Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 34)


sanskar:i can’t sit like this i have to do something.he runs towared doctor and stopped him.
sanskar pleading:doc plz there will be some solution.
doc looking at his face:there is a doc who can save her but he will not agree so easily
sanskar:tell me i will meet him.
doc:his name is arjun mehra.and gives him number.
sanskar calls on the number.
arjun:who is this?
sanskar:i am sanskar maheshwari.sir i need your help.
arjun happily:arra sanskar!!! i am arjun why are u calling me sir?
sanskar confused:arjun?
arjun:swara’s brother remember.we just met today.
sanskar hits his forehead:ohhh! arjun i just forgot.arjun listen don’t panic swara is in hospital.
arjun yelled:what!!!!
sanskar explains him everything.
sanskar:doc said only u can save him your sister.
arjun in serious tone:i am coming.and call ranveer.
sanskar:okay.and ends the call.
sanskar:swara your own goodness is helping u out of this problem.nothing will hapen to u.sanskar goes to swara and sits beside her holding her hand.and kiss her on forehead.
sanskar:i am sorry swara.sory for coming in your life sory for hurting u.sory for everything.but plz don’t do this.i promise when u will wake up i will not show my face to u..that might can lessen your pain.a tear escaped from his eye looking his love lying unconscious.
sanskar goes out and in meantime ranveer and arjun came running.
ranveer’s face was red and he was breathing heavily due to running.
arjun’s condition was also the same.
arjun meets with doc and starts the opression.
ranveer had called everyone and everyone were standing infront of opression theatre.
sanskar stands up.
lucky:where are u going.
sanskar in depressed tone:i will just come.lucky tried to go after him but ragini stops him.
ragini:he needs sometime alone.
sanskar goes to an room in hospital and looks towared his mother and sits beside her.
(ap is also in same hospital)
sanskar holds her hand and said:mom! i need u.i become alone again.u leaved leaved me and now.she is also i so bad that everyone leaves me.u know i love her alot but she is in pain because of i need u plz wake up.your son needs you.plzzzz.nd put her hand on his eye.he was crying.ap’s fingers moved.sanskar noticed it and call the doc imediately.
doc:congratulation mr.maheshwari.she gained conscious.u can meet her.sanskar was very happy and he run inside.
sanskar:mom!.ap smiles and extened her hands.sanskar hugs her.
sanskar:i am so happy.finally
ap smiles.

sanskar sits beside her and kis her hand.
ap:now tell who is she?
sanskar confused:who??
ap:about whom was u talking.
sanskar smiles get vanished and said:she is a girl.
ap laughs and said:i know my son is she must be a girl.
sanskar embrassed:sory.
ap amsed:hmmm….i am seeing she changed u alot.
sanskar looked at her in confusion.
ap:haan….because jis sanskar ko main jaanti the wo kabhi sory nhe bolta tha.balka he doesn’t even know the spelling of sorry.
sanskar smiles.
ap restless:tell me who is she?where is she?i want to meet her. she is special who changed my son.
sanskar:she is in ICU
ap:what? why?

sanskar:she is injured.
ap looking at him:sanskar what are u hiding.
sanskar in low voice:mom! i broke her trust.
ap confused:what are u talking about.
sanskar looks at her pale face and thinks:i can’t tell her now.she just recovered now.
sanskar changing the topic:mom! nothing just i talked rudely with her and she got angry.
ap take deep breathe and said:sanskar! now u will lie to me.tell me or i will again get unconsious.
ap:then tell me.
sanskar:buit promise u will not get angry.
ap:pakka promise.
sanskar lowers his eyes tells everything from start to end.ap close her eyes and tears escaped from her eyes.
ap:sanskar look at me.
sanskar:i am sory mom.i know i should have cross limits.
ap:sanskarrrrr!!! u don’t know the whole truth.sanskar looks at her in shock.
ap lost in thoughts:hmmmm….shekhar jiju didn’t do anything.sanskar was dumbstuck.
ap:it was your dad who did everything.i loved him uncondionaly but he was after my money.and when u was coming.he refused to take the that time shekhar jiju helped me.he make my parents to transfer everything on my name.and then blackmailed your dad that if he didn’t accept me and my child then he will sent into jail for doing wrong things.your dad was trapped from all sides so he married with me.there was conditions that if he ever tried to harm me then he will be in jail in next moment.i was very ashamed that i runied my parents reputations.there i brake all ties with them and asked them to stay away from me.
sanskar was hell shocked.he had nothig so say.what was he hearing?he was not understanding nothing.
ap looks at sanskar:ap was very angry at jiju.therefore he planned to ruien his daughter life.he knewed that jiju loved her daughter and seeing her in pain he will also breakdown.he did everything to take revenge for his helpless condition.

sanskar in broken heart:and i helped him in all thi.ap looks at him in shock and shook in negative and said:u didn’t do was just misunderstanding.
sanskar doesn’t reply just teas were falling from his eyes.swara’s innocent face was continiously coming infront of his eye.
ap:sanskar listen…tell her everything i know she will forgive u.
sanskar:she will never.i hurt her alot.she hate me.
ap:sanskar! plz try for me.u can’t give up so are my son.
sanskar nodded and said:thank u mom.u are the best mother in this world.
ap:thank u and now go and get my daughter-in-law.
sanskar smiled and said:take rest and kissed her on forehead.
sanskar comes out and goes towared ICU hurriedly it was about 2 hours.but he was confused when no one was present there.and then lucky comes out from ICU.
sanskar:lucky! how is swara?
lucky happily hugs him and said:opression get successful.she is fine now.sanskar gets very very happy.
sanskar:ohh thank god.but i have also a good news.
lucky:don’t tell me u are going to perpose her in hospital.sanskar hits him and said:noooo… idiot mom get consiciousness.
lucky yelled:what??? sanskar nodded happily.lucky hugs sanskar.
lucky:today is very lucky day.isn’t it.
sanskar happily:yeah.
sanskar and lucky goes inside the ICU and condition was dida was scolding swara and as useuall shekhar and her brothers were protecting her from scolding.
they smiledranveer and shekhar was sitting beside swara and caressing her hairs.
shekhar:maa! mere bachi abhi theak nhe he don’t scold her.
all shouted:haaan

dida irritated:this is all because of her carelessness and yours love.
swara pouted:dida! sory na.i will take care next time.
shekhar gets up quickly and shouted:Maa! she is saying na she will take stop this topic.i am going to get something to eat for what will u eat swara.
swara eyes…chicken beryani…no….pani puri…no….chocolate.
arjun comes inside the room and said instrict voice:u are not going to eat any of these.
swara pouting:why bhai? i am feeling hungry.
arjun angry:don’t call me bhai. i am not your brother.all were shocked on hearing this.swara starts crying loudly all looked at arjun angrly and start trying to stop her from crying.
shekhar:swara bacha stop crying.your mom will kill me.swara cries more loudly.
ranveer:princess he is joking.don’t cry.swara shook her head in neagitive.all tried but swara was continiously crying.all was looking at arjun with full anger.
arjun get worried looking at her crying and runs towared her and said:shona! don’t cry i..i..was just joking.swara stops crying and looks at him with teary eyes.
swara:why are u angry.
arjun wipes her tears:i was angry now stop crying and i am sory.
ranveer:why u did that?
arjun give him file and said to read it.
ranveer read the file and get worried.
shekhar:what is in this file.
ranveer:reasons behind swara’s condition.swara eyes widened.
ranveer:what is this princess? u became so careless.
neil irritated:will u plz tell us anything.
arjun:she had to take complete bed rest for one month.
swara shouted:one month and shook her head in negative.
dida:arjun! what has happened to her?
arjun:hmmm…dida she had a cut from rusting iron rod.her leg got infected becuase she didn’t went to hospital for dressing and if….

arjun:and if it would have a little more leat then we have to cut her leg.
all:what.swara looks here and there.all looked at her angrily and worriedly.
shekhar:swara ???
swara give them tight simle which act as burning fuel on thier anger.and all start scolding her in their own way.
swara:offo! thinking:how to stop these scoldings…idea
swara hold her leg and start crying(fake)
all get worried
ranveer:what happened
swara fake crying:bhai..its paining.
neil angrily:arjun what kind of doctor u are.she is getting pain in her something
swara bites her inner cheek to stop herself from laughing.
this all was continiued full night.

Credit to: zaimal

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