Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 5)


Swara was walking in parking area and thinking about sanskar:why i am feeling so nervous.nothing is wrong he did that because I talk too much relax.and starts her scooty ang goes toward her home.unaware from this that two eyes were watching her.
Swara was running in whole house and yelling for different things.sach as dida where is my bag,dida where are my shoes.dida i am getting late where is my keys.dida u didn’t prepare breakfast untill now.shekhar sees her and laughs loudly.

Shekhar:look like my daughter’s school days are meantime ragini comes and give hifi to shekhar and said:oh god swara u wake up so early i can’t believe it.
Swara angrily:than don’t believe it who said u to believe it?and drinks juice quickly and gives a peck to shekhar and runs outside after holding ragini’hand.swara was a very rush driver therefore after 10 min they were infront of office.
Swara giving keys to ragini and said:drive safely and nothing should be happen to my scooty.
Ragini frowned:u are so mean.u are asking me to drive safely.the one who is world’s best rush driver.swara laughs and said:arra! I have full trust on my self but i can’t trust anyone else for my scooty’s my eighteen birthday go i am getting late and runs towards building.when she entered building she collides with someone but in her view that was surely a wall.
Swara:omg! My head is spinning she hold her head with both hands and looks toward the wall but sanskar were looking at her with displeasure.
Swara:sir appp! I thought i collide with wall and make faces.
Sanskar:u are late miss swara.
Swara:sir only 5 min
Sanskar frowned:whatever i’m going for meeting come with me.and start walking outside.
Swara and sanskar were sitting in the car.

Swara:but sir where are we going?which type of meeting is this?when will we return?sanskar while driving looks at her angrily and said:if u asked me one more question than i will throw u out from this car.swara looks out from the window and then speed of the car and gives a tight smile to sanskar and said:okayy.? and thinks how can i stop talking. plz god save me.
Sanskar checkles.swara stays quite whole journey.when they reached swara phone rings.sanskar and swara comes out from car.swara was walking behind sanskar. swara answer the call and whispers:hello dida i have to tell u something.
Dida:about what?
Swara:dida u were right about my boss.sanskar becomes fascinated.
Dida:what are u trying to say.
Swara:my boss is mentally unstable.

Sanskar looks at her angrily.
Swara:he said that if i will not stop asking question he will throw me out from the car.dida laughs after hearing the meantime swara again strikes with wall (according to her).she looks at him.sanskar was looking at her seriously
Swara:dida i will talk to u later and ends the call.and thinks:sir! Why are u looking at me with so much love.and gives him a sheepish smile.but before sanskar could say something a person comes and said:sanskar! Why are u so late i was waiting for u.he did not have seen swara.
Sanskar:sorry lucky come lets go and gives a intense look to swara.swara thinks: swara u are dead now he will kill u and worse thing is that u have not yet fulfilled your last wish and pouts.lucky notices swara and was amazed to see her beauty and asked:who is she?
Sanskar:she is my PA

Lucky:hello miss!my name is laksh u can call me lucky and extends his hand
Swara holds his hand and said:my name is swara.sanskar look at their hand and gets frustrated and grabs lucky hands and said:lets go we are getting late.
Thay enter into the luxury hotel
Sanskar:swara!uttra is laksh sister.she is getting married.we got the contract for her wedding preperations.this is place where all the functions will be done and u have to make all the arrangments.swara noddes.
Lucky:if u need any help plz ask me i would love to help u.swara smiles.sanskar looks at lucky angrily.
Swara:sir! From when i can start work?
Before sanskar could say something lucky interrupts him and said:today is the best day to start any work.swara looks at sanskar

Credit to: zaimal

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