Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 36)

dida yelled:i said that i want only white flowers.she like white flower.
neil:dida don’t worry.i ordered them.
arjun hit nail on head and said:lier i ordered them.when u ordered.
neil iritated:can’t u shut your mouth for sec.i was putting impression on dida.
ranveer:both of complete work she is coming in an hour.
both in union:yes boss.
ranveer shook their head and mumbled:nautanki

swara:dad where is everyone?
shekhar:in their homes.
swara:but i am getting discharge they should be here.
shekhar:swaraaaa! they were tiered na.
swara nodded saddly.
doc entered the room.
doc with smile:how are u feeling?
swara:much better uncle.
doc:good after 15 mins u can go to your home.
swara happily:really thank u uncle.
swara mischeviously:uncle can i say something?
doc:off course
swara:as i am leaving na today so i want to give u advise.
doc smiles:plz our honour
swara:change your cook.shekhar hit his head.doc laughed loudly.
swara cutely:he is very bad.can’t even make a soap properly.after drinking his soap my condition get worsed.u know in hospital patient should get healthy and tasty food.not saop with ny taste.will u do that and blinks innocently.
doc laughing:i will thank u for our advise.
swara:your welcome.
shekhar:ho gya?
swara nodded vigoriously
they both leave
both enter the door and all yelled:SURPRIZE
swara junped happily:u all here.dida come forwared and do her aarti.swara take blessing from dida,dadi,ap and hugged each of her brother.
whole was dacorated with flowers banner in which ‘welcome back’ was written and off course balloons were also present.
neil:shona! cut the cake i am feeling hungry.i didn’t do breakfast.
swara:g bhai but first my gift.
neil frowning:which gift?
swara:ranveer bhai,arjun bhai,dev bhai everyone give gift where is yours.
neil:arrra! i did all arrangements na.they did nothing.
arjun stamp on his foot:what did u just said u did all arrangements.
neil stammer:haann….u…u…were in washroom na?
swara who was staring neil angrly
swara: hate u and stamp her foot on the ground and stormed away from there and lock herself in room.all rushed towared her room.
shekhar:swara open the door beta.
ap:swara open the door
swara:maasi! u all go make neil bhai cut the cake i am not coming outside
ranveer:princess! see i am also hungry.plz come out.
swara heart melts but said:bhai u also go and eat with maasi and neil.
ap in sanskar ear:she is very sensetive.isn’t it.
sanskar:hmmmm…..i know that.
ap giggles.

ragini:swaraaaa i have a surprize for u
swara excited:surprize what is it?
ragini:u come outside i will tell u.
swara:no…no…u all changed in this month i don’t want to talk.
arjun:neil what is this how can u forget bringing a gift for her.
neil:i didn’t…i was just teasing her.
arjun irritated:u are a big idiot always tease her.
neil make face and yelled:shonaaaa!!!! i was joking.i didn’t forget to bring gift.
swara get happy but acts:i don’t want your gift keep it with yourself.
neil scraches his head and said:sory shona come out na.
adharsh.pari and little swara entered the house they get tensed seeing everyone at door of swara room.
adharsh:what has shona is alright.
arjun:ask from this idiot.
neil tried to say something but arjun cut him:shut up.
and explain everything to them.
little swara:when i am here then not fear and goes towared the door.all looked at her amusingly.
little swara innocently:choti maa.see i came will u not open the door for me.swara opens the door instantly and hugs her.
swara:aaa!! my can i refuse u.and kiss her forehead.
neil:shona plz soryyyy and holds ears.
swara smiles and nodded.
little swara:chalo let’s cut the cake.all cut the cake and spend some happy moments but when ever sanskar tried to go near her she excused herself from there.
swara receive a call andgoes to a corner.
swara:hello (no response)
person:i am back dear…….a cold shiver passed from her back bone and her face turned white.
swara shivering:who…who is this?
person laughed a little and said:u forgot me so easily.
swara cuts the call immediately.she was very scared.she looked towerd her family.all were very happy.enjoying their lives.she moved towared them.she was lost whole time.sanskar and ranveer noticed that.

ragini grab swara at silent corner.
swara:what happened ragini.
ragini tensed:swara tomorrow karan is coming india to meet me.swara get tensed but cover it.
swara:ragini don’t worry we will handle him.did u tell lucky?
ragini:no…i didn’t get time.
swara:go now and call him and ask him to come at my house.i will talk to ranveer bhai.
ragini:okay.and leaves from there.
swara tensedly prsses her forehead and said:every problem is coming together.
ranveer suddenly:which problems are coming.swara get scared and jumped from her place.
swara:bhaiii!!! u scared me.
ranveer put his hand around a shoulder and said:let’s have a little walk.

swara:bhai i want to talk about something.
ranveer:yes what is it?
swara:will u talk with dadi about ragini and lucky.
ranveer take deep breath and said:u can also talk with her.she is big fan of yours.why u want me to talk with her.
swara nerviously:actually…dadi has fixed ragini’s marriage with someone in her father’s family…….
ranveer:then u should have told her before
swara:we didn’t know that they all will come from new york all of sudden…and poke their nose in our lives.
ranveer:princesss bad manners.swara sighed and said:talk to her na.tomorrow that boy is coming.
ranveer:i will talk to her.don’t take tension.
swara:u are the best brother.but but don’t tell her about lucky tell her tht u have seen a match for laddu.this will be this way their will be second thought in dadi’s mind.
ranveer smiles and said:u have turned intelligent.
swara proudly:i was always
ranveer thinking something:is there something else which is bothering u.
ranveer looked at her deeply then nodded.
swara in mind:i can’t tell bhai right now he will restric me to the house only then how will i help ragini.not now i will tell him later.

all are thinking for a plan joining their head.
lucky:i have an idea.all looked at him with hope
lucky:when he will come we will kidnap him beat him well and then ask him to go new york again.all make bad bad faces.rahul and sanskar hit him on his head to knoch some senses in his mind.
sanskar:keep your mouth shut.
lucky pouting:u didn’t like it.
swara:laddu! was it necessery to fall in love with this……thinks for a proper work
ragini immediately:monkey
rahul and sanskar chuckles.lucky make face.
sanskar:we should tell him the truth this is best.
swara in mind:god why didn’t u give men some wit.
swara shook her head nd said:he can bad mouth about ragini in family.we can’t tell him.
sanskar make face.
lucky yelled:idea.all make faces.swara mumbled:another one god plzzzz and start drinking water
lucky:if we send angel infront of him as ragini then problem will be solved.swara splits water on sanskar face.
sanskar looked towared swara and said:always me…u don’t find anyother to split water.
swara sheeplishly:sorry and looked towared lucky angrly.
swara:are u mad…
lucky:why in this way ragini will be save and put hands on her waist.
sanskar:then swara will be in trouble na…
swara:u know dida is finding a match for me if she come to know imet a boy for marriage then next day u will be invited for my marriage.both sanskar and swara imagine the scene and screamed:nheee.both looked at each other in worry.
lucky pleading:angel plz can’t u do this for me and ragini??? we promise we will not let dida come to know that plz.
swara nodded in no but said:okayyy (hahaha)
sanskar:what no….
lucky:tu chup kar we will give her new look….
i am sorry guys i am causing religious problem but will u plz answer my one question but u all have to answer this after alot of thinking okay and plz don’t get angry.
two childern born from different parents genes are different everythings are different if they will treated as real brother and sister will they become real brother and sister?
answer this question thinking my both fanfiction ‘i don’t beleive in LOVE’ and in ‘love is beautiful emotion’ the same problem is occuring i am very disheartened about this. my parents are also cousin and they have arrange marriage.they never said anything like this.when i asked about this they replied that “IF GOD WANTED THEM TO BE BROTHER AND SISTER THEN HE WOULD HAVE MAKE THEM BORN FROM SAME PARENTS NOT FROM DIFFERENT PARENTS” guys i don’t want any fight so i am ending my fanfic in two to three episodes.

Credit to: zaimal


  1. ridhima

    Hey plz dont do this
    i really love ur ff and it is really differnt and amazing…. Yaar why is their any prob wid relations… In india in many families nd places it occurs…. It is very common and also legally allowed…. So plz do wt u want i and my friends will always read ur ff and plz dont end this this will be a major heartbreak for me… Plz …

  2. L Khan

    No plzz don’t end this………in my family also cousins married…’s not a very big issue nd moreover if someone is having problems then it’s only a fiction not a real life story….so religion should not come here becz every religion has different things nd we grow by seeing ithe nd them r mind set also becomes the same………..plzz plzz don’t end this it’s superb I love it

  3. Turaifa Shafenaz

    R U Muslim? If Yes, Then No Problem. Cousin’s Marriage Is Common. What About Hinduism, I Don’t Know.

  4. Sumeeta

    If they feel bro sis bond.then they become brother doesnt matter that brother sister are those who born from same parents.its my pov.i wish u chosse right path.may god show u a way

    • zaimal

      i am agreed to u and i have also shown sis and bond relation between swara and her brothers which are not born from same parents but the point is if children have feelings then what is wrong in doing their marriage?

      • Sumeeta

        Hey i am not able to give u right way.mai itna samajdhar nahi hu ki tumhe bata saku kya sahi aur galat.tumhe mislead karna sahi nahi hoga.u may ask ur parents.elders always gives us right way

      • Sumeeta

        U ask this question for story.fiction main sab sahi hain.dont think about the end of the day we need happy ending.and in many fiction i have read cousins marrige

  5. smiley

    Yes they can b… In this world there r so many bro sis who fight for property n hav serious fights n break the relation n some fight for not taking responsibility of their parents… In that way there r many prblms n many people under this category… If someone really want a good bro or sis then y can’t they b… We don’t get everything by birth n we work hard for wt we need lik money n love n job etc then y can’t we find a bro or sis.. I don’t hav siblings so I can understand their worth n would love to have a bro n sis if I’m blessed to….

  6. Jaf

    In Muslims there r some of them who do such. Others r like if they do arrange marriage they have to marry a Muslim. And as in India Muslims r lesser in no. So its OK! But let me tell you its OK if its SwaSan.
    And abt ur ff unite Swasan yaar! Enough of it now. I can’t take anymore pls zaimal its a request. Your story is awesome but too much of separation & then unfortunately u r ending it also….
    Pls unite SWASAN

  7. Tia Shukla

    Hey ! Firstly ur both d ffs ar jst awsm . And u r nt causing any relegious problem n all so ignore it. Every religion has its own customs nd traditions if we cant respect them thn we even dont have right to question or accuse it.nd moreover it jst a fiction wts d need of using ur head in these issues.So please its a request that u continue ur bth ffs as u have decided nd dont get affected

  8. Sus

    It’s awesome, your both fanfictions are good and coming to relations if Annapurna is friend cum sister of swara’s mother means best friends then there should be no problem in marrying their children but if it comes sisters marrying their children, it’s really in awkward situation in or religion. And rest u no how u have created your character

  9. Dhara

    Let me tell you one thing. I have a brother whom I met in college. We don’t have any blood relation but I tie him rakhi since d day we started our bond of bro-sis. It’s been more than 10 yrs now n still we r same. Nothing Changed. When I got married he completed the ritual which brother has to do. So it depends on d person to person.

  10. shivi

    Hey its not neccesary that if we call someone maasi their children are our siblings.u can show ap and mishti as ‘muh boli behne’then ur problem will solve. Or u can also show them as besties where ap call dida mom because of the bonding. And plz don’t end ur ff coz its one of my favorite.

  11. Neha

    Hey religion matters I know but its a story nothing much to do with it this story is written for swasan nothing more in Hinduism cousins marriage isn’t allowed but still I’m reading it n its OK with me I’m reading it to get swasan love story not using my mind on relationships I have maths for that why to waste it here so just chill n write but yeah who was that person with whom swara was afraid

  12. Pls don’t end it pls iam reading ur ff since many days it is really nice trust me.Why do u have to end it just for a simple problem u can solve it right?by changing their relation 4 those who didn’t like & others r fine with anything

    • maryum

      Zamila Muslim main cousans marriage is aloud becouse causans main dono logo k parants total alag hote han is liya cousans marrige is aloud baki mahzub main shauad nahi hai is liya sab overacte karhi han

  13. niya

    in south cousins can get married.. in hindus.. so no problem in that in tamil nadu mama can marry his nephew.. it is according to states.. don’t end this.. please

  14. Guys don’t create this religion stuff .. Pls .. Zaimal is a Muslim probably and my best buddy shanaya is also a Muslim.. According to them they are right .. My friend told me that in there religion their are marriages in real cousins also … We can’t blame zaimal for it just because she didn’t know that in Hindus real cousins marriages are restricted,. Even my buddy that is shanaya’s marriage is fixed with her Chachu’s son.. We can’t just keep on pondering or hovering about these useless stuffs.. So please stop blaming zaimal for something the person didn’t do

  15. Sumeeta

    Its requst from those whoms are comment regularly to this ff on behalf of me(a silent reader)-dont end ur ff is beautifull ff

  16. mystery

    hi dear….actually in muslims cousins are allowed to marry …. but in other religions they r treated like bro and sis….

  17. mystery

    even ur question is sth missing….parenst are different of two children??clear it that are they children of mother or father or both r different etc……..

  18. Ss

    Heyyyy its a ff..and I guess Zaimal is a happens in Muslims.. and plz don’t bring religious matter in a ff..come on guys.. don’t take it sooo seriously..

    Am hindu..Bt I respect all religions.. they HV diff don’t be a spoil sport.. If u can’t appreciate its OK..BUT PLZZZZ DONT BASH..

    And its an awesome ff..I love this ff a lot..don’t end this dear..

    Bashers job is bashing..don’t tale that in ur mind..they’ll do their work u’ll do ur work…

    plzzz continue ff dear..respect every religion.. plzzz..zaimal is they have this tradition.. I don’t know much about I know PLZ DONT BASH..

  19. shan

    zaimal this s not a big pblm…..let them be cousins nd get married for this small pblm dnt end this ff dr…..we r not bashing u for this dr….we just asked u thats it…..pls dnt take it to ur heart nd make decision…..this s a lovely ff…..pls dnt end this a my humble request

  20. Sonia Roy

    Hey! I am a silent reader and I never have commented on any fanfiction since I started reading them. Your the first one has your ff makes my day. Everyday, at least 10 times, I check if there is a new update or not and telling the truth, I am so into your ff that I have read it 6 times already and am starting all over again. It’s a humble request from not only me but the others, that you please don’t end this ff too quick.

  21. In Muslim,cousins are allowed to marry, no problem with this.And in Hinduism,cousins are not allowed to get married(In Bangladesh,it’s a rule.And in India,I don’t know their rules).Meine khud apne cousins me shadi hote huye dekha hein(Love marriage and arrange marriage both).So, it doesn’t matter . And plzzzz don’t end it.

  22. Aslaamoalikum I m a silent of dis ff I never commented there so it’s my first tym I love ur ff so so much…….in Muslims we r allowed to marry our cousins it’s not a big deal yaar……and it’s a ff of Swasan so there is allowed everthing plzzzzzz….don’t end ur ff for bashers…….there r many readers who lyk ur ff so much……so plzzzz it’s a humble request don’t end it for a stupid silly reason………its ur story yaar……..plzzzz bashers ki wajah se itna Achi story spoil my karo ………aur Han bura mt Socho surf positive points dkho bcuzzzz bashers ka kuch aur kaam nhi h srf bash Krna ata h unhe……. Once again plzzzzzzzzzzzz…………. Don’t end it …..???? love u so much………..hmesha smile krti rhna…………so just chill……. And enjoy ur writing yaaar ………???????and all swasanianzzzz also…….

  23. Priya tripathi

    Hey we don’t have any problem with this but we r from hindu religoin n acording to the hindu religoin the mother sister ‘s son n doughter r bro n sis n in ur ff mostly comment hindu that why its weird n ya where i m grown up there is mostly live muslim n i ask them that in muslim religoin bro n sis r marry than that uncle told me that “in muslim religoin relation can’t tied with blood but also mother’s milk when a bady drink a milk of mother sister,aunty then that bady is real son or doughter n their son n doughter its real bro n sis n than can marry their cousin” but in hindu religoin if we guyz r attach so long far bro n sis they cann’t marry ok we don’t have any intension to hurt u i lov ur alot plz don’t stop this but ya r religoin r different that y this confusoin happen but ya if u r hurt than sorry

  24. Gayathri

    I can answer ur question. Cousins can marry..
    As in kerala, there was an old tradition that girl or boy marries there mom’s brother’s son or daughter respectively

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.