Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 40)


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swara was sweating badly her eyes were firmly closed she jerked open her eyes and screamed
swara screaming:bhaiiiiii….she sit on her bad breathing heavily.she throw her cover and stands on her feets she picks up keys and moves towared window she opens the window (she stopped opening her window after sanskar’s betrayal) she jumped outside and start climbing down through pipe.she reached to the ground and quickly moves towared her scooty.but before she sit on it.she was turn abruptly.her heart start beating fast.she looked at the person.
swara with wide eyes:sanskar????

sanskar angrily:where are u going at this time its 12:30.its too dangerous.
swara take deep breath:i am going somehwere what are u doing here?
sanskar:why did u close your window?swara narrowed her eyes.
swara:what? sanskar goes close to her and hold her from waist.
sanskar:swara its hurting us both.please give me second chance plzzz….
swara with teary eyes:so that u can break my heart again.she looked into his eyes dirctly.
swara:i have not that courage.i can’t go though that pain again and again.u don’y understand.sanskar put his forehead on her’s
sanskar:i understand….but swara i love u very much and i will never leave u again.plz turst me for once.swara shook her head vigrously.swara pull herself from his embrace.
swara crying:i am sory sanskar plz….go.she quickly turns and sit on scooty and goes from there.tears rolling down from her cheek.sanskar was standing there without any moment with teary eyes.he remembers her words.
swara:i never get angry with someone but when i get its very difficult to make me up.he took deep breath.he gets tensed
sanskar:where she went at this time.whole day she was tensed and lost.i have to go after her.he follows her.swara stopped in front of ranveer’s penthouse.she goes near watchman’s cabin.who was sleeping
swara:bhea…she knock at the window.
swara shouted:bheaaaa….the watchman jerked up from sleep.he looked at her in shock.
watchman:swara beti tum yahan kia kar rhe ho.wo bhi is waqt.or who is he? pointing towared sanskar
swara with wide eyes:u came here also…

sanskar:i am not stupid to let u go at thsi time.
watchman:swara betiya…i called sahab.he is waiting for u.go. he open the door.sdwara quickly goes inside the house sanskar follows her.when she opned the door ranveer was standing there.she runned and hug him.
swara cry:bhaii….ranveer get tensed as hell.he rubbed her back.
ranveer:princess what happened u at this time. and he looked towared sanskar and sighed in relief.
ranveer:thank god someone is with u.what happened.swara breaks hug and looked at him from top to bottom.
swara worried:are u alright?something didn’t happened na?
ranvver caresses her hair and make her sit on sofa.he sign sanskar to also sit.trio sit on sofa.
ranveer:i am fine now tell me what’s wronge.
swara stammer:i..i get a nightmare about u.sanskar and ranveer smiles.
ranveer:swara u are hiding something.u never get nightmares suddenly why??
swara confused:i wanted to tell u something.ranveer narrowed his eyes.
ranveer:swara look at me.what is it???

swara looking down:he..he came out from jail.ranveer’s face become stone.sanskar looked at them in confusion.
ranvver:how do u know?
swara:he called me and i..i..saw him.sanskar remember her condition in cafe.she was pale.
ranveer in low dangerous voice:and u are telling me now.he closed his eyes.and then stands up quickly.he calls someone.
ranveer in angry loud voice:raghv sahil came out from jail and u didn’t tell me.
raghv stammering:si…sir..i..i..was going to tell u.
ranvver yelled:when after me my sister’s death.sanskar stands up from his seat.he looked at ranveer angry red face and after hearing his last sentence he closed his fist in anger and looks at swara.he just wanted to go and hug her and confirm that she was safe.swara put hands on ranveer shoulder.ranveer looked at her and his tensed muscles relaxed.
ranveer on phone:arrange a private jet.and hung up.

ranveer cupping her face:princess why didn’t u tell early.if something whould have happened to u.what would i have done?
swara putting her hands on waist:bhai here i am worried for u and can’t u see i am perfetcly fine.ranveer just shook his head and hug her tightly and smiles.
sanskar in mind:ranveer u are so lucky.u can hug her.
ranveer:u are leaving city after an hour.swara’s eye widened.she breaks hug.
swara shocked:what?? but …why?
ranveer with narrowed eyes:after knowing everything u still saying this? swara take deep breath.she opens her mouth to said something.but ranveer cuts her.
ranveer:princess i want u to be safe.i can’t take risk he is too dangrous.swara nodded.
ranveer:that’s like my princess now go to your room and get fresh and pack some clothes and kissed her on forehead( she sometimes leaves with ranveer so she has room and clothes).swara leaves from their silently.sanskar who was patiently waiting moved towared ranveer
sanskar:who is sahil? why is he after swara and you? ranveer smiledhe make him sit
ranveer:u love princess don’t u.sanskar get shocked.

ranveer:now don’t lie i can clearly see that in your eyes.sanskar smiled a little
sanskar:i love her more then myself but…she is angry with me.ranveer chuckled
ranveer:so i am giving an opportunity to make her up.
sanskar confused:what opportunity?
ranveer in serious tone:take her far away from that no one can touch her.
sanskar:will u not tell me anything?
ranveer:i would but princess will be very angry on me.i promised her i will not tell.but i can tell one thing
sanskar looks at him.
ranveer:u know i am not her real brother.its just its was not her problem at first but she made it her and stand with me i was bad very bad she made me human.and …
sanskar:and therfore u love her beyond infinity.ranveer smiled.
ranveer:she desrved it.wait untill she herself don’t tell u anything
sanskar sadly:she will never come with me.ranveer chuckles.

ranveer:u don’t take tension about it.i will hundle that but….
ranveer in serious voice:i am giving my sister’s responsibility to u nothing should be happen to her.sanskar put his hand on his.
sanskar:i will not let anything happened to me.ranveer smiles
swara comes down from stairs holding bag.she stand infront of ranveer sanskar was not there.
swara tensed:bhai i didn’t said anything to dad and dida.they will get worried.
ranveer:i will talk u don’t worry.
swara confused:u are not coming with me?
ranveer:no u are going with sanskar.swara eyes widened in meantime sanskar comes there after changing clothes.

swara worried:but why?? and if staying here is risky for me then it is more risky for u.i don’t know anything u will come with us.and i think we should call everyone its too dangerous.
ranveer:princess….take deep listen he is after u nd u know the reason and i have to stay here to hundle him.
ranveer:no if and buts.can’t u listen this little thing.
swara:okay i will go but promise me u will take care of yourself…nothing should be happen to my brother.

ranveer:promise and kissed her on forehead.
and swara looks at sanskar with narrowed eyes.sanskar smiles.they leaves from there.
ranveer whisper in sanskar’s ear:take a good care of her.
sanskar smiles:i will

Credit to: zaimal

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