Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 35)


dida:swara bacha wake up and caresses her hair.swara opens her eyes and smiles.dida helped her in siting.
swara:dida where is everyone.
dida:i sent them home.they all were awake na.swara nodded.
dida:eat breakfast.
swara make face:didaaaa
dida angrily:eat.swara silently eat breakfast.
dida:i will just come.
swara cutely:okay

after dida leaves sanskar enters the room.swara face turns white.
swara in mind:what is he doing here.
sanskar with smile:howw are u feeling now?
swara narrowed her eyes and said:fine….thank u for saving my life.
sanskar feel hurt but avoid it.
sanskar in mind:sanskar u have to bear this to make her your will be difficult but i know u can do it.
sanskar sit beside swara and said:i wanted to tell u something.
swara:i don’t want to hear anything plz just go from here.
sanskar:swara plz listen me first.
sanskar pleadingly:plzzz swara…..
swara in mind:i hate this why he pleads…..and i hate myself more when my heart agreed to it.she take deep breath and said:fine….what u want to say?
sanskar in mind:how to start?
sanskar:hmmm….swara what i told u that day was….
swara body flinched remembering everything her eyes got teary and she cut him quickly:i don’t want to hear anything just go from here and she turns her face not wanting to show him her tears.
sanskar feels bad but he can’t go like he came here to tell the truth after struggling whole night now he can’t move back.

sanskarin low voice:swara i…i..lied to u that day
swara looked at him in surprize
sanskar slowly explain her everything from start till yesterday night.swara was shocked to hear truth.
sanskar holds swara’s hand and said:but plz beleive me swara every moment we spend together my feelings for u was true.i was not acting.plz forgive me.
swara wipes her tears and said:so u give me job to accomplish your plan? she was hurt.everything was a lie.from start to end.nothing was real.a tear of drop fall from her eye.
sanskar:i am sorry plz….
swara nodded and said:i forgive u i understand if i would have been your place i would have done the same thing.
sanskar looked at her in shock and said in confusion:u forgive me so easily?
swara looked at him with narrowed eye and said:u don’t want me to forgive u?…i didn’t mean like that but still how can u forgive me so easily? and looked at her deeply.
sanskar in mind:is she still acting to be stronge?
swara sighed:mom used to said that……sanskar remain silent.
swara:she said that a person needs a lot of courage to ask for forgiveness and if someone ask for forgiveness then we should forgive them at once.i just act upon my mother advice.sanskar feels very happy.
sanskar in mind:your choice is very good sanskar i am proud of u and mentally patted himself.
swara:but….we can’t be together again and pulls her hand from his hands.sanskar’s smile vanishes

swara:and i am leaving the job.u will receive my resiognation letter.
sanskar in shock:u just said u forgive me but now….
swara:i said i forgive doesn’t mean that i will again trust u and i don’t now i will be able to trust u again or i don’t want to give u false hopes.
sanskar feels someone stabbed him in his heart.
sanskar in mind:what was u thinking sanskar that she will trust u again and will give u chance to break her heart again.she is not that stupid.
sanskar with little hope:but at least don’t leave the job.
swara looked at him:i am not leaving the job beacuse i don’t want to work with u i am leaving because i am on one month bed rest and i have taken alot of holidays before will give loss in companey.
sanskar angrily:it is my companey and i know what is better for it.
swara little bit angry:and it is my life and i know what is better for me then take a deep breath and said:my family will not allow me again to do the job.
sanskar closes his eyes and then look at her and said in soft voice:at least give me second chance to make things better.
swara:sanskar plz don’t….it will hurt both of us.their is lot of bitterness in this relation and it will increase so plz.just try to move on.
a tear escaped from his eye and he nodded and leaves from there.
swara looks at him leaving and cries.
swara:i am sorry sanskar but it is better for both of us.u hurt me alot and i am still trying to move on from all this mess and if we would again be together then i would have hurt u for sure for making me cry these nights and i don’t want this just stay away from me.its better for u.

sanskar was sitting on the bench and thinking about swara.
sanskar:she just don’t want me to be infront of her.someone sits beside him and offer him tea.he looked at cup then at person.
sanskar straightened:shekhar uncle appp???
shekhar:hmmmm….i just came to thank u for saving my daughter LEG.
sanskar confused:legggg???
shekhar:haan…if u would have not take her to hospital at time.doctors would have cut her leg na.therefore LEG.
sanskar laughed a little and said:now i got it why is your daughter so dramabazz.
shekhar looked at with fake anger
sanskar:sory.shekhar laughed.
shekhar:arra she is my daughter then she will only went on me na and laughed.
sanksr also laughed with him.
shekhar:but i am very thankful to u.
sanskar:not needed uncle.and thinks for sometime and said:but can u do me favour?
shekhar:off course anything
sanskar:i want u meet with someone.
shekhar:with whom?
sanskar wait here.sanskar quickly goes and enters in AP’s room.
ap gets happy and said:did she forgive u?
sanskar just nodded.
ap:ohhh!!! i am so happy
sanskar:mom but she refused to be with me again.
ap:i knew that too…
sanskar:u knew that she will refuse.
ap:if i would have at her place i would have slapped u hard and would have beat u very much.sanskar put his hand on her cheek imagining slap.
sanskar scared:really??
ap chuckles and said:u are lucky that i was not in her place.but on serious note sanskar how can a girl will accept u at once after anyone’s betrayel.hmmm? u only used your brain in meetings.but i am quite surprize she forgive u so easily.sanskar smiles and said uinknowingly:because she is my swara.

ap smiles and then clears her throat. sanskar comes to his senses and stammers:vo…main…vo momm!!! don’t tease me.ap laughed loudly.
ap:it will take time sanskar.he looked at her in confusion.
ap:hmmm….she will take time to get out from this situation and u have to help her in this.sanskar nodded and hugs and thanks her
sanskar:u helped me and now i have gift for u come with me.
sanskar:just come.he takes her outside and make her stand infront of shekhar.
shekhar:u took so much time young man…but he stopped looking at AP.
sanskar:uncle meet my mother anpurna or i should say your SALI
both smiles.
shekhar:how are u.u looked so weak.
ap smiles:but u looked is everyone?maa? mishti? shekhar smile vanished (i told u guys before that i named swara mother as mishti and dida name is sumi)
shekhar:mishti died in accident.
ap get shocked.she get teary eyes.sanskar hold her from shoulder to give her support.
shekhar:i tried to find u very much but u were moved from city.
ap cries and said:i didn’t even see her last time.
shekhar:she is with us everytime.don’t feel bad.ap nodded and wipes her tears.
shekhar:come i will show u my daughter.
ap get happy and goes with him.all three enter in swara’s room.she was lost in her toughts.
swara doesn’t answer.
shekhar shouted:swaraaaa!
swara jumped from her place and looked at him with narrowed eye:why are u shouting? am i a deaf? my leg is injured not my ears.
shekhar:subha sa bola raha hn? phir bolti ha ‘why are u shouting?’
swara pouts.ap and sanskar chuckles.
shekhar:forget it! meet your maasi.she is your mother sister.
swara:dad i know that mother’s sister is called maasi.shekhar hits his forehead
ap comes foreward and cups swara’s face and kiss her forehead
ap:u are just like your mother.
swara’s eye sparkled and she said innocently:really???
ap:hmmm….your eye are also like her.
swara:but dad said my eye are like him.
shekhar coughed

swara:dad u lied to me.
in meantime time dida came in the room.all turned.
dida:swara did u finish your breakfast and looked at them.
dida shocked and happy:anpurna???ap goes near her and hugged.dida also hugged her.both hugged and cried.
shekhar:emotional live u like it and looks at swara and get shocked.she was crying.
swara nodded vigoriously.shekhar sit beside her and wipes her tears and said:na mera bacha roota nhe will continue full day.sanskar giggles looking comedy at one side and emotional scene at other side.
dida:how are u and kissed her forehead.
ap:i am fine maa.
dida make her sit and they both started talking.
ap:maa!! he is my son.
all get shocked
dida confused:he is your son?
ap nodded
dida:but he came in my house twice but didn’t tell anything.swara bites her lower lip
ap and sanskar get nervious they were finding an idea that what they should said.
swara:didaaa!! u get your dughter thyen forget your granddaughter.ap and sanskar take breath.
dida smiles:nothing like that.come have your medicines.swara make faces.
swara mumbled:issa kahta haan apna paaoun par kulhari maarna (Digging own grave.)
swara:u know dida u were looking good with maasi.suddenly door opens with jerk and all her brothers came with ballons,cake gift,flowers…..
swara get happy.ap confusingly looked at sanskar.sanskar:i will explain latter.
swara exclaimed:sooo many balloons.they tied them on her bed.and put cake infront of her
swara yelled:chocolate cake.all laughed.ragini and lakshah were also present there.swara cut the cake and they all make her eat.
swara:i love u all.
all brothers:we love u too.
ap whispers in sanskar ear:she has so many boyfriends.
sanskar chuckled:maaa!!! kuch bhi.ap giggles.

NEXT EPISODE: one month leap

Credit to: zaimal

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