Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 16)


Swara remembers something and breaks her hug.
sanskar confused;what happened?
swara quickly:its time for dida to wake up if she comes to know that i went again for walk then she will break my legs.
sanskar smiles:okay lets go.swara thinks for a min and holds his hand sanskar turns and looks at her questionably.

swara:one min and comes close to him.sanskar thinks :what is she doing.
swara irritetedly: u are sooo tall.sanskar looks at her with fake anger and bends down a little and said:u are too short.swara ignores it and hesitated for a min and cups his face and kiss him on forehead.sanskar looks at her with amusement.
swara nerviously:vo…..dida said that it is a way of giving blessing.through this we give blessing to othere person so that his life get filled with happines,love and success……so i thought.and looks down
sanskar heart increased a lot because of her so much love.and he comes close to her and cups her face.
sanskar deep tone:swara u don’t need to give explanation and kiss her on forehead.swara nodded smilingly.
swara quickly:now we should leave.sanskar does not wanted her to go he wanted to make her stand infront of him and stares her for his whole life.sanskar shook his head at his sudden stupid wish and thinks:she will get tired naaa.
swara was again climbing on pipe and sanskar was looking at her and reapeting continiously that:she will not fall down.

swara jumpes in her room and waves by to sanskar.sanskar sighed heavily and wave her by and goes from there.thinking that:i should gift her stairs
swara yells:dida i am leaving
dida worriedly:swara do breakfast first.swara phone rings she receive it without seeing the name.and said to dida:didaaa i am getting late naaa.
swara quickly take a glass of juice and drink it fastly.the person on phone was listening silently
dida angrily:let your father come i will tell him that u are skiping your breakfast from one weak.swara smiles and gives her peck on cheek and said:didaa u are my sweet,darling na.u will not tell him.he will get angry na.and runs outside.
dida yelled:swaraaaa!!!! i will surely tell him.
swara laughingly:hello.(no response)

swara:he…looooo!!!!! (again no response) swara looks at her phone and yells:sanskar why are u not saying something.
sanskar serious tone:why didn’t u do break fast???
swara uncaringly:i am getting late naaa.i will eat something in lunch.sanskar gets more angry and cuts the call
swara:sanskar….helloooooo.he cuts my call and pouts her face.
swara reaches hotel and start doing arrangements.sanskar comes there after 10 min and looks at her angrily.
swara tensed:uncle flowers didn’t come till the man again nodded and call
man on phone:where are u?? swara was looking at him with biting her nails and finally she snatches phone and start scolding:flowers didn’t reach till now is this your service???
man:sorry mam it will be there after 20 min.

swara shook her head vigorously:nooo i want it in 15 min.i have to do arrangements.
man gets scared at her anger:ok…okay mam.
swara give phone to man and laughs:he get scared from meee.worker laugh and goes from there.sanskar comes to her and stares at her angrily
swara was busy in checking list.she doesn’t look at him.
sanskar angrily:swaraaa!!!
swara looks at him and get happy and said:hello.sanskar holds her hand and said:come we are going for breakfast.swara eyes widened and said quickly:whattt???
sanskar nodded his head.
swara:i am okay and plz leave my hand everyone is watching.
sanskar:i don’t comes there and said:mam these are bills.swara frees her hand quickly and holds bill and said:thank u.

swara hesitantly:sanskar can i say something.sanskar nodded
swara:sanskar see u are my boss here.its not good na.i leave my work in middle and start doing personal work.
sanskar angrily:if u will not eat anything how will u do work.
swara quickly:i drink juice naaa.sanskar just stares her.
swara softly:sanskar we should keep personal and proffesional life apart naaa.sanskar doesn’t say anything and goes from there angrily.

swara confused:i thought that morning walk give positive effect.but it give negative effect on him.and shook her head.
swara was calculating bills and sanskar was seeing her from some distane.
sanskar angrily:she is soo stubborn girl.never listen to me.
swara phone rings.she looks at her phone angrily.and picks the call and keep it on speaker.
ragini:swara i am really confuse plz help me naa.
swara:ladu where are u?why didn’t u come?? if my boss try to kill me then???
sanskar looks at her with open mouth and thinks:she loves to ruin my image.
ragini:i am confused what should i wear for today’s function.
sanskar:see ragini is deciding her drsses and this girl is doing work WITHOUTR BREAKFAST
swara confused:fucntion is at 6 naa.

swara:then why are u deciding dresses now its only 10
ragini shly:i wnated to look beautiful naa.lucky will be there.
swara laughs loudly and said:lucky likes u whatever u wear..
ragini:i don’t know anything just tell me what should i the way what are u wearing.
sanskar looks at swara.
swara:hmmm…what will dida choose.sanskar shook her head and thinks:she is useless.ragini cares about lucky so much and she don’t even bother about me and pouts.
ragini:aacha tell me what should i wear brown or golden.lucky comes there and simles.swara looks at him and smiles and was about to yell but he stops her.
and signs her to say golden
swara smiles and said:golden

ragini happily:haan naaa i was also thinking about is lucky favourate colour.lucky smiles increases.swara shook her head and thinks:mad love birds
swara mischeviously:ladu why don’t u ask lucky about this and winks at lucky.
ragini:shut up u are my best friend u should help tell which earings this one,or……. this one
lucky and sanskar was about to laugh but swara was not looking at them she was calculating bills and said innocently:i can’t properly see this make them a little high.
ragini:now can u see them i am standing on bed.swara shook her head in NO.she was still calculating bills and replying ragini
lucky looks at sanskar and both brust out laughing
swara looks at them and said:what happened why are u laughing.
ragini worriedly:swara why didn’t u tell me that lucky is there.

swara fumbles:vo……vo..
lucky takes phone in his hand and said:ragini how can she tell u about earing when she is not watching them.swara eyes widened and looks at sanskar.sanskar was laughing.swara give him tight smiles and goes from there and thinks:this idiot ragini…i forgot where was i and looks at bills.sanskar comes after her and stands infront of her.
swara worriedly:sanskar see na i forgot all calculations and pouts.
sanskar:give me this i will do that
swara quickly:noo it is my work…i will do it
sanskar:swara tell me one thing why are u so obsessed about your work.u don’t let me come near u when u are working.and comes close to her.
swara slightly pushes him from her hand and said:because i don’t want to give chance to peoples to say that i…
sanskar frowned:what will people say if i will romance with u.
swara sighed heavily:they will say that i traped u because u are rich.sanskar’s temper raised to maximum level all of sudden and he hold her tightly from shoulder.
sanskar fuming:what did u just say???

swara looks at him with scarey eyes.
sanskar:u thinks about peoples not me…
swara scaredly:sanskar……
sanskar:ssssshhh…let me finish first…u should not get scared from peoples when i am with u and……

sanskar mischeviously:if they said that then tell them that i trap u because u are very beautiful and comes more close to her and was about to kiss her.swara turns red and hit him on chest and goes from there.sanskar was standing there laughing loudly.
swara was looking at all arrangements with wide open eyes it was beautifully arranged.there was golden curtain around the mandap and madap was covered with yellow and orange flowers.and walls of the hall where decorated with white and red flowers.slight fragrence of flowers were spread everywhere.sanskar and lucky comes there and smiles looking at arrangements.
lucky amased:angel i must say u are very telented.swara opens her mouth to say lucky that he hould tell this to her dida but sanskar intruppet her and said smilingly:when we will meet your dida we will tell them.both laughed loudly.

sanskar:swara why u always say this ” tell my dida”
swara:because she thinks that i am still kid and i can’t handle things and pout.
swara:okay leave it i am leaving for home and…..i forgot lucky u have to pic ragini okay.
lucky eyes sparkales:yess boss.
swara goes from there and for her surprize sanskar was already stining on her bike.
swara:what are u doing here..u were inside na.
sanskar mockingly:u always remain in your own world i just crossed u and u didn’t notice.
sanskar:haan…..did u eat something???
swara bites her tongue and fumbles:han…hann i eattttt and thinks for sometime
sanskar:don’t lie to me i know u didn’t eat till now.
swara i eat my luch it was chicken.sanskar give her disgusting look.
swara:okay fine..i take tea in lunch.sanskar shook his head and said:come we will eat lunch together.
swara looks at hi with jerk:u didn’t eat something till now??
sanskar nodded in no.
swara gets angry and said:how could u be so irresponsible see it is stucking 4.your health will get disturb na..and start hitting him.

sanskar was just enjoying her care and a idea came in his mind.and all of sudden he give her a peck on her lips.swara was shocked and blushes at his act.
swara blushing:u are so shameless how can u do this in parking area.
sanskar comes near her and hold her from waist and said teasingly:if u are feeling shy in public place then we can go to some lonely place like my house.swara eyes widened and her face become red like tomato.and she nodded her head vigoriously.sanskar chuckles and said:i already asked u don’t blush infront of me it make me crazy and kiss her on cheek.swara closes her eyes and said in low tone:sanskar leave me plzzzz.sanskar leave her and sais:come we will go in my car.swara nodded as she was not in state of arguing.sanskar smiles.
both sit in car swara remembers something and call dida.
swara yells:didaaaa did u take your medicines.sanskar smiles

dida:haan meri maa.
swara excitedly:dida u promote me from kid to your mother.sanskar chuckles.
dida:noooo we said that u are still a kid.
swara pouts:u just said na “haan meri maa”.sanskar tried to control his loud laugh.
dida smilingly:when will u come home

swara:after half an hour u know everyone said that i did good work.
dida:their eyes must be effected.sanskar hears it and looks at her sad face and also feels sad.
swara:dida u are very bad i will not talk to u for one week and cuts the call and one drop fall from her eyes.sanskar looks at her and said worriedly:swara she was just joking she will be proud of u.
swra nodded in no and said:i know dida feels proud but she will never said that.u know she is afaraid for me.
sanskar:about what
swara:she thinks i am too innocent that someone will play with my heart and then will break it one day.she promised to mom that she will never let that happen to me.
sanskar’s face turns black.he did not say something because he was doing the samething.swara looks at him.

swara worriedly:sanskar are u okay.sanskar nodded.
after eating lunch he drop her and goes to his home.


Credit to: zaimal

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