Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 41)

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swara was sitting in jet and waiting for sanskar.
swara:don’t know what is he doing and at that time sanskar came there and give her smile.swara make face.sanskar smile widened.he sit beside swara.and signals the man to start the journey.after sometime sanskar hold swara’s hand and put it on his lap.swara frowned and drew back her hand.sanskar again hold her hand and entwined their finger and hold it tightly.swara tried to free her hand but his grip was more strong.after sometime she stopped trying and give him death glare and then turn her face.sanskar chuckles.his eyes were sparkling with pleasure.
sanskar in mind:after a long time u are near me.he looked at swara and put his other hand on her waist.swara eyes widened and she looked at his hand on her waist and then at him.
swara:sanskar u…but before she could complete her sentence he pull her close in embrace.
sanskar whisper in swara’s ear:i was waiting for so long to hold u like this don’t spoil it i am warning u.a small smile appear on swara’s lips feeling his possessiveness.she sagged her body on him.sanskar feel immense happiness.
swara slowly looking at their joined hands:sanskar…but sanskar cut her.
sanskar pleadingly:swara plz don’t open your mouth now-a-days your talks giving me little little heart attacks.swara giggles and sanskar in response pull her more close.

swara open her eyes and looked here and there and tried to recognize the was huge room well furnished and sunlight was coming out from windows.then she looked at sanskar who was staring at her.swara sit on the bed.
swara:where are we? nd when we reached? anddddd why are u staring at me? sanskar laughed a little.
sanskar sighed:so many question in one second….we are in Shimla in my house and we reached here 2 hours before and why am i staring at u.because…he moves close to her swara drew back.
sanskar whisper:u were looking very beautiful in sunlight.swara blush a little but control it quickly.she push him back lightly.and get up from bad.
swara:why we are staying at your house.i will stay at my brother house.sanskar take deep breath and gets up.
sanskar:your brother…i mean ranveer said to take u at my private property sahil knows every property of your brother so its better to take u some other place so that he can’t guess it.swara cross her arm around her shoulders and moves toward window.a dark shadow passed from her face.sanskar moves toward her and hug her from back.
sanskar:don’t worry he can’t find u.swara looked at him.
swara:i am worried for bhai and my family…when he came to know i get vanished he will very angry and bhai is still there.she closed her eyes.sanskar turns her slowly.and make her look into his eyes.
sanskar:have faith on god and on your brother nothing will happen to them.hmmm? swara nodded and looked outside the window it was huge garden and beautiful appeared on her lips but her eyes widened when she feel sanskar’s hand on her waist she quickly separate herself from him.
swara quickly:i will take a shower and leaves from there.sanskar shook his head and goes from there.

swara comes out from her room and her eyes widened looking at the huge hall from anterior it looks like an haveli but it was decorated from modern things she slowly moved looking at the huge pics and decorated pieces but she jumped from her place where she heard sanskar’s shout.
sanskar yelled:swara have breakfast first.
swara in mind:from when he started yelling?
sanskar yelled again:breakfast is getting cold and about yelling its affect of your company .swara make face and turns and for her shock sanskar was sitting on dining table which was at the center of hall.sanskar smiled at her.swara silently goes toward him.he was sitting at the front seat she sit at left side of table.but she still was looking across the hall.she wanted to see whole house looked like palace.sanskar smiles looking at her curiosity.swara quickly drink glass of juice.and gets up.
swara:i’m done and tried to go from there.but sanskar hold her hand.
sanskar in serious tone:finish your breakfast first u have whole day to explore it.
swara:but i am not hungry.
sanskar:first finish it.
swara eyes sparkle mischievously and she said:hmm..okay leave my hand.sanskar look at her deeply as trying to understand she surrender so quickly.but leave her hand after nodding his head.swara runs from there after laughing.
sanskar shouted:swaraaa its cheating.swara turns and stuck out her tongue at him.sanskar get up.
sanskar smiling:u little……and run after her
swara:u can’t catch me.
sanskar:we will see after sometime sanskar was breathing heavily putting his hand on his knee and swara was laughing at him.
swara teasing:ohh…Mr.sanskar maheswari get tired so quickly…very bad very bad.
sanskar breathing heavily:shut up u have wheels instead of foots u little tigress.swara laughed loudly.sanskar smiles looking at her laugh.he was looking at her after so long.her eyes were again filled with tears.sanskar close his eye and then run faster and pick her up in his hands.swara protested.
swara sulking:u didn’t warn its cheating.
sanskar shrugging:u also didn’t inform before running.he again sit and make swara sit on his lap.
swara:arra leave me i will sit on my seat.sanskar looked into her eyes.
sanskar:u think i’m idiot.swara nodded vigorously.
sanskar with frown:aacha and put hands around her waist.
swara blinks twice then slap on his hands:sanskar leave me i promise i will do breakfast silently.
sanskar in teasing tone:then who will make me eat breakfast?
sanskar:u made me run in whole hall twice i am tired.Now u will make me eat breakfast with your hands.
sanskar:no i will not and she again tried to get up.sanskar tighten his grip.he let her struggle after sometime swara get tired she looked at sanskar.a teasing smile was playing on his lips.swara mumble something and take toast and feed him.sanskar chuckle
sanskar:now your turn swara unknowingly eat the same toast after that she made him drink juice.
swara:ho gya now leave me.
sanskar:no now my morning kiss.swara’s mouth hung down to the ground.
swara:sanskar…she hit him on chest.
sanskar:what?…now kiss me here he said pointing on cheek
sanskar:or else i will change the place.swara crossed her arms around his chest.
swara:its blackmailing
sanskar comes close to her and said:u will not give me kiss? swara nodded in NO.
sanskar:fine..he turned her and kissed her gently swara’s eyes popped out at that.sanskar pull her more close after sometime leave her gently.
swara glaring him:u turned shameless…leave me.sanskar smiles
sanskar in deep tone:i always controlled myself because i knew it someday i have to leave u but now i know u are only mine he said caressing her cheek with thumb.

swara eyes get filled with tears.she looked down.
swara in pained voice:u always cared about yourself what about me? u wanted to come into my life,u wanted to leave me and now u wanted to come again into my life.what about my emotions,about my feelings? she looked at him with teary eyes.sanskar felt like someone stabbed him in heart.he cupped her face and wipe her tears.
sanskar whispers:i’m sorry and gently make her stand and leaves from there hurriedly.swara looks on.
sanskar came into his room his eyes were red he closed the door and punched on the wall.
sanskar:she is right what about her i make her fall for me then leave her and now i wanted to enter in her life again.i am so sorry swara i wish it would have not like this.he closed his eye for some time to calm himself.he opened it and moves toward window.
sanskar:i promise u swara from now i will not show my love u will feel my love and u will come to me after feeling it.its my promise.


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  1. Super. Finally Swara is falling again for sanskar. Hope they unite soon.waiting for next asap

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    1. I’m sorry I thought u want only previous part I will give all parts

  3. Yeah….its really good dear…..jz awesome nd i wanna ask u somethng…where r u frm matlab may i know wher do u live??!

    1. I’m from Punjab pakistan

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    And i got to know dat u r from Punjab Pakistan. Do u see Pakistani serials? If u do, can u suggest me some nice short romantic serials like akbari aghari, zindagi gulzar hai..?

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