Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 18)


Thank u guys for comment and yeah that was about sanskar and swara.I just wanted to give spoiler about upcoming episodes.soooo plzzzzz guys comment and thank u for liking was my first try.

Sanskar again turn to others side.he was not getting sleep he looked at the time it was 12.sanskar get up and said:I wanted to see swara face god its too late then after ten min he get up and walks out from door and reaches in front of swara’s house looked at her window.
Sanskar:god plz help this is my first experience and start climbing on pipe and finally after solo much difficulty he reaches in her room but for his shock swaravwas sitting on mid of bed in Indian style and a popcorn bowl was on his lap and she was looking at TV with wild open eyes.the room was dark.there was only dim light which was coming from tv .sanskar chuckles seeing swara’s open mouth.she was totally drenched in TV sanskar put his hand on her shoulder.and all of sudden swara yelled:aaaah mama!!!!!!! And jumps from her place and hides herself in blanket from head to toe.sanskar was shocked then he looked toward TV.

Ohhhhh she was watching horror movie.sanskar hit his forehead and comes toward swara and was thinking what to say suddenly hears swara’s sound
Swara scared voice:plz leave I swear I will not say anything if u will kill that sweat little girl but plz leave me I am still unmarried I wanted to do solo many thing plzz.sanskar chuckles.
Swara:but can u not leave that girl she is soon sweat and peeps through blanket.her eyes widened looking at sanskar and she jumps on her bed and yells:sanskar what are u doing here.u idiot and start hitting him with pillow.
Sanskar:swaraaa aaaahh

Swara:u idiot u scared me so much.I would have died with fear.sanskar get serious and holds her hand and looks at her
Sanskar angry: never ever said that again.swara nodded
Swara:by the way what are u doing here? How u reached here? U know its too late
Sanskar:off too many questions.

Swara eyes widened and said in disbelief: u came through window?sanskar nodded.swara laughs loudly and teases him
Swara: ohhhh the sanskar maheswari climbed pipe and again brust into laughing.sanskar looks at her angrily swara sees him angry and goes to the side table and start drinking water after sometime swara control her laugh and said: why u come at this time? And puts her both hands on either sides of her waist and bent a lityle .sanskar holds her from waist suddenly and said:I was missing u
Swara eyes widened: like seriously its just 2 hours before we were on beach.sanskar frowned and said: thennnnnnn.seems like u didn’t miss me.swara shook her head but says noyhing .
Sanskar:okay then I will go and leaves her and moves toward window swara hold his hand and says:I miss u danskar therefore I was watching movie to distract my mind sort and make puppy face.sanskar kiss her forehead and mumbles I knew it.

Swara excited: okay lets watch movie.sanskar frowned and said: i didn’t know that u like horror movies.
Swara confused: i like them why? Sanskar shook his head and said: let it be lets watch it.and both sit down to watch movie.swara hide her face in her hands and said in sad voice:ohhh he is gping to ear that cute baby.sanskar chuckles.and hold swara from shoulder to sooth her.after sometime swara jumpes from her place after getting scared and hugs sanskar tightly.sanskar also hug her back and mumbles:finally.
Swara scared voice: sanskar plz shut the tv i cant see it more.sanskar nodded and shut the tv.both lay down on bed and start talking swara head was on sanskar chest and their hand were entwined and sanskar others hand were on swara’s shoulder both slept in this position while talking.
Sanskar was admiring swara’s innocence and kiss her on forehead.
Morning rays fall on swara’s face she get disturbs.sanskar sees this and put his hand in front of her eyes.swara wakes up and said smilingly:good morning sanskar.
Sanskar:good morning and hugs her tightly swara huggs him back.after sometime swara said: sanskar it’s morning u should go home now.

Sanskar: u will not ask me for breakfast.and pouts.swara smiles and said:sanskar u are not good actor soooo stop acting and go now did a will be coming.
Sanskar sighed heavily: okay fine but first give me morning kiss.swara thinks for sometime and kiss his forehead sanskar smiles and said: it is not morning kiss it is blessing kiss I want morning kiss.
Swara confusingly: sanskar I didn’t know that there are soooo many types of kisses I only know two……no…3 types and pouts.sanskar chuckles and said: I am there na I will teach u.
Swara gets happy and said: really then tell me what is morning Kiss’s.
Sanskar thinks: she is so cute.swara: sanskar tell naaaa
Sanskar comes close to her ear and said: It is very resembling to our first kiss.swara’s eye widened and blushes.
Swara blushing: don’ t be so shameless.itneeee subha.
Sanskar smiles: I wanted to start my day with love and comes close to her.
Swara shly: sanskar stop it and pushes him and stands up and make him stand and slightly pushes him toward window.

Sanskar: it is cheating
Swara: no it is not.
Sanskar: okay then I will take it later.swara looks at him with confusion and then hits him on head
Swara: sanskar today is Sunday remember and today is no function also.sanskar hits his forehead and turns quickly and hold her from waist and said: I am not giving u any holiday u will come office today also.

Swara: what but why?
Sanskar: what do u mean by what how will I spend 24 hours without seeing u.
Swara smiles slightly: but sanskar it is not fair how can u stop my holidays.
Sanskar stubbornly: I don’t know anything u will come and its final.
Swara: sanskar what will I say to dida I promised her that we will go shopping today plzzz and gives him puppy dog eyes.sanskar closes his eyes immediately and shook his head.
Swara: why did u close your eyes.
Sanskar: because I can’t see your eyes.u are very celever u know very well how to confess me so for now I will not see in your eyes.swara chuckles and whispers in his ear: I know many ways how to confess you.

Sanskar: aacha let’s see.swara slowly kiss him on one cheek and said: now????
Sanskar shook her head swara kiss him on others cheek.sanskar tightens his grip on her waist and shook her head slowly.swara kiss him on both eyes.
Sanskar looking in swara’ s eyes said in deep voice: u know me very well.swara shook her head.
Sanskar: then u will also know where I want kiss.swara turns red.
Swara shly: hmmmm but promise me u will allow me after that.sanskar smiles and then nodded.sanskar holds swara’ s chin and make her look at his eyes and holds her from waist swara hesitantly puts her shoulder around his neck she was breathing heavily their breathes were mixing and becoming one.swara closes her eyes slowly.sanskar was about to kiss her but then suddenly…….

Dida yelled: swara come for breakfast quickly.swara separate herself quickly and said: I told u know na dida will be coming now go and pushes him toward window.
Sanskar irritatedly: but….
Swara quickly: no if and buts….

Sanskar sighed and goes toward window and climbed pipe and reaches to the ground and looks toward window.swara smiles and waves him by.sanskat also smiles and give her flying kiss and goes from there.swara blushes and said: shameless.but love this shameless.

Credit to: Zaimal

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