Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 4)


Sanskar sits on his chair and smirkes looking at her face expression.
Sanskar:u can close you mouth miss swara.
Swara:closes her mouth immediately and thinks,what is he doing here?
Sanskar:i am owner of this company so i will be here.
Swara again thinks did i think so loudly? And look at him confusingly.sanskar chuckles.
Sanskar:miss swara u can sit.swara sits.

Sanskar:what is your qualification?
Swara:i did….swara phone rings.swara start finding her phone and began to keep things on table as her beg was full of chocolates,rappers,pens,pencils,papers and finally she finds her phone and answer call.sanskar looked at his table disgustedly.
Swara:laddo where are u?u know that i have an interview today but u didn’t wish me,all the best.sanskar clear his throat.swara looked at him with sheepish smile and immediately ends the call and said:sorry sanskar! She is my best friend i love….but before she complete her sentence sanskar cuts her and said angrily:miss swara u have no manners at all first call me sir u are here to give interview and second clear my table now while pointing towards the things.swara starts putting all things in her bag and mumbles:so rude! I will never do job here what he think himself,red tomato.but sanskar hears everything and said angrily:miss swara u have no othere option i had already appointed u and now u can’t say ‘no’.swara stands up quickly and said:i don’t want to work with you u are so rude first u hit me and then take my parking and now u are scolding me.she frowned.sanskar gets angry and thinks no one never told me no and this middle class girl is yelling at me she has to pay for this and smirks.while swara thinks that if i get the job at my first interview dad and dida would be so proud of me and give tight smile to sanskar and said:sir! As u are saying so much so i accepts your offer.

Sanskar gets confused at her sudden change of decision but thinks that it is beneficial for him and nodded.swara gets happy and said i will join from tomorrow and runs outside.sanskar looks at close door with open mouth and gets frustrated and mumbles:anyone can’t order me she will have to learn this and goes after her angrily he sees her waiting for lift and stands beside her.
Swara:yells! Dida i have a great news for u.i got the meantime she enters into the lift but didn’t notice sanskar.
Dida shockingly:whattt!
Swara frowned:dida! That was for shock or for happines?
Dida laughs and your boss mentally unstable?
Dida:he give u job na and laugh loudly.sanskar hears it and smiles because dida was almost yelling.only swara and sanskar were in lift.
Swara:this is not fair i am not talking to u and pouts.sanskar chuckles at her face expression.dida for changing the topic said:swara where are u?
Swara:i am in lift.
Dida yells:what u are in lift? Sanskar thinks all family members are mad.
Swara:yes. I know that i never use lift but today my foot is pain…..swara stops immediately.sanskar looks at her from top to bottom and thinks thats why she is so smart and gets schocked at his thought and said shut up sanskar what’s wrong with u.
Dida seriously:what has happened to u?

Swara:nothing. What will happen to me? I was asking for my favourite pen i had forgot it at home.dida did u take your medicines.
Dida nervously:no i was going to take it.
Swara yells:dida what is wrong with u?u know that your B.P gets high any time and still u didn’t take your medicines.take it now! And said bye to her.sanskar looks at her serious face.
Swara:thank god! Dida didn’t get to know about my accident or otherwise i would never be able to ride scooty again and meantime she feels a hand on shoulder and gets sceared and turned to see him and gets relief after seeing sanskar
Swara:sir u make me sceared.
Sanskar smirkes:u should be sceared of me i am your boss.

Sanskar put a finger on her lips and said:u talk too much i don’t like it when someone cuts my sentence.swara gulps and meantime lift door gets open and swara runs from there.sanskar smiles at her childish behaviour.

Credit to: zaimal

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