Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 2)

Swara: I am not joking.
After completing her sentence she hold ragini’hand and jumped.
Ragini in feared voice: plz god i don’t want to get die so soon i have to do soo many things plz plz save me.swara was watching her with disguist look.
Swara:stop ittt drama queen.let’s enjoy and throw water at her ragini also do the same both enjoy a lot.
Swara: ragini lets go we are getting late.

After dropping ragini swara climbes the pipe,before opening it. room gets litted and a lady opens the door. Swara look at her with a fake grin and jumpes into the room.
Lady holds swara ear tightly and said: how many times i asked u swara don’t do such things u will get ill.
Swara: aaaaaah!! Dida its paining aaah! Dad plz help me.
A man enter the room running.
Man: Maa leave shona! She is feeling pain. Dida leave her ear and swara hide behind her dad and winkes toward dida.
Dida: uff ho! Shekhar if u continue to cover her mistakes then one day she will be out of our hand
Shekhar:Maa! She is a kid and i have full trust on my princess. And hugged her.
Dida: okay i am not saying anything u love your princess and make sad face. Swara and shekhar smiles and hug her.
Both in union: we also love u very much.all laugh loudly.
All are doing their breakfast.swara is trying to talk with shekhar but stops everytime dida is smiling at her hesitation shekhar noticed it and said: swara u wanted to say something.
Swara hesitantly: yes i want to say something. pleaded dida to say something but dida rolls her eyes.
Shekhar looked at them and said : any one is going to tell me what is happening in this house.
Swara closed her eyes and said quickly:dad i want to do a job and after one min when she hears no response she slowly open her eyes and make a tight smile.
shekhar look at her seriously and take a deep breath and said: princess is this a joke?
Swara:no dad i am serious.
Shekhar:swara what u want tell me i will get u that  i promise.
Swara:dad plz u know na i like adventure and doing a job is so much adventurous and don’t forget i did MBA.
Shekhar:so you have decided?
Swara:yes dad i am pretty sure. But i want your permission plz dad plz plz.
Shekhar:okat done but just for 6 monthes.
Swara:love u dad soooo much and hug him excitedly.and runs to her room to tell this to ragini.
But hearing this dida get shocked and said: i have asked her to get your permission because  shekhar i thought that u will not give her permission but u did. U know na  she is so innocent how will she tackle with peoples and gets worried.
Shekhar: don’t worry i know it she is very innocent but  u know it.i can’t say no to her she is everything to me.
In the mean time swara comes and hugs shekhar and said: i also love u and now i have to leave i have an interview
Shekhar: whattt!!! No first complete your breakfast or else i will not let u go for interview.
Swara quickly drinks a glass of juice and runs outside and yelll!! : byeeeee.
Shekhar and dida smiles at her.


Everyone runningand completing their work as their boss is coming.
A man is sitting in BMW working on his laptop.ahe is wearing a black suit.looking very arrogant and also very handsome but due to a serious look he looks he reaches at the front door of  office he gets down and walks arrogantly.everyone says good morning to his as he passed.When he sat.
A person comes to his office after knocking and said respectedly :sir! There is two meetings and interview for PA.
Sir: okay but first i will attend the meetings then interview.
Man hesitantly: bur sir in scedhule interview timing is first.
Sir angrily: oh! Now u will tell me how should i work am i right mr.khurana? Sory this is all my mistake i am really sory i will only do work according to u.
He stops for a min and look at him sarcastically and said: but how will i work when u will not remain here.
Mr.khurana shockingly look at him and said: sory sir this is my mistake plz sir don’t fire me. I will not repeat my mistake again.
Sir:  Mr.khurana i am sorry but sankar Maheswari  never forgive someone i can leave

Credit to: zaimal


  1. zellafarook

    Another arnav Singh raizada … swara will be his PA! Right?…very cool ur ff and ur name zaimal

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