Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 23)


swara was standing on bridge and staring the water suddenly a drop of tear falls from her eyes she wipes it quickly as it was a crime for her.
swara:no…no…i…can”t cry i will not cry why should i? its just…….and falls down as she lost her full strength.she hold her knees tightly and close her mouth firmly as don’t want to talk.NEVER
sanskar was searching her madely every where and suddenly he saw her and stopped his car with a jerk.she was sitting lifelessly.she was not crying.not a drop of tear.just staring at water as it is only importent work is left.he stepped out from the car in range.he wanted to slap her hard making him scared to death.he wanted to shake her hard.emberresed in his arm tightly.kiss her hard.he wanted to touch her soft cheek with his finger.he wanted to feel.but he stop in mid thinking about what happened just 4 hours before.what he said to her.he didn’t forget the way she walked out after saying that crap…

sanskar:sanskar what have u done? and looked toward his love.who was sitting alone,staring at one point continiously.
sanskar:i will not forgive u for doing this.u have to pay for this…sanskar u have to pay for this.he wipe his tear harshly and call lucky and tell them.he found her.sanskar was standing behind swara and looking at her.swara didn’t notice anything.she was sitting calmly.sanskar heart was beating hard looking at her condition.
after sometime ragini and lucky was the car stopped ragini jumps from car and runs toward swara.ragini slapped swara tightly.sanskar close his fist looking at ragini in shock.swara places her hand on cheek which was burning and looked toward ragini and tears start flowing from her eyes as she just came into her senses and reality hit her so hard that she can’t control her tears anymore.ragni after slappping her hug her tightly.swara also hug her back and cry a lot.bothy were crying hard.
sanskar and lucky look at eachothere and hug each in satisfaction that everything is under control.and about their crying.these are girls habbit.

after crying for 15 mins
ragini:u idiot,shameless,stupid or…or badtamezz…ghadi..or….and thinks for sometime
swara wipes her tears and said:ladduuuuu…why are u praising me soo much??
ragini breaks her hug and said in anger:don’t call me laddu.what u did na.i am gonna kill u for that.and stands up quickly.
swara also stands up and said:what did i do?
sanskar,ragini and lucky looks at her with angry wild open eyes.swara looking at them said in confusion:what???
ragini hit her on head and said:why did u do that swara?u scared me so much.i thought that i will find u in hospital.
lucky quickly:shut up ragini.she is fine.don’t talk rubbish.and sanskar was looking at ragini as saying:how dare u think like this?

lucky whispers to sanskar:don’t u dare touch my girlfriend.sanskar whispering in low threating voice:ask your girlfriend to shut her mouth.lucky clears his throat.
swara laughs and said:okay okay i am sorry and holds her ears.ragini looked at her with teary eyes and holds her hands and said:stop it swara and tell me.what had happned.
a shadow passed from swara’s face.but swara covers it quickly and said:nothing…just someone shows me my right place and looks toward sanskar and smiles.
sanskar thinking:swara don’t do this with me.i am bearly handling this pain.don’t increase it plz and looks away.swara shook her head and said:laddu its very late we should leave.lucky was looking at sanskar’s face and thinks:something bad happned.
swara walks toward lucky and sanskar and said:sorry lucky i make your girlfriend worried.and looks toward ragini who was giving her death glares.
lucky comes to his senses:don’t be.i am glad u are fine but….next time inform me before doing all this i will make preperations.and give her side hug.
swara:next time i will not repeat my mistake don’t worry.sanskar clearly understand that she was taunting him.

swara to sanskar:sorry SIR! for giving u trouble.sanskar looks at her feeling deep pain in his chest.she was not looking at his face.she was looking everywhere except toward him.
ragini:okay we should leave now.swara and lucky nodded and moves toward car.sanskar was standing there and thinking:how can she be tooo normal to me and of course she is back to that SIR thing.
lucky yelled:sanskar are u coming or not?
sanskar yelled back:coming.and walks toward them.they where standing around lucky’s car and looking down atttt tyre.
sanskar:what happened?

lucky:tyre is puncture andd i have no spare tyre.
ragini angrily:u monkey how could u be soo iresponsible.
lucky shocked:what is it my mistake?
ragini:of course.
swara was looking at them with smile.
lucky angrily:if i am monkey then u are lizard.
ragini:uu again called me lizard.lucky nodded vigoriously.swara was chuckling and sanskar was thinking:i should take her to mental hospital.she is surely loose her brain.ughhhh! i will never be able to understand her.
swara loudly:both of u should get married quickly.
lakh and ragini:what.
swara laughing:u both fight like a husband and wife.ragini blushes looking at lucky and mumbles:kuch bhe!!!.
lucky side hug swara:u know that’s why i called u angel.and sanskar why are u standing there u have to drop us all.
sanskar nodded and sits on driving seat.lucky and ragini sits on back sit and swara calmly sit on front seat beside sanskar.sanskar looks at her.
they first drove to swara’s home.
swara looking forward said in confused voice:laddu why is dida looking at me with soo much love????

sory for mistakes i right it in hurry

Credit to: zaimal

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