Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 29)

Swara was sitting on sofa in her cabin and reading files.tahini was sitting on her chair and looking at some files in front of her,then laptop,then swara.she was repeating it continuously
Ragini: swaraaaa!
Swara give no attention
Ragini more loudly: swaraaaa!!!
Swara looks at her irritatingly and said: ragini who are u to me?
Ragini confusingly: friend infect best friend
Swara shook in no and said: u are my friend outside office here u are My ASSISTANT right.
Ragini make face: right
Swara: then call me MA’AM okay.
Ragini’s mouth was hung open.swara biets her inner cheek to stop herself from laughing.
Swara: now do work which I gave to u.and again start her meantime sanskar and lucky comes in the cabin.
Lucky: hello ragini hello swara.

Swara: hello lucky.but ragini didn’t give answer.she was looking at files worriedly.
Lucky comes near her and shook her: raginiii! Are u okay?
Ragini comes to her senses and said: when did u come?
Lucky: just now where are u lost
Ragini looked toward swara and then file and said: swara said computerize these files and I don’t know how to do it.
Swara loudly clears her throat.

Ragini irritatingly: sory MA’AM give me work looking at swara angrily.swara chuckles.sanskar and lucky looks at swara amusingly
Lucky: ohh! Don’t be sad.I will teach u how to do it.okay ragini get happy.swara lost her smile remembering how sanskar teach her at her first day.sanskar looks at her dull face and feels guilty.swara excuse herself and goes from there.lucky was teaching ragini and kavita comes in.all of them looked at her.
Lucky make face looking at her but arranged it quickly.
Kavita: hello lucky and goes toward sanskar and hugs him.sanskar too hugs her unwantedly.
Kavita: hello sanskar.
Sanskar: hello!!
Kavita turns toward ragini and said: so sanskar u changed your PA meantime swara comes there and stops for min looking at kavita.
Kavita: what are u doing here?.

Before swara could say sanskar interrupt quickly: kavita she is my then she will be here only na and ragini is her assistant.
Lucky: kavita! Have u meet her before?
Swara quickly: no! Kavita and sanskar looks at her confusingly.
Ragini: SWA…’am these files are complete.
Swara nodded and said: give them to ishani.
Ragini: okay!
Lucky: I will also come with u.ragini smiles and both leaves.
Swara goes to table and pick some files.
Sanskar thinking: ohh! God plz no, not know
Kavita angrily: why did u lie to him that we didn’t meet before.
Swara with looking said in straight voice: ma’am do u want me to tell them that we met first time when u and sir were kissing each other.sanskar feels someone stabbed him in heart.kavita fumed in anger.
Kavita: in which tone are u talking with me?do u know who I am?swara looks at her and blinks several times.
Swara thinking: hmmm manager or boss’s girlfriend I guess!!!
Kavita: why are silent now speek up now!!
Swara confusingly: don’t u know who u are?
Sanskar remembers their first meeting and a small smile comes on his lips
Kavita: I know that who am I.
Swara blinks: then why are u asking me?
Kavita irritatingly stamps her foot and leaves from there.

Swara looking at her leaving: what did I do?
Sanskar chuckles at her innocence
Sanskar: swara bring coffee to my cabin.and leaves from there.swara looks at his back.
Swara was quickly collecting things her phone rings
Swara: g dida! I am just coming………dad plz I am not kid I can take care of myself I am meantime sanskar comes in her cabin.
Swara stamps foot on floor hardly and shouted: daddddd! And a loud laugh was echoed from receiver swara ends call angrily.
Swara blabbering: I am going to be 25 and they can’t even allow me to ride alone just great let bhai come I will complain to him about everything……

Sanskar clears his throat swara looks at him her face expression changes quickly and become flat.
Sanskar: tomorrow is impotent meeting with mr.singhania come direct to the hotel crystals don’t be late and before coming read these files and give her files.
Swara: okay sir!
Sanskar mumbled: again sir! And goes from there.
Swara: mummmm!…..busssss I am full.
Dad: stay quite.u become so weak in these days
Swara phone rings

Swara: hel…..( sheikhar put food in her mouth)
Sanskar angrily: swara where are u? meeting will be start in 20 mins.
Swara quickly: yes sir I am coming.
Shekhar loudly: no u are not leaving without breakfast arjun strictly said that u are very weak u can’t skip food.and put another bite in her open mouth,
Swara irritatingly: dadddd!
Sanskar hears sheikhar’s voice he closes his fist.but his concerned for swara overpower it.
Sanskar softly: swara finish your breakfast then come okay and ends the call without listening anything.
Swara: dad plz I gain 2 kg weight in these two days.I will become fat then children will cal me aunty.

Dad laughs: no one will cal u aunty okay now go your boss will be waiting.
Swara: thank u! And give peck on his cheek and yelled: dida I am leaving byyyyy! And runs outside.
Swara quickly reaches hotel and runs inside and strikes with someone her files fall down
Swara sit down and said irritatingly: can’t u see? I am already late and now this.
Person: it was your mistake.mis!
Swara looked at him angrily: it was not my mistake u were talking on phone and walking like this is your private property.
Person proudly: yes this my private property.
Swara laughs loudly and said: look at your face then talk and goes from there.
Person angrily: badtameez larki!!!

Swara: sir here your file.
Kavita angrily cut sanskar: are u mad? How can u be so irresponsible u know this is so much important meeting.swara doesn’t say anything but mumbles angrily: dadddd! I am not gonna talk to u for 2 days for this mess.
Sanskar hears her and chuckles
Kavita: sanskar come fast only 5 mins are remaining.and give death glares to swara.
They enters in hall lucky was also present there.
Lucky: hello angel!
Swara: hey!!
In meantime a person comes there and hug to sanskar
Person: hey brother!
Sanskar serprized: hey rahul when u returned from London? And lucky u didn’t told that Rahul returned.
Rahul:I asked bhai not to tell u I wanted to give u surprise.
Kavita: hey Rahul!! long time.and hug him.lucky make irritatingly
Rahul:smilingly: yeah! Long time.
And breaks hug.swara was looking at Rahul shockingly.
Rahul looked at her and get shocked
Rahul: u!!!!

Swara bites her lower lip.
Lucky confusingly: huh!!…..rahul she is swara.swara he is my brother rahul.have u meet her before??everyone looked at them confusingly

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  1. Superb epi….lovd it

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  5. Amazing epi

  6. Amazing . New character,cool.

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  8. priya tripathi

    Superb n who is play the charcter of rahul

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