Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 3)


Swara is finding a place for parking from half an hour.she is really frustrated and finally she spot a place for parking and she gets really happy but before she can parked her scooty there.a car hit her and she falls down as driver wanted his car to park there.
A man come out from the driving seat and gives her disgusting look.
swara face was covered with her duppta as she was wearing a purple frock. When she removes her duppta from her face man missed his 1 heartbeat.she was trying to stand her scooty. As her foot was stuck beneath it. she looked at the man and said: why are u looking at me? Help me.don’t u have manners standing like a statue.
Man look at her angrily and give her his hand.swara hold it and try to stand up but when she put stress on her foot her face become red due to pain and she again sit down immediately and said: i am not able to stand and become silent for a min and then look at him with widened eye and said: i think my foot broke down.and start crying loudly.
Swara:what will i say to dad? What will he think? I broke my foot at interview day. He will not let me do any job. And again start crying.she looks at man and asked: do u know how to fix it?
Man looking at her angrily but unknowingly nodded after saying her tears.
Swara:what are u waiting for? Do it quickly i am getting late for interview.oh thank god u know how to fix it.she exclaimed happly.
Man look at her foot angrily and think now i have to touch a girl foot.nothing can be worse than this and said angrily: do u know who i am?
Swara look at him from top to bottom and said innocently:No! U don’t know who u are?
Man angrily:i know that

Swara (confusingly):then why are u asking me?
Man gets frustrated and sit down to fix her foot but before he could touch it.swara starts shouting:stop stop! I wanted to tell u my last look at her shockingly and said:what?
Swara:of course if i died then?
Man looked at her from top to bottom and said no one get die from fracture and twist her foot quickly.
Ssssh! swara hold her coat tightly and close her eyes look at her for a moment.swara opens her eyes slowly and get happy when she feels no pain and stands up quickly and exclaimed: ohh god thank u so much i thought i will not be able to stand on my foot and turned to man and said: u hit me na! and therefore i will not say thank u and u should also not say sorry i will not mind.and turned to pick her scooty.but man grabs her hand and said angrily:i am sanskar Maheswari and u are showing me attitude.what u think of yourself.
Swara:leave me.I think myself a human.

Sanskar mumble:human?
Swara:u only said na what i think myself? So i replied.i think myself a human.don’t tell me that u don’t think yourself a human?
Sanskar confusingly:whattt?? And unknowingly leaves her hand.while mumbling:weird girl!
Ouch!! Swara exclaimed while pressing her arm.swara sees time at watch and said:oh my god! I got late and quickly picks her scooty and before she could park it. sanskar park his car and comes out. swara looks at him with open mouth.sanskar looked at her and goes from their while smirking.swara look at him angrily and starts finding anothere place for parking and finally she finds a place and went inside the building.

Swara:excuse me! My name is swara gaddodia.i came here for interview.
Receptionist:plz wait for min i will the meantime phone rings.
Receptionist:mam u can go for interview.
Swara:thank u.
Swara nervously: don’t take tension swara u can handle it okay let’s go.she knocks at the door and was huge big room and walls were painted with black and there was glass windows on both left and right side.through right window ground hall can be seen and through left window interior of anothere cabin can be seen and at the center a huge table was placed.the atmosphere of the room was cold.a man was standing near the right window through which hall can be seen. Swara was facing his backside therefore could not see his soon as he turned his face swara was shocked.
Sanskar:miss swara! u can come in.

Credit to: zaimal

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