Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 19)


Swara’s hands were under her chin and she was looking at them (ragini,dida,dadi) as they belongs to some othere planet.
Swara irritated: dida its been 2 hours u didn’t even decide even one dress.
All in union: shut up stay quite.swara shook her head in disbelief.
Sanskar was looking at swara’s pic and touching her face softly.suddenly his room door open with brust and lucky comes in with full anger.sanskar mumbles: heartattack .lucky was giving him death glare.
Sanskar looked at his angry and sad face and thinks: love!!!!!! He is going through same pain.and hides his phone quickly
Lucky angrily: why u give holiday to angel.
Sanskar sighed: lucky I didn’ t.its Sunday I can’ t do anything
Lucky irritated: I don’ t know her and order her to come at hotel and….and…bring ragini with her.
Sanskar laughs loudly: lucky why can’ t u admit it that u are missing ragini.
Lucky quickly: no… I am not missing her.
Sanskar looks at him as saying are u kiding with me????
Lucky: why u should I miss her.she didn’ t even message me and make sad face.
Sanskar putts his hand on shoulder and said softly: then u should call her.maybe she is waiting for your call as you are waiting for her call.lucky’ s face bright up and hug him and said: u are true friend thank u.

Sanskar: my pleasure now call her.
Lucky calls ragini and she pick it at first ring
Ragini happily: I was waiting for your call how are u? Why did u call so late?did u miss me? I miss u a lot.lucky smiles and looks at sanskar as conving his thank.sanskar nodded his head in response.
Lucky teasing: aacha why didn’t u call me.
Ragini: vo…….
Lucky: haaaan tell me????
Ragini: how thought u will be busy.
Lucky: really??? Okay tell me what ate u doing.
Ragini happily: we are doing shopping.
Lucky confused: WE???????
Ragini: haan me,dadi,dida and swara.
Lucky: ohhh!!!! Swara is with u and looks at sanskar mischeviously.sanskar get concerned and remembers that she tell him that she will be going on shopping with her dida.
Lucky loudly: tell me what is angel doing and thinks: he did me a favour now its my turn and smiles.and put phone on speaker.
Ragini laughs and said: aaah swara!!! She is looking at us as she will eat us in lunch.sanskar and lucky smiles.
Lucky: why????
Ragini: she don’ t like shopping much.and suddenly swara yelled: didaaaa!!!! Are u planning to sleep there I am tired of been sitting in one place and then again: shut up.swara pouts.lucky laughs loudly and sanskar hides his smile.
Lucky: okay tell me how many dresses u bought???
Ragini: we are still deciding.
Lucky thinking: okay then I am coming to help u
Ragini tensed: no…no…dadi and dida are here u can’t come.but lucky cuts the call and looks at sanskar who was looking here and there.
Lucky irritated: did someone tell u that u are not good at acting?sanskar smiles and mumbles: swara.
Lucky: what???

Sanskat quickly: nothing…..
Lucky shook his head and said: I will not give u invitation if u want to come then come fast and goes from there.
Sanskar makes face: idiot and goes after him quickly.both reaches at mall.and searches for their respective loves.and there they were.swara was sitting on stool and looking at them irritated ragini,dids and dadi were electing dresses.both sighed heavily after seeing them.
Dida: swara go to changing room I will give u dresses.
Swara irritated: againnnnnnn????
Dida does pay attention and said to ragini: Laddu go try these.ragini nodded and blinks towards swara.swara shook her head and goes after her.both smiles and goes after them.
Ragininwas about to lock the door but before that lucky enters quickly and smiles.ragini eyes widened and looks at him as in shock.
Ragini worried: what are u doing here?how can u enter in changing room?are u mad??
Lucky: u ask toooo many questions and comes close to her.
Ragini tensed: what are u doing???
Lucky does not say anything and comes more close to her and hold her from waist and whispers in her ear: I missed u solo much.ragini blushes and said: me too.
Lucky: I missed u more

Ragini: no I missed u more.
Lucky: no me and both start fighting.
Ragini frustrated: I said na I missed u more.
Lucky: raigini I am telling na I missed u more because I live u more.
Ragini loudly: its mean u are saying u love me more.lucky shook her head continuously.
Ragini turns red with anger and finally did her faviourate work.she hit him on foot and goes from there.
Lucky: aaaaaahhhh!!! But when he realizes that she make her angry he goes after her.
Lucky shouts: ragini listen.but she goes from there as she was deaf.lucky hits his forehead and said: wow!!! I came here to spend some romantic time with her and I make her angry just perfect.
Swara was waiting in changing room but suddenly someone knocks on door.
Swara yelled: dida u finally get time to give me dress and extend her head to hold dresses.dida does not said anything and gives her dress.swara looks at dress.her mouth was full open looking at the dress.swara put her left hand mouth on her open mouth.her anger raises to maximum level.
Swara opens the door quickly and goes toward dida with in a second.
Swara was holding dress in front of dida and yelling: dida what is this.dida looked at dress and said: a short dress..I guess.
Swara angrily: u think I am five year old girl and I guess it will also not fit to five year old girl.
Dida: swara this is not for 5 year old girl now a days every girl wear this type of dresses.swara eyes widened and said: really and looks at the dress and said innocently: where are the remaining clothes????

Dida and dadi look at each others and hide their smiles.sanskar who was listening them brust into laugh and said: from which planet she come.
Dida controlling their laugh said: swara is full dress.
Swara looks at dida then looks at dress then looks at dida.
Swara in disbelief: dida u are kidding with me na???I mean this is toooooooo short.
Dida and dadi brust out in laugh.
Swara looks at them laughing and gets sad and said: are u makingfp fun of me.
Dida and dadi looks at her sad face and hugs her and said in union: no….don’t think like this.and later her head.swara smiles.
Dida: okay now tell who give u this dress.
Swara shock: uuuuuuu
Dida coughed: are u mad.I didn’t give u this dress.
Swara said while thinking: someone knock at the door and give me this dress.
Dida: okay now go and take these will look good on u.
Swara goes from there while looking at dress.

In changing room.
Swara put the dress on her .it was coming to her knees.she put her hand at knees.where is remaining portion.then suddenly sanskar comes in.swara looks at him in shock and hits her forehead and mumbles: ohhh I forgot to look the room. ( to sanskar) what are u doing here?
Sanskar: I just come to meet u.what is this??? Acting
Swara pouting: sanskar see na this dress is took short.someone give me this.see it comes to my knees.where is remaining part.
Sanskar hides his smiles: swara its a short dress.everygorl wear sach type of clothes.its a trend.u didn’ t know that?????
Swara shook her head and said: no….in our village no one wear each type of clothes.
Sanskar confused: village.
Swara: haaan.actually.first we lived in this city bit after my mother death we all went to village and we just recently come to city about one year before.
Sanskar shook his head after understanding why is she unique piece.
Sanskar confused: swara I give this dress to u.
Swara eyes widened and looks at sanskar.
Swara tensed: u want me to wear this dress’s and looks at dress worriedly.
Sanskar quickly: no no I was just wanted to know how will u react after seeing this.but swara was still looking at the dress and put it on herself and looks at it.
Sanskar holds swara from shoulder and make her look in his eyes and said softly: swara I like u the way u are.hmmmmmm??
Swara nodded in yes happily and hugs him.
Swara: actually sanskar I never see a girl in such type of clothes.u know in my village everyone wear shalwar kameez and in this 1 year.I was solo busy in my studies I didn’ t get time to check out new trend an u know I do preparations of wedding and in wedding everyone wear traditional clothes and pouts.
Sanskar chuckles and said: don’t take tension I will teach u each and everything.
Swara: now go.

Sanskar: what I just come now.I am not leaving and hugs her tightly.
Swara: sanskar I came to change dress.
Sanskar teasingly: then change when I stop u??
Swara eyes widened and hits him on shoulder and said: shameless.sanskar laughs loudly.
Swara pushes sanskar out and looks the door.
Sanskar shout: swara come out in five min otherwise I will come inside.
Swara blushes and yelled: shut up.
Sanskar in warning tone: swaraaaaaa!!! U are blushing u want me to come inside.
Swara quickly: no….I am…not.and quickly chances dress’s and comes was floral anarkali dress of red and orange mixture.sanskar mesmerized to see her.
Swara nervously: sanskar am I looking bad and looks down.sanskar comes near her and kiss her on forehead and said inhusky tone: noooo u are looking beautiful.swara smiles and said: thank u and try to go from there but sanskar hold her hand and said: where are u going???
Swara confused: to show the dress to dida why????
Sanskar pulls her back.swara strikes with his broad chest.
Swara breathing heavily: what are u doing???
Sanskar in husky tone: don’t go plz.
Swara nervously: sanskar and looks into his eyes
Sanskar puts finger on her lips and joint their heads and said: sssssshhh!….not a word.they remain in that position for sometime.
Sanskar husky tone: swara….
Swara: hmmmmm
Sanskar: u didn’ t give me my morning kiss and pulls her close.
Swara blushing: shut up I am not giving.don’t be so shameless.
Sanskar: don’t be so shy.I want it now.swara shook her head vigorously and said: its a public place.
Sanskar teasingly: if u are feeling shy here then we can’t go to some lonely place or to my house and winks.
Swara hit him on chest and runs from there.
Sanskar laughs.

Dida: u took so mach time???
Swara: dida how am I looking.
Dida: beautiful.
Swara happily: then we should buy this dress I am tired.dida shook her head and said: okay.
Swara: where is dadi and ragini???
Dida: they went to house ragini was not feeling well.
Swara tensedly: why what happened.
Dida: nothing just headche.swara nodded her head and they goes from there.swara turns looks at sanskar and smiles.sanskar too smiles at her.

Credit to: Zaimal

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