Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 28)


Sanskar: u look more cute in this face.swara smiles at his compliment suddenly her smile vanishes remembering everything and she steps back slowly she frees her hands and turns around quickly to hide her tears and strikes with neil.sanskar gets sad looking that she is going far from him.
Neil: shona! Come one we will click group photo.
Swara gives him fake smile.
Neil loudly:dida plz click our pics.dida nodded
Arjun: shona come here we will stay together. Swara nodded and goes toward him.but neil hold her hand and said: no shona will stand with me.swara smiles all brothers were pulling her here and there finally swara got angry

Swara yelled: silence!!!! Why all of u are fighting before this all of u never fight??and looked at them with narrow eyed.
Neil scratching his head: because before this u always stand with ranveer and we all have no objection with that but as ranveer is not here so how can we leave opportunity and all nodded in yes.swara smiles hearing the name of ranveer.sanskar feel jealouse.
Sanskar thinking: who is this ranveer? Why is swara smiling?oh god I can’t even ask this?help me.
Ragini: I have a solution!!!
Swara: kiaa
Ragini: swara will stand in middle and all of u will change positions so that everyone will be able to stand with her okay.
Neil: laddu! U are great.

Ragini gets happy and said:I know I know and patted herself.
And all do photo session and when sanskar stands with swara.both looked at each was a short eyelock with painful feelings.swara feels dizziness sanskar tried to hold her but she steps back and turn her face.sanskar withdraw his hand feeling pain in his heart.
Swara weak voice: bhaiii!!! All comes to her and arjun hold her and said: shona u are still weak u should rest now come on.and make her sit.
Dida: swara sleep for some time and then u have to take medicines.swara nodded and lay down.dida wipe her face and hands.
Dida strict voice: all of u out now!!!

All goes out sanskar before leaving looks at her and goes.
After strict hospitalization of her family for two days swara was allowed to go for office in this days her father was also returned and was very furious to see her in thiscondition.sanskar was restless for these two days because he didn’t see her from two days.he was not sleeping well he worked day and night to divert his focus but when ever he close his eyes he saw her face.
Swara was standing in front of office she take deep breath and goes inside
Swara: hello!! Tania!!
Tania: hello swara long time.
In meantime sanskar comes there he was looking at his phone.
Sanskar: tania send Mr.singhania file to my office.
Swara turned and look at him.
Tania: okay sir!! Swara go give this file to sir.
Sanskar stopped in mid and turned and looked toward swara
His heart skipped a beat looking at her swara doesn’t look at him in meantime ishani comes running to swara.
Ishani: thank god swara u came.take this files and computerized them and give her bundle of files.swara staggered sanskar looks at ishani angrily
Sanskar thinking: she just recovered now and so much files.
Swara smiels and moves toward stairs.

Sanskar angrily: swara go with lift and come to my cabin.
Swara just nodded with blank face and goes after sanskar.
Both were standing silent in lift sanskar was looking at swara’s face and swara was looking forward not want to see his face.
Swara thinking: these files are so heavy and why is he staring at me.and looked toward him and then turn her face.
Sanskar smiles and thinks: she is angry isn’t she?
Swara steps toward her cabin sanskar goes after her.
Swara shocked: what are u doing here.
Ragini smilingly: I am your assistant
Swara: what???
Sanskar: swara move from way.swara moves quickly and sanskar stepped in her cabin.
Sanskar: she is your assistant from now and looks at her blank face.she just nodded without argument ragini looks at her with shock.

Sanskar thinking: she just don’t want to talk with me I am dying to hear her voice and sighed.and goes from there.
Swara angrily turned and put files on desk
Swara: what the hell!!
Ragini don’t u remember I helped u in marriage arrangements so he appointed me simple.
Swara nodded in disbelief.
Sanskar and lucky were leaving from swara’s home
Ragini: sanskar wait I want to talk about something
Lucky: why u should talk with me why sanskar.
Ragini irritatingly: shut up.sanskar if u don’t mind can I work with swara.
Sanskar: why??

Ragini: actually after what happened last night and now this.I wanted to stay with her I know she is hiding something I am worried for her plzz I will not take pay plz.
Sanskar sighed: okay but I doubt that if lucky will let u do work and winks toward lucky.
Ragini blushes and goes from there.

Sanskar thinking: I also want that u stay with her.she needs someone around her.
Flashback ends.

Credit to: Zaimal

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    All the above are just suggestions…u write gud…but make it bit more lengthy so that the story stays in heart till the next part is posted…..

  9. Not rancher, I meant Ranveer

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