Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 24)


swara:laddu! why is dida looking at me with soo much love??
ragini quickly:arra swara! dida is not looking at u with love.she is looking at u with full anger.i told him na.u lied to her.
swara gathering some courage and said:its fine.dida..dida knows i used to lie alot.and or kia btaya.

ragini excitedly:and i tell her that u were missing for 4 hours.swara’s face become pale.
lucky hits his forehead.and sanskar looks toward swara’s tensed face.
swara in disbelief vioce:ye bhe btaya dia…aacha forget it.or tu kuch nhe bataya na.
ragini thinking:orrrrr…haan i told her that u were not responding my calls and was sitting on bridge all alone at this time.sanskar angrily look at lucky through mirror.
lucky muttered:uu idiot dum girl.
swara hand slide toward her shoes and in one sec she through it toward ragini.ragini quickly catches it.
swara angrily looking toward ragini:laddu i have clear doubt that are u friend or my enemy.
ragini confused:what did i do?

swara mumbling:dida will surely is also not here.who will save me from lady hitler.
all four comes out from car.swara and lucky was standing on left side and sanskar and ragini was standing on right swara step out from car.dadi comes running toward her and hug swara.
dadi worriedly:swara bacha are u alright?
swara with smile:i am fine the way.what is the temperature of dida.
dadi whispering:104.and its all because of my beautiful grandaughter and looks toward ragini.
dadi in confronting tone:laddu what the need to tell dida about it.u should have tell me.
ragini:i was soo worried that why i tell dida.all four were looking at ragini ‘u are going to be dead soon’
Inmeantime a shoe comes flying toward swara.swara bends down quickly.
swara stands up and looks toward shoe and said:dadiii! that was very close na.
dadi:haan.thank god u got saved and they give high five.ragini sighed.and sanskar and lucky was looking at them with open mouth.
ragini in loud tone:when dida is angry she throw things like shoes books spoons and knife.and especially when its about our dear swara.
sanskar and lucky in union:mad family.
in meantime another shoes comes straight toward swara.
Ahhhhhhh!!! that voice was not of swara.lucky was laying on the floor holding his forehead.ohhh! because of bending of swara the shoes hit lucky right on lucky’s forehead.
ragini in tensed voice:lucky and sanskar and ragini comes to other side of car.dida comes running and looks toward lucky and said:marra kis ko tha or lag kis ko giya.
ragini:lucky are u alright??
lucky in fainting voice:STARS…BUTTERFLIES….RAGINIIIII and he fainted.
swara and dadi were giggling.ragini and dida give them death glare.they stop laughing and muttered:sorry and looks toward each othere and winks.sanskar was looking at swara and shook his head.

dida:we should take this boy inside.sanskar and ragini take lucky inside.
swara and dadi were behind them and dida was showing them room.
swara giggling;dida throw it with so much force na.poor lucky get fainted.
dadi also giggling:thank god it doesn’t hit u.sanskar was hearing there conversation and also thank the god that it doesn’t hit swara.
ragini sprinkles water on lucky.lucky opens his eyes slowly and ask for water.ragini want to make him drink water but swara stops her and whispers”are u mad.dadi and dida are hear.control.sir will give him water.ragini nodded.sanskar make lucky drink
dida in concerned voice:how are u feeling now.
lucky with tight smile:much better and thinks:i am feeling my whole world is revolving.
dida:i apologise for that.i didn’t mean to hit u.what is your name.
lucky:laksh.dida looks toward sanskar quiestionaly.
dida:laksh drink this lemon juice u will feel better.and turns toward swara.swara breath get struck and looks toward dadi.
before dida could say anything dadi yelled:swara what is this?how could u lied to your dida.i am very angry with u.u will get strict punishment for this.swara opens her mouth to say something.but ragini comes running toward her and said:we will not hear anything dadi said na u will get punishment.

dadi:haan go to your room and sleep u will not get dinner today.lucky and sanskar was looking at them and thinking:what happened just before dadi and swara were giggling toghter and NOW.
dadi winks to swara.swara understand eveything and nodded quickly and goes towards door quickly.
dida in strict voice:swara stop.and looks toward ragini and dadi and said:parvati that was very bad many times all of u will cover her mistakes.
dadi in soft voice:shomi let it be.she is kid when time will come she will learn everything.
(guys i don’t know what is dida’s real name and therefore i am giving her name ‘sharmishta’ and dadi used to call her shomi and swara’s mother name will be ‘mishti’)
dida ignores it and walks toward swara and said in strict voice:swara look at me.swara turns around.
dida:swara what kind of irresponsible behaviour is this? these are the values which i gave to u?
sanskar and lucky looks at each othere with tensed faces.sanskar feels more guilty.swara bites her lower lips.
but before dida could say anything more,door get open with jerk and almost seven men comes inside shouting:SHONAAA!!!!

swara face glow up and turns around.they all hug her in circle.yeah they were 7 boys of different ages.
dida in disbelief tone:now more are come to save her and shook her head.dadi and ragini smiles.
sanskar and lucky were looking at them with confusion.
they were still hugging her tightly dida looked at them and said loudly:leave her!! she will die from suffocation.all leave her quickly.
all in union:are u alright shona.nothing happened to u na.and make her move around to see her if she got any injury..
swara happily:i am fine.
all:shut up let us check.dida smiles but hides it quickly.
swara:abhi bhaiiii!!! i am fine see nad show him her full teeth.
roashan bhi:mental level is fine.all nodded in yes.dadi,dida and ragini laughed.
karan:swara walk.
swara confused:what.
neil:walk some distance.swara walks for some distance and stumbles two times and then again comes to them.
arjun sighed:thank god she is fine.

lucky in confusion:but she stumbles na.i think she got some injury in foot.
adharsh laughing:this is the sign that she is fine.all luagh loudly.
swara puts her hand on both sides of her waist and bends a little:bhaiiii are trying to say i am clumsy?
sanskar suddenly remembers that she told him that she has 17 brothers but there are only seven and for a shock they were behaving as they are real brother and sister.
dev:of course because my little sis can’t do anywork without stumbling.and gives her side hug.swara pouts and said:its just there is some problem in my feets and looks down towards her feets.
all laugh.
swara:but tell me? why all of u are here?
dida interrupt:i called them.
dadi:u was missing na.soo we called them to find u.swara make 0′ face.
dida suddenly:haan to swara where were we?
swara looks at her brothers with pleading eyes and point toward dida.all nodded at once and yelled:shonaaaa! we want to talk with u.and dragg her outside.
sanskar notices that and smiles and thinks:she is special.
dida angrily:don’t cover her mistakes.

dadi giggles.dida looked at her angrily.
dadi coughed and said:i will just come and goes from huriedly.dida shook her head and goes from there.
ragini laughed loudly after dida’s leaving.sanskar aslo smiles.
lucky confused tone:what is all this i am not understanding anything.who were those guys.
ragini:they were swara’s brothers.
lucky shocked:itna saraaaa.ragini laughed.sanskar chuckles.
ragini sites beside lucky and said:they are not real brother and sister.
lucky:are u kidding with me.they were behaving as real brother and sister.
ragini smiles:that is swara specialty that.she make such stronge bong that can’t break so easily
looking at lucky’s confused face ragini:actually swara has a beautiful habbit that where she goes make brothers.

lucky:what kind of habbit is this.
ragini sad:when was 5 mishti aunty was pregnent.doctrors said.a baby boy is coming.eveyone used to tell swara that her brother is coming.swara was very happy.but unfortunately aunty died in accident and baby boy also.after that swara always asked:where is her brother when will he come and used to cry whole day.then dida told her that make her own brother it is not necessary that brother should be of blood relationship.after that she start making brothers.and now she has 17 brothers.everyone is special and everyone love her like her little sister.there is a unique story after every brother and most importent they all call her SHONA and smiles.lucky and sanskar smiles.
lucky:i can clearly see that how much they love angel but u told there are 17 but here only seven why???
ragini:10 belongs to village.where swara lived.and these are brothers from this city.
lucky:do u have any brother.
ragini:nooo but they also consider me as their sister.tell me how are u feeling now.
lucky:u are here na i am feeling sooo good.ragini blushes.sanskar shook his head and goes from there to give them privacy otherwise lucky would have started infront of him.u know na he is shameless.who asked for a kiss infront of sanskar.
sanskar comes outside and hears swara’s laughing and smiles.

swara excitedly:thank god all of u came othwise dida was going to give a full 7 pages lecture.
abhi:but seriously shona this time i am with dida.look at the time.we were finding u every where.
swara sighed:bhaii relax i am here na.nothing positive.and tell when are u going to get married haan????u are getting old and looks toward his head with narrowed eyes.
abhi:shona i am not old i am only 30.
swara hiding his smile:aacha then why am i seeing white hairs.
abhi tensedly:what rubbish there are not any white hairs.haan na neil????.swara nodded in no towards neil.
neil clears his throat:actually there are some.
abhi stands up:whattt and goes toward mirror and search for white hairs.
all laughed loudly.
abhi turns and said:its means u all were pulling my leg.shona wait i will tell u.
swara runs from there.abhi chases her in full house.and stops to catch his breath.
swara laughing:bhaii see u can’t even run.ohhh u get old.ohhhh.
abhi:shona ki bachi!!! and runs behind her.and finally catches
abhi:now tell me where will run.and show some respect yaar i am your elder brother.swara’s eye widened nd she start looking up toward ceiling.

swara:bhai give me hand.
abhi:why and give her hand.swara stands up on sofe with the help of hand.
swara:arrre!!! u told me na u are big sooo i am seeing how much big u are and looking toward ceiling.and runs from there.
abhi confused:bigggg….and looks toward ceiling all laughed and gives thumb to swara.
abhi:uuuuu again and start running after her again.
swara stops and said:bhaii i am tierd now.
abhi:aacha tierd haan and start tickling her.
swara:bhaii stop…hahahaha.
sanskar feeles some peace in his heart to look her laughing and playing.
after some time.
sanskar:aunty i think i should leave now.
dida quickly:nhe beta.its too late see its 1:30.u can stay here.u can go tomorrow.its not right to go at this time and also your friend is not feeling well.
dida strictly:no if and buts u are staying here and this final.swaraaaa.
swara comes running toward her and arjun was after her.swara hides behind dida.
arjun:shona come outside u can’t hide behind dida.

swara:dida see arjun bhai is teasing me,and is saying that u can’t save me.
arjun:when did i said that.dida u know she hit me on foot againnnn.
swara:dida he said that i am my height short???
dida and sanskar smiles.
arjun laughing:shona u are accepting that u are dwarf.
swara:dida seee.
dida:arjun don’t tease my grand daughter and kiss her on cheek.arjun look at her with open mouth.swara stack her tounge out at arjun.
arjun:this is cheating.
swara shook her head:no its not.
arjun:yes it is.
dida:both of u stop it.swara show sanskar guest room he will stay here for tonite.
swara:okay dida.
swara walks silently toward a room and sanskar was walking behind her.
sanskar thinking:she is calm like a sea.and behaving as nothing had happened and for a shock she is letting me stay at her house.jjjjjjust great.
swara:sir this your room and lucky will also stay in this room.and walks out without listening anything.sanskar sighed.

he looks around at room it was medium size room with double bed and a study table a window which opens in garden and a cupboared.sanskar walks towards window and opens it a sudden cool breeze hit his face.he closes his eyes to give peace to his mind.suddenly he hears dida’s and dadi’s voice.

sooo guys i hope u will like this episode.i personally love this part because for me sister and brother relationship is most beautiful in this world.and sorry for this mistakes i know i do many mistakes and thanks for your lovely comments.i want to write more but there is some problem so i am stoping it here.but honestly i enjoyed alot while writting it i hope u all enjoyed it.and one thing i can’t update twice its because of my examz and if i do that then my mother will not let me update this single part.sooo sory for that.and


Credit to: zaimal

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