Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 46)


hello guys thank uuuuu soooo much for your lovely comments and i am sory i can’t reply them and don’t worry i will not stop this fanfic untill i don’t write that parts which i have imagined before starting this story and i am going out of city for some work so i will not be able to upload miss me alot guys. now lets start the story.

sanskar turned to his left side and closes his eyes firmly to get sleep but instead of sleep swara’s laughing face came in front of him he jerked the side and turned to his right side but this time swara’s angry face came in front of him.sanskar chuckled at his imagination.
narrowed eyes,red nose and persuaded lips.
sanskar:damm this little girl messing with my mind again and again.he closes his fist angrily and gets up from bad and looked for water.he sighed after looking at empty jug.he shook his head and goes to kitchen.but he frozed at the door of kitchen looking at the scene.
swara frustratedly put her book on her bad what’s wrong with u swara can’t u just read peacefully.
swara irritated:i am feeling so hungry……okay fine lets do one thing eat something and get back to reading.yeah good good.
swara gets up and moves toward kitchen and open the refrigerator.her eyes popped out seeing the empty spaces.she cried out loudly at this.
she opened the upper part and her eyes sparkle looking at the ice creams.she shrugged and take out a full chocolate ice cream bucket and sit on the chair and start eating it.
swara giggling:yummy.soon its get empty.swara looked at the bottom bemused.
swara blinking:so soon…i am still hungry.she bite her lower lip and looked at the refrigerator.
swara:if i will eat one more a little one promise nothing will goes wrong right?
she again take out a bucket of ice cream this time again chocolate.
swara smiles:dadu u are great thank u.and she again start eating it.oblivious of her surroundings.
but her hands stopped in mid when it was going toward her mouth.her gaze fall on a pair of shoes.her gaze slowly shifted toward the amusing face of sanskar,her mouth was still open.she quickly put spoon in her mouth and looked at him who was leaning against the door watching her as it is the only work which is left in world.
she blinked at him her mouth full of ice cream which turned into round shaped.
swara:what? (mouth filled with ice cream)
she followed his gaze on the table where an empty bucket of large size was placed.she swallowed the ice cream and smiled at him meekly.
swara:i…i..i was just a little bit hungry.sanskar chuckled.
sanskar mocking:a little bit? he moved toward her and looked at bucket which was also going to be empty.swara also looked inside the bucket.
swara embarrassed:woooo….
sanskar looked at her red face and chuckled and moved toward fridge to get water bottle.
swara again start eating her ice cream slowly.
swara in mind:what he think of me.a little dinosaur? who eats two large buckets in one go.and if he tell dadu i eat so much ice cream.he will kill me.swara stiffened when he feel his warmness at her back.
sanskar whispers in husky tone near her ear:don’t worry i will not tell dadu.and i will not think u as little dinosaur
swara turned her face toward him.
swara blinking innocently:how do u know what am i thinking? sanskar chuckled and leaned toward her face swara bend back to make atleast inch distance between their faces.
sanskar chuckling darkly:i can still tell u what is going on in your little head now.but don’t worry i will not do any thing till the right time.
swara blushed crimson red.sanskar smiled looking at her blushing.he slowly wipes the ice cream from corner of her lips with his thumb and taste it looking into her big crystal brown eyes. goosebumps raised on her body.sanskar stepped and leaves from there.swara placed her finger tips on her corner of lips.she blushed hard.
swara:shameless monkey.she stepped down from chair and leaves from their hurriedly.

swara pleading:dadu plz give permission na what is difference if i will start driving or after 15 days?
dadu pulls her cheek:difference is u will turned 18 after 15 days.
swara pecked on his cheek and said with puppy dog eyes:plz dadu plzzz plz pinky promise i will not get excited and will learn silently how to drive plz dadu.
dadu shook his head and said:after 15 days.i don’t want to see my granddaughter behind the bars.
swara sulking:i am not talking to u. i hate u.she stamped her foot on ground and leaves from there angrily.
dadu worried:oh boy!!!
swara was going in library when she strike with lucky sanskar was also with him.they had come after their outing.
lucky:watch out woman.
swara shouted:lucky u idiot.can’t u watch before walking? lucky’s eyes widened he looked at sanskar who was staring at swara amusingly.
swara looked at lucky with narrowed eyes and goes from there mumbling curses at him.
lucky:i think she gone mad after giving exams.
sanskar smiling:lets go

swara again turns page in anger and again turns.she closes the book and throws it.but sanskar catches it and laugh.
sanskar:what’s wrong?
swara angry:nothing.sanskar shook his head and sit beside her on sofa.
sanskar:why are u angry?
swara turns toward him and goes closes to him without noticing and said:tell me one thing what’s wrong if i will drive today? what is the difference if i will drive now? i am totally free.exams are finished.ragini is going Australia today.i just asked to give me permission for driving.but dadu…he is not giving me permission.i hate him.
she angrily moves back and fold her arms around her chest and make pout face.
sanskar sighed and said:u are still not turned 18.swara looked at him with narrowed eyes.
swara:only 15 days.for god sake.nothing will change after 15 days.and i know dadu will not give me permission even after i will turn 18.i know him.
sanskar chuckles and said:don’t make sad face when will u turn 18 i myself will teach u driving okay?
swara eyes widened she looked at him and said:really?oh thank u.she jumped and hug him tightly.sanskar stiffened he put hand on her waist.and pull her closer to him.
swara still hugging:but but don’t tell dadu.okay.
sanskar:hmmm…swara breaks hug and smiles at him and goes from there.
sanskar was still at that position thinking about their hug.he comes into his senses.
sanskar:why i feel happy when she is near to me? i am going mad leaving with her.he gets up and goes out.
but halted looking at swara he stand beside her but seems like she was lost some where.he follows her gaze and his eyes narrowed.
ragini was leaving for Australia.and sumi and shrekhar saying her good bye.
sumi worried:ragini take care of me everyday okay and return soon.sumi hugs ragini.
ragini uncaring tone:mom i am not a kid so chill.
shekhar hug ragini and said:take care.
swara sighed and turns to go.they looked perfect family mom and dad never show such affection for her.her eyes get filled with tears.its not like that she is jealous of ragini no never she is her sister but she is also their daughter.swara turned to leave but stiffened looking at sanskar so near to her.he was looking at her deeply seems like he was reading all her thoughts she avoided eye contact and leaves from their hurriedly.sanskar again looks toward the sight which make her hurt.his jaw get settled in a tick.he turns around to go after her.
swara goes to dadu’s room.dadu was sitting on his arm chair reading a book.his back was toward door.swara back hug him.dadu smiles.
dadu in teasing tone:someone was angry from me.
swara still sad:how could i dadu? u are only who loves me. dadu looked at her sad face and make her sit infront of him
dadu:why is my bacha sad?
swara trying to control her tears:me?….sad?…what are u talking about?
dadu:swaraaa u know u can’t hide anything.
swara hug dadu and start sobbing.dadu get tensed and caressed her hairs.
dadu worried:swara bacha what happened?why are u crying? did lucky said u something? tell me but plz stop crying.
swara still sobbing:dadu sometimes i feel like i am outsider in this one loves me.dadu’s face turned pale.
dadu stammering:what…what are u saying? are u saying i don’t love u?
swara:no dadu i am not saying like this.
dadu break hug and make pout face.
dadu:i am angry on u swara.don’t talk to me.u think i never loved u.
swara blinks innocently and scratches her head and said:when did i said that?
swara hold her dadu’s hands and said:i am sory dadu i didn’t mean that u know me.i talk rubbish plz i am sory and holds her ears and make pout face.
dadu chuckled and kissed her forehead swara put her head in his lap dadu caressed her her hairs.
dadu in deep voice:swara always remember that me and your dadi loves u alot okay.
swara:g dadu
dadu in teasing tone:lucky also cares for u alot.swara’s eyes get wild open.oh no no they are getting wrong meaning of their friendship.she quickly raised her head.
swara:dadu let me clear one thing lucky and me are only friends and he has a girlfriend name,kavya.she is sweet heart.don’t make me gubbar in their love story.
dadu surprised:really he has a girlfriend.i want to meet her.
dadu hit her head and said:arra i wanted to see she mentally stable or not.why she fall for that lucky idiot.swara face turned red and she burst out laughing.
dadu smiles looking at her laugh.
swara still laughing:dadu i am also shocked why girl like kavya fall in love with him.she is so sweet.i feel sory for her.poor soul.
swara suddenly remembers something.
swara:oh dadu i just forgot that idiot called me witch a week before.i will tell him what a witch can do.
dadu happily:hit him from my side too.
swara shows him thumbs up and said:done.she quickly goes from their.sanskar hides quickly behind the wall.
sanskar in mind:thank u dadu for making her laugh.he goes from their silently thinking about swara.
dadu’s room

dadu was laying on bad his back was attached with bad.dadi looked at him
dadi:what are u thinking so deeply?
dadu looked at her:i was thinking about swara
dadu:what will happen if something happen to me.i have no hope from shekhar and sharmista.they still didn’t give her daughter’s right.i am afraid if something happen to swara will be pushed aside completely.
dadi worried:why such thoughts suddenly?
dadu rubbing his forefingers on his forehead:today swara cried in front of me.u know what she said?
dadu angry:sometimes she feels herself outsider in this house.dadi covered her mouth with her hands.tears fall from her eyes.
dadi put hands on dadu’s shoulder and said:don’t worry everything will be fine.dadu remain silent.many lines were present on his forehead.
lucky tensed:swara…swara wake up.
swra pull cover on her face and said:lucky let me sleep plz.
lucky shook her firmly and said:swara wake up we have to go hospital.swara eyes get open
swara looked at him and said:hospital? what happened?
lucky avoiding eyes contact:i will tell u later first lets go.swara just nodded.her heart was beating very fast.she gets up and went after lucky.
swara afraid:lucky i am afraid plz tell me is everything fine.lucky didn’t said anything.they entered the hall.sanskar was present there with grim face.swara get more tensed.she hold lucky
swara firmly:lucky tell me what is wrong?
lucky sighed and holds her from shoulders:swara…vo…vo
swara shout:lucky tell me.u are scaring me.
sanskar came forward and pull swara from lucky and said:dadu got heart attack.swara felt someone slapped her hardly.
swara slowly in whisper:u are joking.right? both just looked at her shattered figure.
swara tried to free herself but sanskar was holding her firmly.
swara crying:leave me.u are lying.dadu is fine.i know him.
swara shouted:leave me and fall down crying badly.sanskar knelt down infront of her.
sanskar firmly:swara look at me.swara shook her head.
sanskar:look at me.he cupped her face and make her look at him.
sanskar:dadu is in hospital.u are his brave girl.we have to go hospital right brave.nothing will happen to him.have faith on god.okay.swara places her hands on his and nodded.
sanskar:good now lets go..
trio went hospital there was pin drop silence between them.tears were continuously falling down from swara’s eyes and she was continuously wiping them.
swara in mind:nothing will happen to dadu.he will be fine.
they reached hospital.and went inside.all were present there.sumi,shekhar.ap,dp and dadi.swara silently goes and sit beside dadi.dadi looked at her and hug her and cries.
swara closes her eyes firmly and two tears fall down from them.
swara:everything will be fine dadi.nothing will happen to him.swara looked at sanskar.who assured her from eyes.
they all spent about 2 hours in hospital lobby with complete silence.after 2 hours doc came out. all rushed toward him.swara just clutches her dress firmly.
dp:how is he?
doc with smile:he is out of danger now but don’t give him stress it is dangerous for his health.all sighed in relief.
shekhar:can we meet him?
doc:yeah sure but remember no stress.okay. all nodded and moves inside.sanskar halted in his walk and looked back at swara who was still siting in that position.
he moved toward her and sit beside her.
sanskar:u will not meet him?she didn’t said anything.
sanskar places his hand on her shoulder and said softly:swara?. swara quickly turned and hug him tightly.and cries.
sanskar:he is out of danger now.i told u ne everything will be fine.swara break thier hug and wipes her tears.
swara:thank u.
sanskar confused:for what?
swara:for giving me strength.
sanskar in teasing tone:i will take thanks in my way.but not now.go.swara nodded confusingly and went to meet dadu.
dadu smiled and sign her to sit with him.swara slowly goes and sit with him and hold his hand.
dadu:swara we have decided something.will u fulfill my last wish.
swara:anything dadu.
dadu:i want u to marry with swara get huge shock she looked back at sanskar who was also hell shocked and was looking at ap and dp.
swara slowly:dadu but why so suddenly.
swara in mind:and why him?
dadu:i don’t know how much time i have i wanted to see u married in front of my eyes.plz fulfil my last wish.
swara :dadu don’t said like this.
dadu:u didn’t answer?swara just nodded slowly.
swara in mind:i know he will say NO.he hates me.he himself said that.he will not marry me.
dadu to sanskar:sanskar there is no pressure on u.think and tell me.
sanskar in calm tone:i have no problem with this. swara looked at him with extreme shock.all sighed in relief.dadi kissed on swara’s head.
dadu:dp make arrangements marriage will happen today.i can’t take risk.
dp worried:but your health?
dadu happily:i am totally fine.ask doc to give me leave.
dp:okay as you wish.
Ans in next 6 hours swara and sanskar got married to each other.only family members and close relatives were present there.(i know guys u all will curse for such wedding but plz i am sorry).and swara was shifted to sanskar’s room.

NEXT EPISODE:swara questions sanskar?…and sanskar give her round and round answers.

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