Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 30)


Rahul: u……
Swara blinks and then said in shocked voice: lucky is he your brother.kavita gets a call she leaves from there
Lucky: yeah!! But plz answer my question first
Swara: actually when I was coming I strike with him due to his mistake ( lay stress on last words)
Lucky nodded vigorously.sanskar smiles
Rahul: that was your mistake.swara just stare him angrily
Rahul: actually not yours. But your parents they should not leave a 5 year old girl like this.sanskar and lucky shook their head.
Swara becomes angry: what did u just said? I am a kid.
Rahul mockingly: yes! Any doubt
Lucky: rahul! My prayers are with u.but before he could say swara stamp hard on his foot.
Rahul: aaah…..what the hell
Swara angrily: don’t u dare call me kid again and stare him angrily.sanskar chuckles
Lucky smiling wide: I told u my prayers are with u.rahul opens his mouth to said something but lucky cuts him
Lucky: do u want to get smashed also.rahul looks at his foot it was still paining.he give swara death glare. Who was busy in drinking water.

Kavita comes there and said: sanskar let’s go.sanskar nodded
Lucky: rahul let’s we are also getting late.bye angel see u soon and give her side hug.
Swara smiles: bye!!!
Rahul mockingly: angel and she????
Lucky warningly looking at sanskar face: shut up!!
Swara kavita and sanskar was entering into the presentation kavita stops swara.
Kavita: u can’t go inside stay here.
Sanskar: but why she can’t come.
Kavita: what’s the need swara nodded and go to sit on sofa.sanskar looks at her and then looks at kavita angrily.
Swara was waiting for about 20 mins
Swara: ugh!!!! This is so boring suddenly someone sit beside her she looked at him and rolled her eyes
Swara mumbled: irritating man.
Rahul grinned: did u said something
Swara: no….
Rahul: what are u doing here.
Swara yawn: waiting
Rahul amused: let’s wait together bhai is also in meeting and put his hand on her shoulder.swara looked at his hand shockingly and then at his face.

Rahul: what we are friends right?
Swara confused: friends???
Rahul: off course
Swara: I don’t think so and frees herself
Rahul: araaa! U hit me on foot na
Swara: then??
Rahul: if u would have not my friend u would have not hit and smiles boylishly
Swara angrily: I am not your friend in meantime sanskar and kavita comes there.sanskar gets angry to see rahul sitting so close to swara.
Sanskar: rahul! What are u doing here.
Rahul grinned: I am talking to my friend.swara roll her eyes.
Sanskar: which friend?
Rahul: angel!!!
Lucky interrupt them

Lucky warningly: rahul!!!
Rahul: okay fine.what’s wrong with u bhai.
Kavita irritated: guys can we change the topic plz yaar.
Lucky: haan let’s go we are getting late.
Rahul: where are u going
Lucky: I am going with sanskar.we..we have some work.right sanskar.
Sanskar teasingly: which work???
Lucky scratches his head and mumbled: which work?? And looks toward swara with puppy dod eyes.swara chuckles.
Swara: u forgot your files yesterday in my cabin.
Lucky gets happy and said: yes I forget important files in your office sanskarrr.
All leaves from there.
Lucky: angel u are a sweetheart.
Swara smiles.
A girl cone running toward them
Girl: excuse me!!!!
All turned

Girl: who is miss.gaddodia?
Swara comes forward confusingly.girl give her a white flowers bouquet
Girl smiles: here ma’am.and goes from there quickly.
Swara: wait! Who….but girl disappeared
Swara looks at flowers.that was her fav flowers.a light smile comes to her lips.and remembers something.
Swara thinking: lucky what is today’s date?
Rahul: 24 April
Lucky: she asked from me.rahul grinned.
Swara mumbled: no one knows I like white flowers except….
Kavita shouted in anger: can we leave.
All hurriedly leave.
Swara enters her cabin.ragini was doing work
Ragini confused: swara who give u flowers.
Swara: a girl!
Ragini nodded confusingly.
Ragini: u will always get flowers from girls.
Swara angrily: what!!!
Ragini quickly: nothing ma’am
Lucky and rahul enters
Lucky: hey ragini
Ragini happy: hey lucky.
Rahul: hey ragini!
Ragini confused: hey!! Who are u?
Swara mumbled: jocker
Rahul: I heared that! Swara shook her head

Lucky: he is my brother.rahul
Ragini: ohh! Nice to meet u.
Rahul: same here.bhai grab your file.I want to meet my parents also.
Lucky confused: which file? Swara hit him on foot hardly.
Lucky: haaaan file…angel file give me the file.ragini giggles.
Swara: here.lucky looks at file then ragini,file,ragini
Rahul: can we leave.
Lucky sighed: come.and goes from there making puppy face.
Rahul: bye friendddd! And goes from there.
Swara shouted: I am not your friend.
Rahul laughed loudly.
Swara: idiot.
Sanskar was seeing this from glass window and fuming in anger.he knows rahul very well he was number one flirt.and he was doing same thing FLIRTING with swara which was unbearable.

Credit to: Zaimal

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