Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 17)

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swara:dad when will u come
shekhar:swara i am sorry my stay is extended for 2 more days but i promise i will try to come.
swara yelled:what u will not with us on holi
shekhar sad:yeah
swara:nooooo dad how could u don’t talk to me and cuts the call.and come out from her room.dida looked at her.
dida:swara what happened why are u upset.swara hug her and said in low voice:dad is not coming on holi.

dida sad:swaraaa! u have to understand him na.he will also be sad and alone there.
swara:dida i think u are right.but it is his mistake i will call him later.
dida smiles:as u wish now go u are getting late and u are looking good in my choice and hides her smile.
swara hesitantly:nooo…i didn’t wear it because u give this i wear it beacuse….thinks for an answer
dida teasingly:because.
swara:because pink is my fav colour i am not talking to u and turns her face.swara was wearing baby pink lehngha and sleeveless blouse with maching earing and she was without makeup.just kajal in eyes and a light lipstick.her hair was closed beautyfully in bun.
dida holds swara ear and said:sorryy bacha i was just teasing u i know my bacha is best.
swara pouting:hold your ears not mine…
dida leaves her ear and was about to hold her own ear swara stop her and said:not needed dida and hugs her.dida hugs her back.
dida:now go fast otherwise your mental boss will scold u.
swara quickly:he is not mental..dida looked at her deeply and said:swara are u hiding something.
swara hesitantly:no dida i am not..i just….
dida in thinking voice:swara do u like him
swara tensedly:no dida nothing like that it just when u was scolding me sir was with me after your call i start crying so he said that my work is good and he likes it therefore i was asking not call him that he not that bad.

dida got relief and said:bacha u cry beacuse of me i am sorry
swara nodded vigoriously:no dida.
dida:now gooooo.swaa goes from there and reaches in ragini’s house
swara yelling:ladu how much time u will take come out.
a lady of about dida’s age comes out and said:pata nhe is chori ko aj kis hogya ha.phala to itna time nhe lati.
swara smiles and takes blessing.
swara loudly:arrra dadi u know what happened yesterday.
dadi worriedly:what happened yesterday
swara:voooo….ragini comes out running
ragini:nothing dadi…swaraaaa and gives her death glare.swara laughs loudly and said:dadi yesterday ladu got comment of village girl
dadi eyes widened and said angrily:what…and comes toward ragini and said:from which angle my ladu look like a village girl and moves anround ragini in circle.ragini was just staring at swara with open mouth.
dida:now i got it why was u taking too much time for getting ready ang hits her on head.

ragini:aaah dadiiii.

dadi:what dadi??? swara tell me who said that to my beautiful grandaughter.i will come to teach them a lesson.
ragini quickly:no dadi its..its not needed.
dadi again stand up and yelled yelled:why it is not needed how could they said like that to myyyyyy grandaughter.
ragini thinking:god u did a little mistake.swara should be her grandaughter.both are dramabaz
swara was just laughing dadi looked at her and said:why are u laughing i am serious come i will go with u.
swara finaly controls her laugh:dadi i am there na for ladu u don’t take tension.dadi nodded and said:hmmm….thank god u are with her otherewise this girl is useless and hits ragini on head litely.ragini pouts:what i did now???
dida sits with swara and said:take care of her u know na she can do nothing.swara nodded vigoriously.
they both leave ragini was fuming in anger and was silent.when they reache hotel.ragini didn’t say anything and goes inside.swara comes after running and said:ladu i was just joking na.
ragini:don’t talk to me and quickly goes inside.swara hits her head and said:ohhh she is dammm angry…don’t know whose head she will break…….luckyyyy and laughs
ragini comes inside and stands with sanskar and lucky.both look at her angry face and thinks:swaraa what did u do nowwww and looks at eachothere and smiles.

ragini angrily:why are u both smiling am i looking like a joker and turns towards lucky.
sanskar thinks:beta sanskar bhaag la and whispers in lucky’s ear:all the best lucky and goes from there quickly.
lucky thinks:ohh god what kind of friend he is leave me alone in danger zone and looks toward ragini and give her tight smile.
ragini curosily:what did he said???
ragini angry:don’t lie he said something.
lucky stammering:vo…vo…he said all the best
ragini confused:why
lucky thinks:because he left me alone infront of valcano which can be brust out at any momment.
ragini:why he said that.lucky thinks for something and comes close to her and said in low deep tone:because u are looking very beautiful in my fav colour.ragini blushes and said:thank u while looking down.lucky feels that his heart stopped beating suddenly.she was beautiful word was very short for her she was…she was…i don’t know she was just perfect for me.
sanskar:lucky u are gone now.god plz save my brother and suddenly he was froze to the ground he looked at swara who was laughing whole heartdly and again her eyes were filledc with tears.sanskar put his hand on his heart and said in low voice:is she planning to kill me.he was just staring at her.swara feels his intense glare and looks toward and him and smiles.

sanskar:i am totally dead now and walks towards her slowly.swara get tensed and sends the girl with whom she was talking.
sanskar comes to her and said in deep tone:why were u laughing
swara nerviously:vo..she told me a big joke.
sanskar comes more close to her and said:what was the joke which make u laugh like this.
swara nerviously:nothing that was just a joke and tries to go from there.sanskar holds her tightly from waist and garbs her to a corner and pinned her to wall.
sanskar in husky tone:i wanted to know that and comes more close to her face.
swara’s heart was beating very fast that she can hear her heart beat.
swara quickly:sanskar leave me.sanskar nodded in no and tight his grip on her waist and said:first tell me why are u not telling me
swara stammering:vo…vo…she…jus..just…said that i am looking beautiful and someone is surely going to die..that it therefore i was laughing.
sanskar smiles and said in husky tone:she was saying truth u are looking very beautiful and moves his head from her waist to upward slowly.swara closes her eyes feeling his touch and said in low tone:sanskar.

sanskar:sssshhh!!! sanskar’s hand reaches to her hairs and he opens it slowly.he was lossing his control slowly.her hair was now open completely.swara opens her eyes with jerk and looked at him.he was also standing with close eyes.
sanskar in low tone and deep tone:i like u in open hair and goes from there quickly.if he would have stay there for one more sec he wopuld loose his control.swara smiles and touches her open hair softly.
the function was finished at night.sanskar just avoided her in whole function.swara was just annoyed with his sudden change behaviour.
man:mam work is done.
swara take a long yawn and put her head on her mouth and nodded and said in sleepy tone:okay now u can go its very late.
swara goes toward ragini,lucky and sanskar and looked at sanskar angrily.he was just looking here and there.
swara annoyed:ladu i am leaving for home will u come with me or….looks toward lucky
lucky i will drop her.swara nodded and again looks toward sanskar who turns his face quickly.swara becomes moe angry and goes from there.
swara angrily:idiot…i will not talk to him now.suddely someone holds her hand.swara does look at him and jerk her hand and walk more fastly.
sanskar:swara listen.but swara does not stop.sanskar runs after her and holds her from shoulder and turns toward him.
swara angrily:i am not talking to u.
sanskar softly:whyyyy.
swara turns more red:seriously u are asking this and tries to go from there.sanskar tightens her grip.
sanskar:swara look at me.swara noddede in no.
sanskar:i was just following your advise.swara looks at him confusingly
sanskar:haan u said na if i will come near u people will think wrong.

swara:but…..u didn’t even look at me and pouts.
sanskar in deep tone:if i would have looked at u then i will not be able to stay away from u and gently kiss her on forehead.swara closes her eyes and blushes.
sanskar:now come on i have a serprize for u and tries to walk.swara eyes widened and hold his hand and pull him back.sanskar stumbles
swara excitedly:what is surprize??? tell me naaa.
sanskar looks at her with shock:swara it is a surprizeeee.
swara nodded in yes and said:i know tell me what is it???
sanskar hits her head playfully:crazy girl if i will tell it will remain surprize.
swara hits his head and said:i like surprizes when i get to know it tell me fast.
sanskar looks toward sky and said loudly:GOD WHY U MAKE THIS SINGLE PIECE FOR ME.
swara turns angry and hits his foot and said:then who asked u stay with me just find some anothere one for u.
sanskar:aaahhh.why u always hit on foot.are u belong from donkey family?
swara didn’t say anything and goes from there.sanskar runs after her and picks her in bride style.
swara yelled:leave meee put me down someone will see us.leave me.
sanskar:shut up stay quite.i don’t want to spoil my surprize.swara struggles and said:i don’t want to come with u.go find some othere one and cross her hands around her chest.sanskar chuckles and said:i don’t mind but……
swara’s eye widened and said:what did u just say and looks at him shockingly.
sanskar teasingly:u said na go find anothere girl then okay and put her down.swara’s eyes get filled with tears she looked on othere side.but sanskar see her tears and get tensed and said:swara….and turns her toward him.ohh she was crying.sanskar immidiately wipes her tears and hugs her and said:swara i was just joking…don’t cry plz…i can’t see tears in your eyes.and kiss her on forehead,swara nodded her nose was turned red due to crying.
sanskar:okay fine i am taking u to beach.u make my morning special now its my turn to make your evening special.

swara laughs and said:not evening… is stucking 9.
they both went to the beach.when sanskar stops his car.swara immidiately runs toward beach and start playing with water.
sanskar yelled:swaraaa…wait for meeee and shook his head.she doesn’t listen to him and was gone.sanskar parked the car and goes after her.he was amased to see her.she was jumping in water and laughinf continiously.sanskar immediately take his phone and click some pics of her.
swara sees him.sanskar hide his phone quickly.swara runs toward him
swara:what are u doing here.come and pulls him with her.
sanskar:swara i can’t jump like u.swara laughs loudly and throws water on him.
sanskar gets shocked.she was continiously throwing water on him.sanskar’s shirt was wet.he looks down at him and then to swara.
sanskar angrily:what is this???swara gets scared and looks at him with wide open eyes and comes toward him and said:sorry and looks down.sanskar heart melt immediately and holds her hand and they walk toward dry place.and sit on soil.swara also sit beside him but sanskar immediately make her sit infront of him.that was happen in one sec.swara’s back was attaches with sanskar wet front.and his chin was on swara’s shoulder.sanskar entwined his finger with her.swara was still shock.
sanskar in deep tone:why u get scared from me so easily.swara was breathing heavily because of his soo much closeness.
sanskar put her hair on front.swara was wearing deep back and now i was attached to his front.sanskar closesw his eyes and inhale adeep breath.
sanskar in deep husky tone:tell me.
swara stammering:vo…before joining office.i had heared that u are very angry man.therefore.sanskar chuckles.
swara:are u angry with me.
sanskar:i can never be angry with u.swara let out a deep breath and tight her grip on his hand.sanskar smiles.
swara:sanskar can i ask something.
sanskar:u need no permission and kiss her softly on cheek.
swara close her eyes and said:sanskar should i tell about u to my family.u know i never hide something from them.

sanskar opens his eyes immediately and looks at her and said:u never hide something.
swara nodded in no.sanskar looks at her with shocking expression and remembers that she told them about kiss and smiles.
swara reliefed seeing her smile and said:u know when i was in collage a boy perpose me.sanskar smiles vanish and looks at her with jerk and said in serious tone:THEM
swara excitedly:then i told dida and dad about this.sanskar hide his smile and thinks:which girl told their parents about this and shook her head.
sanskar:aacha then
swara:dad and dida said i should focus on studies not at that so i said no to boy.sanskar get relief after hearing that.
swara get irritated suddenly and said:but u idiot u didn’t ask for permission u just kissed me and hit him on shoulder.sanskar laugh and said in husky tone:but u kissed me back na.swara turns pale and mumbles:did i do wrong.sanskar looks at her pale face and kiss her on shoulder and mumbles:NO.
sanskar then kiss her on neck and said in deep husky tone:we didn’t do anything wrong.swara closes her eyes firmly and tight her grip on his hand and said softly:sanskar
sanskar turns her softly now they were facing eachothere.swara was blushing hard and her hands were on his wet chest.
sanskar huskily:swara i warned u na…….and holds her bare waist softly.swara closes her eyes again and mumbles:what

sanskar comes close to her face and kiss her on her eyes and said:never blush infront of me like this it makes me crazy.swara get nervious and turns more red.aaah now sanskar losses his control completely seeing her lowering eyes and blush face.his grip turns stronge at her chest and he kiss her gently.swara’s eyes were wild open she didn’t expect that suddely.she feels like her body get heat up suddenly.but soon she move her hands and circled his neck and kiss him back but when she kiss him back.sanskar kiss her hardly and pulls her more close after sometime.when it was hard to breath they leave each othere.swara was sitting on sanskar lap.sanskar kiss her for head.swara hugs her tightly.sanskar hugs back and closes his eyes.that was a long passionate hug.both were lost in each othere completely but suddenly swara phone rings they break their hug.
swara worriedly:dida is calling and she pick the call immediately.
sanskar was still holding her waist.
swara:hello dida
dida worriedly:bacha where are u see the time its 10.sanskar kiss her on neck.swara looks at him and hit him on shoulder and points toward phone.sanskar smiles and shrugg and again kiss her on shoulder.swara gets nervious and said:dida i..i..a…am …jus…just coming …don…don’t..wor…worry.
dida:are u okay na.sanskar smiles seeing her and kiss her on cheek.he was just enjoying her irritation.

swara:yeah dida i am fine okay buy and cuts the call and looks at sanskar angrily.
sansnakr grinning:what.
swara;what are u doing u.i didn’t know that u are so shameless.
sanskar:i told u not blush infront of me.
swara hits him on chest:it is your mistake u make me blush.
sanskar laughs and said:u know what i love it when u blush at my touch and comes close to her.swara turns her face quickly and mumbles:shameless idiot.sanskar chuckles.
swara:sanskar we should go now its very late.
sanskar want to spend sometime with u.
swara:sanskar dida is alone at home chaloo and looks at him with puppy dog eyes.sanskat can never resist that look and kiss her cheeck and said:u are not that innocent.
swara smiles and said:i knew it thank u and hug him.
sanskar teasingly:if u will hug me like this then i will never let u go.swara blushes.
sanskar warning tone:swara u are blushing againnnn??
swara quickly:no i am not and runs from there.sanskar laughs loudly.
both reache infront of their house.sanskar take out her scooty from back and make it stand.
swara chirpy voice:good night sanskar and hug him.
sanskar:good night and smiles and goes from there.swara was standing there and waving him by.


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