Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 31)


Swara hurriedly get off from bike and in her hurry a sharp edge of other car injured her leg but she ignored it and runs inside of the office.she didn’t even try to look at injury.
Swara opens the door with the jerk and looks at ragini who was crying badly lucky was sitting beside her worriedly and sanskar and rahul was looking at them worriedly
Swara sits in front of ragini and feels a deep pain in her leg but ignores it
Swara angrily: u idiot u again make her cry and hits lucky on shoulder and then hit on his hand which was on ragini’s shoulder
Swara: don’t touch her.
Lucky: I didn’t do anything.sanskar and rahul smiles
Swara cups ragini’s face and wipes her tears
Swara: what happened laddu why are u crying
Ragini cryingly: swara! My marriage got fixed.and hugs her tightly and cries.
Lucky’s face turn pale and he stands up in shock.sanskar and rahul were also become more worried and goes to lucky.
Swara was silent and shock she place her hand on ragini’s hair and patted it.
Swara breaks hug and said: stop crying we are here na we will do something.stop crying and gives her water
Ragini shook her head
Swara loudly: drink

Ragini silently drinks.lucky was still in shock.
Swara: u both should not have waist time at least both of u should have tell to your parents and take a deep breath.and cups ragini’s cheek and said: dadi is a rockstar if we will tell them then I am sure she will accept it whole heartedly
A ray of hope comes in lucky eyes.
Ragini shook head in negative
Ragini: boy is from my dad family.dadi was very happy when they called in morning she will accept it but I can’t see her head bow in front of them
Lucky looks at her in shock and said in disbelief: it means u are ready to leave me?but before ragini could say anything swara interrupt them.
Swara: sash! It is not the time to be emotional and lucky she was just explaining her situation stop being so narrow minded.
Lucky: I am not narrow minded.
Ragini in low voice: lucky if have a thought to leave u then I would have not said yes when u perposed me but plz understand my situation also.after my parents death no one was ready to take my responsibility then dadi took care of me alone they never asked dadi that if she is having some problem and now suddenly they came and asked my hand.
And looks at swara.
Ragini: swara u know dadi was so happy her eyes were sparkling how can I snatch her happiness and a tear skip from her eye.swara nodded in yes.lucky feels guilty and sits with her and places his hand on her shoulder.

Lucky: am sory I trust u we will find some solution.ragini give him half smile and places her hand on his hand.
Sanskar finally spoke: who is this boy?
Ragini: karan coming India after 22 years.
Swara smiles: that boy and laughed loudly
All looked at her in shock
Ragini also giggles and said: stop it he is changed now.
Swara still laughing: are u kidding with me.
Rahul: someone will tell is what is happening?
Ragini smiling: karan used to get beaten a lot from swara.
Lucky in surprise: I don’t think so angel even beat a fly.
Sanskar and rahul look at swara with open mouth.
Ragini: arrra! U will not believe swara used to beat him very much.
Swara: shut up! Lucky actually karan used to irritate me very much.u know he irritated ragini a lot and when ever he irritate her she always cone to me crying and I beat him very much.he used to afraid of me very much.and give HiFi to ragini.

Rahul faking of scared: then I should be stay away from u.
Swara still laughing: better for u.let him come we will give him a grand welcome.lucky give ragini a side and mumbled: don’t worry.

Credit to: Zaimal

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  12. Hai zaimal, I think this was the first time I am commenting in your ff. But I love your ff. Nowadays you were giving so short updates. Who gave swara those white flowers and who is that ranveer in your previous episodes her brother’s have mentioned and reveal those fast yar….. Please

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