Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 20)


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lucky comes to sanskar and looked at sanskar”s smiling face and sighed and said:sanskar u are lucky that u love angel.
sanskar in his own world:yes i am then suddenly comes to his senses and said:what do u mean??
luckt sad:ragini fought with me.
sanskar concerned:why???
lucky:i said i love her more.

sanskar shook his head and said:okay come on lets go.
swara was thinking about sanskar and smiling suddenly some one puts hand on her mouth.swara eyes widened and she struggled to get free.she bites on persno’s hand.
swara turns and looks at him and said in shock:sanskar!!!!
sanskar:yes me.who will come to your room at this time???and give her death glare.
swara quickly:sory soryyyy vo i was just….and holds his hand and start blowing air on his hand.
swara worriedly;is it paining???….sanskar tell naaaa???
sanskar comes to his sensesw:haaan no…no…not much
swara puts her both hand on her waist and looks at him with narrowed eyes and said:what are u doing here???
sanskar fumbles:vo….main….vo and scraches his head.
sanskar with tight smile:i just come here to see u.
swara innocently:okay u see me na now go.
sanskar shocked:what i came here with so much straggle and u are saying mean.
swara:sanskar its 12 at night i am feeling very sleepy.tomorrow is work day.we wake up early na and gives him puppy dog eyes.

sanskar sighed:fineeee and lucky thinks i am lucky????
swara:what did u just say???
sanskar:nothing i am just leaving.swara shook her head vigoriously.
sanskar comes close to her and said:u are a bad girl.swara smiles and said:gooooo.sanskar shook his head and goes from there.

lucky:ragini plz i am sorry.i accepted that u love me more plzzzz.ragini turns her face and said to sanskar:sanskar tell your friend i am not talking to him.

sanskar hiding his smile:lucky she is not talking to u.lucky gives sanskar death glare.ragini goes from there.
lucky:u are having a great fun aren’t u???
sanskar laughs loudly:off course.i never saw u pleading and saying sory to a girl.and again laugh.
lucky angry:when u will plead to angel na.i will also laugh like this.
sanskar:i will never plead any girl.(arrogantly)
lucky:we will see and looks for ragini and said:where did she go now???
sanskar pointing:there talking with some boy.
lucky turns angry when he sees her with some othere boy.
sanskar teasing:jealious.
lucky angry:no why would i.if she is not talking with me i will also not talk with her and close his fist in anger.

sanskar:we should meet that boy.
but sanskar drags him there.
ragini was laughing when sanskar and lucky comes there.lucky turns more angry.
sanskar chuckling:ragini who is he???
ragini excited:he is our collage friend sunny.

lucky mumbles:sunny really???
sanskar grins and whispers:someone is buirning….
lucky angrily:shut up i will kill u.
sanskar teasingly:both look closeeee friend.lucky was staring at ragini angrily who was still ignoring meantime swara comes there.
ragini excited:swara guess who is here.
swara confused:who???
sunny turns to swara side and smiles.
swara yelled:sunnyyyyy and hugs him.sanskar smiles vanishes.lucky smiles and mumbles:now its my turn to enjoy.and looks at sanskar angry face.
swara excited:oh my god what are doing here?
sunny smiling:easy swaraa.

swara breaks hug and said:tell me first
sunny:its my second cousin’s marriange now tell me what are doing here and look at u.u are looking so beautiful.
swara happyliy:thank u.sanskar’s face turns red with anger.
lucky whispering:some one burning.but sanskar does not say anything he was still looking at sunny angrily.
swara excited:i am wedding planner see i did all arrangements.sunny looks at arrangements.
sunny:its beautiful like u.sanskar close his fist in anger
swara:shut up.ragini did u introduse sunny to lucky and sans…..i mean sir.
ragini shook her head in positive.
swara:sunny he is lucky and he is my boss.sanskar gets angry when she introduse him as her boss.
sunny extened his hand to lucky.lucky unwillingly shake hand.
then sunny extened his hand to sanskar but sanskar doesn’t shake his head just nodded with head.sunny withdraw his hand smilingly.swara an ragini does not notice it.both were talking excitedly.

swara:okay i will take a leave.i have alot of works.ladu will give u comapney.
sunny with fake saddnes:u are leaving alone AGAIN.
swara laughed:shut up and hits him on shoulder playfully.
ragini pouting:u forgot me na.
sunny:come u are my best friend.
sanskar and lucky look at each othere and then at sunny angrily.
swara goes from there sanskar goes after her and holds her hand.
swara:what happened
sanskar angrily:who was he??
sanskar:that boy?? not want to take his name.
swara:ohhh sunny he is my collage friend.and remembers something and said:i told u na aboy perpose me.sunny perpose me.
sanskar gets more angry and take her to side and said:what and u were talking with him so frankly.
swara:sanskar i said no.but he said we should not brake our friendship then i said okay.
sanskar angrily:why did u introduse me as your bose andddd u again called me sir.
swara confused:sanskar what should i told him??

sanskar almost shout:u should have told him i am your boyfriend.
swara gets scared and said:sanskar when did u perpose me?.i asked u that should i told about us to my family but u didn’t reply and looks down to hide her tears.sanskar feels guilty and cupps her face and wipes her tears and said:i am sorry swara.swara shook her head in no.
sanskar:swara i can’t se u with someone else i am sorry and hugs her.
swara hugs him back and said:its okay
sanskar in shocked:u forgive me so easily.swara shook her head.
sanskar:u should be really angry on me.
swara innocently:why??
sanskar:i shouted on u na.
swara smiles:i am not angry because…..
sanskar irritated:what
swara:because i love u.and when i get angry na it is very very difficult to make me happy.
sanskar comes close to her:really.swara nodded vigoriously.
sanskar whispers:i don’t think so it is difficult to make u happy.
swara:u don’t know me.i useually don’t get angry but when i get angry i don’t forgive easily.try me.

sanskar coming more close:aacha but i know it when i will come close to u like this u will forgive at once.
swara putts her hand around his neck.sanskar looks at him in surprize and holds her waist.
swara whispers in sanskar ear:i told u na u don’t know me…and hits on his foot and runs from there.
sanskar shocked:aaahhh and looks at her back.
ragini was completely ignoring lucky and making him jealouse.sanskar comes there and looks at lucky and whispers:lucky i can’t see u like this.i have a plane u go from here and i will send ragini.lucky nodded and said:thank u.if i will stay for one more sec i am sure i am gonna kill that sunny tunny.he is staying so close to my ragini.and goes from there.
sanskar mumbles:sunny tunny sounds good.ragini thinks:i think lucky got angry with me i should not make him this angry.and pouts.

sanskar looking at ragini sad face:what happened ragini.
ragini:nothing is lucky alright??
sanskar smiles:he was not feeling well u should check him.
ragini:but sunny….
sanskar:i will him great companey and smirks.sunny looks at sanskar’s face and gulps and tried to say something but before that ragini noddes anf goes from there.
sunny mumbles:ragini why are u leaving with him.look like he is gona eat me without salt and peeper.
sanskar smiles and said:soo u are swara’s collage friend right and holds him with shoulder.
sunny:yeah i guess u have a problem.
sanskar:no…i was just saying do u know me who am i??
sunny quickly:swara’s boss.
sanskar smiles vanish hearing and remembers swara’s word.

(when did u perpose me?.i asked u that should i told about us to my family but u didn’t reply)
sanskar mumbles:yeah i am her boss and goes from there.
ragini was looking for lucky and sees sanskar going and stops him.
ragini worriedly:sanskar where is lucky.
sanskar in serious tone:he is waiting for u in garden and goes from there
ragini:what happned to him and goes toward garden.lucky was sitting on bench holding his head.
ragini gets worried and said:lucky are u alright.
lucky in low tone:ragini my head is paining very much.ragini sits with him and said:lao main daba dati hun.lucky smiles and thinks:she trouble me soo much now its my turn and u go your friend will be waiting go talk to him.i will be okay.
ragini:lucky plz l;et me…

lucky cuts her:no no…u go…
ragini gets angry now and forcefully put his head on her lap and start caressing his head.lucky closes his eyes and smiles.
after sometime ragini:lucky???
ragini:how are u feeling now??
lucky:i am feeling first class.
ragini confused:but your headche
lucky confused:what are u talking about.
raini angrily;it means u lied to me and stands up.lucky stumbles and remembers everything.he just forgot that he was acting.
ragini was angrily going from there.lucky holds her hand and pulls her .she strikes with his chest and her hair comes to her face.

ragini:what the…
lucky:sometimes u behave as a kid.and slide her hair behind her ear.ragini looks at him.
lucky softly:u teased me so much i was just teasing u back.
ragini hits him on chest:u make so worried.
lucky:and what were u doing??
ragini:what was i doing.
lucky whispers in her ear:u know it very well.should i tell u.
ragini smiles and said:what was i doing.lucky comes close to her and said in low husky tone:u was making me jealouse by filarting with that boy.
ragini:sunny his name is sunny.
lucky in deep tone:ragini never do that again with me.i will not be able to take next breath.ragini put her hand on his mouth and nodded in no.
ragini:don’t talk rubbish and i am sorry.lucky hugs her tightly.that was a long passionate hug.
lucky:lets go inside ragini nodded and they both went inside joining their hands.
sanskar was sitting in dark room looking at swara’s pic/

sanskar:i can’t do it.i..i..can’t hurt her.i will not be able to leave without.i will tell her tomorrow that I LOVE HER.sorry dad i am breaking my promise.and kisses swara’s pic.

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