Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 43)


Swara and sanskar were dancing while looking at each other sanskar: can I ask about something? Swara smiles slightly
Swars: I know what u want to know but she looked down sanskar hold her chin and made her look into his eyes.
Sanskar: if u don’t wanted to tell then don’t swara shook her head in no
Swara: its nothing like that but I want a promise
Sanskar: what promise

Swara looked into his eyes and said in trusting voice: u will respect bhai like u do now.
Sanskar chuckles and noddes in yes
Sanskar: promise swara bite her lower lip and take deep breath sanskar wait for her to start herself
Swara: sahil is bhai’s real brother (sanskar looked at her in shock) both were gangster in past bhai due to his passion become more famous in his field sahil was jelouse and he tried to kill bhai he made it look like an accident a truck hit his car very badly I was passing from there I take him to hospital bhai had bad injury on head he slipped into coma swara put her head on sanskar’s shoulder
Swara: but doc were very hopeful he can see and hear but can’t respond someone informed sahil about bhai recovery therefore he came to meet bhai after one week bhai’s condition was very good sahil was very angry he sent me outside and tried to remove bhai’s oxygen mask I recorded everything and called doc immediately he operate bhai and called police when I tell him everything and show him video sahil was arrested
Swara looked at sanskar’s shock expressions

Sanskar in confused voice: why is he after u.swara sighed
Swara: I slapped him hard when he tried to kill bhai he threatened me to take revenge of the slap.sanskar grip tighten on her swara smile at him
Swara: I am fine and after one month bhai gain his consciousness and started doing business simple sanskar was looking at her with narrowed eyes
Sanskar: simple like seriously who asked u to slap him
Swara: I was angry how can a brother try to kill his brother she give him puppy dog eyes.
Sanskar just hug her tightly
Sanskar: after marriage there will be full group of security with u.swara blushes in meantime sanskar’s phone ringed he looked at screen
Ranveer he picked it quickly
Ranveer in serious tone: sanskar is princess infront of u?
Sanskar: yess
Ranveer: take a side
Sanskar to swara: I will be back hmm? Swara nodded sanskar goes from there
Sanskar: what happened?

Ranveer: sahil came to know that u and princess is in shimla move from there quickly now
Sanskar: but how?
Ranveer: through media now move and don’t repeat mistake sanskar nodded and hung up and goes toward swara but she was not there he looked here and there and goes toward bar
Sanskar smiling: must be with her new brother he reached there
Sanskar: ranbeer where is swara?
Ranbeer with narrowed eyes: she was with u na? Sanskar’s face turn pale he ran outside and looked for swara finall he saw man was dragging her keeping his hand on her mouth
Swara sobing: hm…

Sanskar yelled: swaraaaaaaa and run toward her but man throw swara in his car and goes from there.swara tried to open the door but man hold her hands
Man: I warned u and smirked sanskar stumble and lost the car

Credit to: Zaimal

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