Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 38)


hellllllllloooooo guys.finallyyyyyy.ohhh i missed all of u sooooo much.i missed to write so much.i just can’t describe that how i am feeling and i don’t know how to talk a lot so i just starting story i hope u like it.

swara was walking to and fro in sanskar’s cabin biting her nails.and ragini,lucky and sanskar were also looking worried.and sanskar was giving death glares to lucky.
swara panicking:why did he ask me to come alone.what he wanted to do?…ohhh my god.
ragini worriedly:swara relax we are here na.we will sort out something.lucky nodded giving tight smile to sanskar.
sanskar firmly:she is not going anywhere.swara narrowed her eyes at him.
swara in mind:who is he to order me?
swara looking at ragini:i will go…sanskar frowned at her.
lucky quickly:that’s like my angel u don’t worry we all will be around u.cahallo ragini.
ragini worriedly:swara are u sure u wanted to go cafe where karan asked u to come? swara felt little worried.
swara take deep breath and smile:haan ragini.maybe he wanted to talk something important.ragini smiles back.sanskar fumed in anger.ragini goes after lucky.swara was also leaving from there but sanskar hold her hand and pulled her.she hit his chest .
swara angry:sanskarrr….
sanskar looked at her angrily and hold her tightly from waist.
sanskar angrily:what did i said? u are not going there.didn’t u here me? swara struggled to free herself but his grip was strong.

swara narrowed her eyes:and who are u to order me?
sanskar:swara don’t put your ego in this.its serious matter.
swara firmly:sanskar leave me….someone will see.sanskar smiles slightly and goes close to her.
sanskar whisper softly:don’t u remember i don’t care.
swara pushed him hardly and said in firm voice:if u are forget then i will like to tell u that u have a girlfriend.sanskar closed his eyes in guilt.
swara tauntingly:ohh…i just forget u just like to play with others emotions.sanskar jerked open his eyes.
sanskar in calm voice:i didn’t played with anyone’s emotion.not with yours not with kavita.every moment i spend with u was feelings were real.each and every word was true.and about kavita.i will clear everything with her.swara just blink her teary eyes.
swara in pained voice:how many hearts u will break sanskar? what will u say to her? sanskar looked at her.
swara:u used her to take revenge from me? sanskar clenched his fist.
sanskar:i had already said sory.i can say again.what u want me to do?
swara:stop breaking others heart.after completing her sentence she quickly goes from there.kavita quickly hide behind the wall and a tear fall from her eye.she wipes her tear and enters the cabin.sanskar was sitting on chair holding his head in both hands.

kavita:sanskar? sanskar looked at her with jerk.and stands up from chair.
sanskar softly:kavita u here any problem?
kavita smile a little and nodded in no and said:i just came here to tell u that.we can’t be together anymore.sanskar looked at her suspiciously.
sanskar:u heard our talk? didn’t u?
kavita:no..i didn’t hear anything.and looked here and there.
sanskar comes close to her and hold her hands and said:i am sorry kavita.i didn’t mean to do that.i was angry and i didn’t get any other idea.i just….he stopped not know what to say further.
sanskar:i just wanted to hurt her badly and i knew very well that this is the only to hurt her.if……..i would have said her to leave me.she would have pleaded me and asked for her mistake.what would i said to her.its not her mistake.kavita put hand on sanskar shoulder.

kavita:sanskar u don’t need to explain anything to me.i frankly.i also used u.sanskar looked at her in confusion.
kavita smilingly:oh come on! u think i loved u.u are rich.any girl will fall in your feet just seeing your status and power.i just looked my benefit when u asked to be your girl friend.sanskar chuckled.
sanskar:not every girl.swara’s angry face came in front of his eye.kavita laughed a little.
kavita:right not every girl.and i am jealous of her.she said giggling.
sanskar:buut still i am sory.kavita nodded in no.
kavita:don’t be.u looked for your benefit i looked for mine.equal equal.and now if emotional talk is finished then i would like to leave.sanskar nodded.she turned in her walk and said:and if u want any help tell me.we are still friends.right?

sanskar:right.kavita smiled and leaved from there.sanskar took a deep breath.
sanskar:thank god one problem is head was spinning with thought that what should i said to miss swara much u can run away? she smiled widely.
kavita was walking slowly looking at her hands.
kavita in mind:u should be happy.u came to know at time.otherwise truth would have break your heart completely.and that god i didn’t take any bad step against swara.she is just innocent soul and was trying hard to not react at that stupid’s acts and i thought her arrogant.thank god.she closed her eyes and smiles.
kavita:i don’t love was just an attraction.she smiled widely and sit in her car.
kavita to driver:to airport.

Credit to: zaimal

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