Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 37)


Love is beautiful emotion……BAD NEWS….

hello guys i am seher zaimal’s elder sister.i am 10 years elder then her she is 16 soooo i am 26.actually bed news is…….zaimal met with a accident yesterday and her right hand is fractured and she has wounds in different parts of her body and doc has strictly advised her no to do any work from her right hand for one and a half month otherwise pain and shivering will always remain in her right hand full life. sooo i am very sory to say that she will not be able to upload for a long time.i am telling this to all of u because yesterday u all request her so much to continue so she request me to share it with all of u so that all of u should not feel bad that zaimal didn’t notice their request.right now she is lying infront of me giving me her cute cute smile u know she has dimple on her right cheek.anyway pray for her guys and i promise when ever she will get recover the first thing she will do…… will be uploading a longggggg don’t feel bad.thank u for supporting her yesterday sooo much.and i am writing a little story from her side.and she made some changes that sumi and ap were best friends.ap’s parents died in accident so dida adopted her.

sanskar and lucky are standing outside the beauty parlour and waiting for their love to come out but its been 2 hours they are not coming outside.
sanskar hit lucky and said:that was your stupid idea.i am going to kill u.lucky just give him a slight smile and pray for his life safety.suddenly ragii come out from door but her hands were still behind the door.lucky was shock to see her in modren look.she was wearing a blue pent and white tshirt.her face was towared door and she continiously saying something.
ragini:lucky come here but lucky was busy staring her from top to bottom continiously.
ragini yelled:luckyyyyy!!!
sanskar shook his head and then hold her from shoulder and make him walk towared ragini.
ragini:swara come out na.
swara:ragini noooo….i am not comfortable.
ragini:swara see i am also wearing the same cloth come out now.
swara shook her head side to side.
sanskar:what happened where is swara?

ragini:she right here pointing towared door.
lucky in dreamy voice:ragini u are looking gorgious.
ragini who was worried for swara said:uhhhh???
sanskar hit lucky on head so that he can come back to reality.
ragini:swara u looking very good come out plzzz
lucky:why is she not coming out?
swara yelled: i am not looking good? all three chuckle
lucky goes behind the door and bring swara out slowly.
she was pulling her baby pink tshirt so that to make her longgg.sanskar eye widened looking at her.she was wearing black pent and has tied her long hair in pony tale.she was damm cute.
sanskar mouth fall down till the ground looking at her.she looking nervious.lucky grinned looking at sanskar and clears his throat but get irritated when he didn’t speek a word.
swara:i am not looking good na?
lucky teasingly:hmmmm….ragini give him death glare.
swara about to cry:see……sanskar gritted his teeth in anger and look at lucky as saying ‘what the hell’

lucky grinned and take ragini to a side.
ragini:lucky what are u doing.
lucky:give them some alone time dear and slide a hair string behind her ear.ragini’s eye widened.
sanskar comes near swara she was looking down at herself.
swara mumbled:i should change and about to turn but sanskar hold her.
sanskar:u are looking very cute and beautiful.
swara in strict voice:i didn’t ask for your compliment.
sanskar grinned:aacha and put a hand around her waist.and pull her towared him.
swara:sanskar leave me
sanskar:abhi to pakra ha……swara pinch him hard.
swara giggle and goes from towared ragini and lucky who were romancing hugging each other.
swara patted on lucky’s shoulder.
lucky:don’t disturb i am romancing with my girlfriend.
swara again patted him.
lucky in irritated voice:i said na don’t….and he looked towared swara.swara show him her full teeth.
lucky quickly backed off from ragini and both get embrassed.
swara:no problem i will come latter. we will come we are getting late..
they all reached to airpot to receive DEAR KARAN.
lucky:how will we recognize him.
ragini:dadi give his pic and show them pic.
lucky give death glare to pic.
sanskar:lucky mera bhai pic will get burned….
lucky:that the reason why i am staring it…..
and karan came with a bodygard behind him wearing goggles.he was looking dashing.
swara mumbled to lucky:luckyyy he looking a playboy….i am afraid if he do something?
sanskar hold her hand and said:don’t worry we all are here.swara just nodded and moves towared him.
swara in mind:namasta….hello…hey…what should i say?.heyyyy suits my clothes.
swara:hey karan i am ragini

karan arrogantly:hey
swara in mind:badtameez ak tapper marron moun paa…..
swara give him tight smile and said:come meet my friends swara,lucky and sanskar (pointing towared them respectively)
karan:hello guys.
lucky with gritted teath:hey
they all go to dadi’s house
guys i am only writing this rest she will right by herself.because writing is not my cup of tea

Credit to: zaimal

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