what are u doing see i am holding soo many things wht has happened? u are looking angry.
ragini:forget it i don’t want to talk about it.

swara:aaara! tell me and ragini tells whole incidence to swara.
ragini: swara! am i look like a lizard and pouts.swara looks at her.she was trying hard to control her laugh and in that struggle her face was becoming red
in meantime sanskar enters the hall and looks at swara and smiles.
ragini:swara bolo na! am i look like lizard? swara noddes in no and laughs loudly and runs from there while laughing ragini gets angry and chase her.
ragini:swara wait i will tell u who is lizard.both where running in hall.swara’laughter was echoing in the hall.all the workes were smiling.there was a wide grin on sanskar face after seeing swara like this.
finally swara and ragini stoped and swara holds her ears and says sorrry! and make puppy face.ragini laughs and hugs her tightly.swaragini background music plays
ragini:now tell me why u think that u boss is trying to kill u?swara told her everything.
swara:pta ha? he was staring me.i think that he was planing how to kill me.plz stay with me in all these function.

ragini:of course i will not let anything happen to u.
(guys both are very innocent so don’t get shocked)
sanskar comes towards swara and said:mis swara did u complete your work? and who is she? but before swara could answer him lucky comes there and
said:lizard.ragini looks at him angrily.swara was about to laugh again.she knows that if she start laughing again she will not be able to stop it for long time so she quickly opens her bag and bring out water bottle and start drinking water to control her laughter sanskar notices this and smiles.
ragini:my name is ragini i am swara’friend.
lucky comes toward swara and said schockingly:swara how could she be your friend? u are so angel and look at her she is such a churailll
swara splits out water on sanskar face after hearing it as sanskar was standing infront of her.ragini gets angry and again hits on lucky foot and walks out.swara looks at
sanskar and said:sorry sir!!. and runs after ragini and yells:raginiiii laddoooo plz stop.
sanskar clean his face from hands and looks at lucky angrily as it was all his mistake while lucky was holding her foor and was screaming:why this girl always hit me on foot.
sanskar:why were u teasing her?

lucky:araa! she was irritating me.sanskar goes after swara.
when ragini was going outside swara holds her and said:where are u going.
ragini:don’t talk to me u were laughing their.
swara:i was not laughing
ragini:don’t lie i saw u.
swara:aacha wooooo! arraaa! lucky called me angel na that’s why i was laughing.
ragini:saccchhhhi! meantime sanskar comes there and said:if u are done with your friend then we can do some work.
swara:sir! i have completed my work this is list of all arrangment i have done necessary calls.decorations will start from tomorrow at 9.ragini and sanskar looks at her astonishingly.
sanskar clears his throat and said:well done miss swara i am impressed.
swara:sir we can go home now?
sanskar:of course u can leave now.

ragini was still in shock.swara shake her and said:come.
ragini in shock:what? han han lets go.but wait.swara plz pinch i seeing a dream.
swara shrug:okayy and pich her with full force.ragini shouts loudly:ouchh!
ragini put her hand on swara’forehead and then neck.
swara:wht are u doing?
ragini:i am checking do u have a fever?and laughs.sanskar checkles after understanding everything.
swara confusingly:no i am perfectly fine why are u asking this?
ragini smilingly:u did so much work na.
swara understands everyting and pouts:i will tell dida that u are teasing me.ragini laughs:come lets go,

swara and ragini goes from there but before leaving swara turned and looks at sanskar.

Credit to: zaimal

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