Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 42)


hey guysss and i’m sory for being irregular i was just collecting my thoughts therefore i hope u all understand.

swara was sitting on her bed attaching her legs to her chest putting her chin on them looking at space.

swara in whisper:i was not like this before what has happened to me? so rude so arrogant i never used such bitter words oh god i hurt him badly.a tear fall from her eyes.she remembers all her moments with sanskar.their first meeting,their first kiss,their fight,his care everything came in front of her eyes.she closed her eyes and tears start flowing down from her eyes.
swara:he did everything to make me feel his love but i always hurt him.always.i agree he did mistake but he had the reason for it.if my dad would have said that to me i would have done that na.then where is his mistake he just obeyed his father’s order.she gets up and moves toward window sun was hiding behind the small white clouds.

swara:i know i still love the more i tried to go away more the feelings get stronger and…he…he…love me also….but……
swara:if he again left like before then her heartbeat start decreasing
swara:how will i able to bear all that again i have not that strength to bear that again NO i can’t i just can’t.i can’t let him enter into my life again.he will again leave me alone and after that he will give me a reason for leaving no not again.suddenly door opened at her back.swara wipe her tears quickly and turn.
sanskar in serious tone:swara?
sanskar:today evening i’m going for a party will u like to come? i can’t leave u alone here.

sanskar:my friend got married recently so he gave party.
swara:your friends here???sanskar smile
sanskar:i leaved here for two years for studies u want to come? swara nodded.
sanskar:be ready at 8 okay?
swara:okay.sanskar leaves from there.swara sit on bed and she hit her palm on her forehead.
swara:shit i have no dress to wear.she run outside.
swara yelled:sanskar…..sanskar get worried and turn quickly and walk toward her quickly.but keep a safe distance from her.
sanskar:what happened?

swara worriedly:i have no dress i packed only casual clothes.sanskar shook his head.
sanskar frowning:therefore u yelled so loudly?
swara:haan tu what will i wear in party
sanskar:don’t worry u will get dress to wear now go take some rest.
swara mumbled:i am taking rest from morning.
sanskar:did u said something?
swara:no and goes from there.sanskar chuckles.
sanskar:she will never change
swara comes out after taking shower she looked at the gift at the middle of the bad which was covered with pink cover.
swara:i think its the dress she moves toward the bad and looks at it there was note on it.
NOTE:i hope u will like the dress….sanskar
swara smiles and open the gift she pick up the dress it was black simple silk gown off from shoulder just a silver strip around west.swara blinks twice
swara looked at the watch her eyes get wild open

swara:7:45…oh god u are dead today bhaag bhaag…she run toward washroom and change her dress.she run outside and comb her wet hairs
swara:i think i should let them open i have no time to tie them.someone knock at her door.
sanskar:swara its 8 come fast.
swara yelled:coming she quickly wear black earrings and a simple pendent and sanskar knocked on the door again.
sanskar irritated:swaraaa…its 8:15
swara:sanskar 2 mins plzzz…and quickly wear sandals and run outside from room.she closed the room and close her eyes to calm her breath.

swara:i’m sory i was just….she walks toward sanskar but staggered and was about to fall when sanskar hold her.he was mesmerized and froze to the ground when she stepped out from the room.they share an intense eye lock but sanskar came to his sense and make her stand gently.
swara:voo…sandals..sory.sanskar take deep breath to control himself.he looked at her and make her watch the clock.
sanskar:its 8:30
swara give him tight smile.sanskar closes his fist.
swara complaining like 5 year old kid:dida is not here na…therefore i get late but its your mistake u should have told me 7:30.dida always do that so that i get ready on time……….sanskar fold his hands infront of her.
sanskar:bussss..we are already late next i will keep that in mind.ab he walked swara follows him making faces.they reached outside the hotel.sanskar comes out from the car and open the door for swara and extended his hand.swara looked at him for a min and then give him her hand.swara’s eye widened looking around.

swara mumbled:media she looked at sanskar who was looking at her.she put her arm around his strong shoulder.
swara nervously:u should have told me there will be media….i should have atleast wear comfortable shoes if i fall infront of them then?sanskar chuckles.
sanskar in low voice:i will not let u fall trust me and they walked in the club.
sanskar:congratulation harshad and sia
both:thank u
sia looking at swara:sanskar who is she?
sanskar smiling:she is my friend swara.
swara in mind:how dare he introduce me as friend but smiles looking at couple
harshad:okay u guys enjoy we will come.
sanskar:sure harshad and sia goes from there.swara looked at sanskar angrily.
swara angrily:am i your friend?

sanskar hiding his smile:of course and he make her sit on bar counter.
swara open her mouth to say something but was cutted.
girl in husky voice:hello sanskar! both looked at her.
sanskar happily:hey priya how are u and give her a hug swara burned in jealousy
priya:i am fine how are u? i am looking u after a long time
sanskar:i’m fine swara looked around to find something to throw at his head to make him remember she is also here.
priya again hug him:i am so glad to see u.swara’s eye were like she will burn that girl in no sec.sanskar break hug and looked at swara red face.
sanskar:swara she is priya my collage friend and priya she is swara my cousin and friend.
priya looked at swara arrogantly and said:hey

priya:sanskar we met after a long time will u not dance with me.sanskar try to protest but she didn’t listen to him and drag him on dance floor.swara clunches her fist in anger and jealousy.
swara angrily:he leave me alone here.she looked at sanskar and priya.they were dancing so close but sanskar was looking at swara with pleading eyes.
sanskar in mind:great now she will be more angry.butttt its good na she will jealous.and try to not look at her face.but his eyes were always looking at her angry and somewhere sad face.
swara take deep breath and said:fine i will also not talk to him and turn toward bartender.
swara with cute smile:will u give some thing to drink.bartender blinks at her and looks around
bartender:which one and tell her all names.
swara confused:ah…um…u tell me na its my first time.bartender chuckles
bartender in mind:who forget his five year old kid in night club?
bartender softly:why u want to get drink i will give u orange juice.
swara:nhe..i like to try new things and i am feeling very sad so i want drink.
bartender:why are u sad?

swara:i will tell but first give a glass.and give him puppy dog eyes.
bartender sighed and said:did someone told u no one can resist that look.swara laugh.
swara:haan wo jo larka haa na.he told me pointing with her index finger toward sanskar.
sanskar in mind:what is she doing? and why is she pointing at me? and she is talking with bartender…
priya:ouch sanskar were are u lost u put your foot on mine.
sanskar embarrassed:sory
bartender give her lightest shot swara bite her lower lip looking at the drink and then looked around and then drink it quickly.she coughed.
bartender worriedly:are u alright.
swara with smile:i’m fine
bartender:why are u sad?
swara sadly:he is dancing with some other girl na…how could he? bartender get also sad.
bartender:do u love him?
swara:i love him but i don’t love him..i’m so confused.he give swara another shot.swara looked at him with teary eyes.she feel a little dizzy
bartender:it will help u swara drink it quickly.
swara blinks
swara:its taste is different.
bartender quickly:its another one

swara:u know i loved him so much but he break my heart and leaved me and now he again asking me to accept could i? if he again left me then? bartender looked at her sad face then look at sanskar who was looking at swara restlessly.
sanskar in mind:is she drinking? oh my god how could she? i have to go he looked at priya. swara look at bartender
swara:can i have more plzzz….
bartender strictly:no its not gd for your health but i have an advise for u
bartender:true love is not that which never leave u love is that which after going far comes back to u.swara looking at him for some time.
swara:but if he again left me then?
bartender softly:he will not because he had find out he can’t live without u.swara smiles widely.
swara:thank u…thank u very plz give one more its very testy.bartender chuckles and gives her one more shot.
swara nodded and said:okay bhea…bartender eyes widened.
bartender in shock:bheaaa?????
swara nodded her head cutely and said:what is your name?
bartender still in shock:ranbeer.
swara:my name is swara…u know u are myyyy (thinks for some time) 19th brother.ranbeer’s eye popped out at that.
swara sadly:u don’t want to make me sister?

ranbeer smiles at cute expression:no i will be very glad to have a such cute sister.
swara happily:then give me your number.ranveer chuckles and give her meantime sanskar comes there breathing hard.of course he came there running.
sanskar hold her hand and turns her.
swara smiles:sanskar….but hit him on shoulder with full force.
swara angrily:how dare u dance with some other girl. bhea tell him i’m not talking to him.
sanskar shocked:bheaaa???
swara happily:sanskar meet my new brother ranbeer bhai.sanskar looked at bartender who was in mid 20s.
swara:bhai he is sanskar.ranbeer chuckles and looked at sanskar and extended his hand.sanskar smiles and shake hand with him.
sanskar:i’m sory she is just a little mad.swara staggered a little with affect of alcohol.sanskar hold her in time.
sanskar angrily:swara u drink alcohol.and looked at ranbeer.
swara frees herself and said innocently:haan and its very tasty u should try.
sanskar shouted:what??? swara looked at him with wide eye open eyes.he never shouted at her or should i say no one ever shouted at her.her eyes get filled with tears she looked at ranbeer and then ran from there.tears rolled down from her cheeks.sanskar closed his eyes feeling guilty for shouting.ranbeer looked at him angrily.

ranbeer:she drink because of u and u shouted at her.sanskar looked at him confusingly.
ranbeer:she was feeling sad because u dance with some other girl and if i am not wrong she first time came in night club.sanskar nodded slowly.
ranbeer angrily:and u leave her alone how could u? u know she is why are u standing here go after her he shouted at him.sanskar almost get heart attack with his shout and he run after swara.
sanskar mumbles:she and his brothers.he came out from club and looks for swara here and there restlessly.
sanskar:oh god she is drank and its almost mid night if something happened to her then.he runs his fingers through his hairs and yelled:swaraaaa.someone put hand on his shoulder.sanskar jumped from his place being scared.he looked at back.
swara sobing:why are u yelling and why u left me alone in club.sanskar give her bone crushing hug.
sanskar:i am sorry for yelling.don’t scare me like this again.swara hug him back was a long passionate hug.swara break the hug.
swara:but i am still angry u dance with some other and start hitting him on chest.sanskar hold her wrists and pull her toward his chest.
sanskar looking into her eyes:why are u angry? why u care if i dance with someone else.hmm?
swara quickly:because i love u na.sanskar felt immense happiness but morning incidence stuck to his mind.he leaves her hand.swara looks at him.
swara in mind:he should be happy na i confessed my love butt….
sanskar looking away:swara u are drunk we should go home.and started to leave from there.swara hold his hand and comes in front of him.
swara:i’m not drunk sanskar bhai cheated with me he only give me one light shot.and after that he gave me lemon juice.sanskar looked at her surprised.
sanskar:its mean…swara just hug him tightly circling her arm around his neck.sanskar hug her back tightly.

swara still hugging:i’m sory sanskar i was just afraid that u will again leave me.i’m sory for hurting u.and tear fall from her eyes.sanskar break hug and cups her face.
sanskar:sssh…and wipes her tears.and kissed her forehead.
swara:i….but sanskar shushed her.
sanskar:its not your mistake it’s mine i should have tried to understand u.i promise u i will never leave u again because i can’t breath without heart stop beating when u are not near.i will die without u.swara put her finger on his lips.
swara angrily:stop talking rubbish.or else i will again get angry.

sanskar:no plz i can’t handle your anger anymore.,,,i love u
swara:i love u too don’t leave me again.and hug him
swara still hugging:and if u dance with some other girl i will break your legs.sanskar chuckles.and break their hug.
sanskar caressing her cheek:but i can dance with my girl na.swara blushes and nodded slowly.
sanskar in warning tone:how many times i told u don’t blush in front of me.swara push him and run inside the club and yelled.
swara:then stop making me blush.sanskar laughed and run after her.he entered into the club and looks for her and as expected she was talking with ranbeer and laughing.he moves toward them.swara looks at him and smiles.
swara:sanskar say thanks to bhai he give advise to patch up with u.sanskar looked at ranbeer thank fully.

ranbeer bowing a little:my pleasure.
sanskar holding swara from waist:if u don’t mind can i dance with your sister.
ranbeer:she is all yours but she should not cry again.sanskar nodded and take swara to dance floor gently put hands on her waist.swara circles his neck with her hands and they dance slowly looking at each other eyes.
so guys i hope u will like this part and plz plz plz comment if u like it.and sorry for mistakes.

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