Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 15)




sanskar was in his bedroom and thinking about his plane.he was looking very deprssed and tensed he was remembering about his promise.
IN hospital
sanskar frustrated:dad plz tell me the truth.
DP: sanskar i can’t tell u plz don’t force me and smiles evily
sanskar:DAD!!!! mom is in coma for to years doctors are helpless because mom is not responding.doctors are saying that she is mentally desperssed something is disturbing her and u are saying u can’t tell me the reason behind it.
DP: sanskar if u are forcing then i will tell but promise me u will not say anthing to your mom.sanskar nodded.
DP: the reason of your mom’s condition is “shekhar gadodia”
sanskar:who is shekhar gadodia?

dp: your mom used to love him madely. she belonged to rich family.he was just using her for her benefits when your mom asked him to marry her he refuses to marry her.your mother were pregnent with his child but he refuses to accept child and force her for abortion.but your mother refuses to abort her child shekhar marry to her younger sister and leave her alone.i was second cousin of your mother our parents take fast desion and we both get married she told me evrything on first night.she told me that she will never be able to trust anyone and wanted to abort child i have no othere option so i give her permission for abortion then u came in our life but she always remain sick and spending her life like a duty.she was not able to forget shekhar and always used to cry before two years she met with accident and now she is in this state for two years.
DP looked at sanskar who was blank and put his hand on sanskar’s shoulder.
DP: i broke my promise sanskar.u mother requested me that i will not tell u anything.sanskar hugs him his eyes were teary.
DP:u have to be stronge and u have to take revenge for your mother condition.sanskar looks at him and nodded i will ruin his life.

DP shook his head and said:u will do the same thing which he did to your mother.
sanskar confused:what do u mean?
DP: he has a daughter. do the same thing with her.sanskar looks at him with shock.
sanskar shocked:what are u saying i can’t stoop so low like that man.what will be the difference between me and him and goes from there.
DP:u will do it sanskar i will make u do it.and smiles evily.

after somedays DP met with an accident and he was in ICU
DP in weak tone:doc i want to talk with my son.doc nodded and goes from there.
sankar holds his hand:dad u will be alright nothing will happen to u.
DP:son can u make a promise with me.
sanskar:anything dad just order me.
DP:no its a request u have to take revenge from shekhar he did so bad with your mother.she is in so critical stage she can see us,hear us but can’t talk with us.can’t u do this for your mother.
sanskar was numb
DP:say something plz
sanskar blankly:okay dad i will do it but i have condition.

DP happly:tell me
sanskar:i will not cross my limits i will only make her fall for me and then i will leave her alone.
DP shook his head:hmmm…okay i have no problem i also don’t want this also.sanskar nodded his head.
after somedays DP died
sanskar:dad i am breaking my promise.i promised u that i will not cross my limits and holds his head.he was about to drink anothere glass of alcohol but his phone beeped.
he open the message.
swara:what are u doing?

sanskar just looked at message and then looked at his glass of alcohol and shook his head.
sanskar:i am drinking and smiles
swara:hmmmm….okay next time we will drink wine togther.sanskar immediately split out his drink after reading the message.he gets angry and dial swara’s number.swara picks it at first ring.sanskar doesn’t listen and starts scolding her.
sanskar angrily:are u mad?do u know it is too dangerious for your is very bad habbit…..swara do u ever drink alcohol before? (in serious tone).
swara excitedly:nooo…it will be my first time.sanskar gets more angry and start scolding her again.swara was silently listening him.
sanskar angrily:are u listening what am i saying.
swara calmly:haan sanskar…but do uuuu know what are u saying.
sanskar confused:mtlb
swara;u said na it is bad habbit….
swara:then why are u drinking?

sanskar was numb
swara hesitantly:i don’t know i have this right to say but sanskar it is not good for your health why are u drinking.if u are tenssed then u….(she stops for a min)…
sanskar softly: swara!!! what were u saying
swara chages the topic: u know what i can tell u how to realse tension without drinking.u know u can is best method.sanskar smiles
swara tell him different method for realsing tension and sanskar was just laughing at each every meothod.because methods were like:u can mess things in your room and u can tear pepers and give punishment to your servents……..
sanskar between laugh:swaraaaa it is enough for today i can’t laugh more.swara smiles and said:okay.

sanskar:how do u know i am drinking alcohol.
swara innocently:its simple…u didn’t mension that what are u drinking so i gussed that u are drinking alcohol there u are not telling.
sanskar amused:u are quite intelligent.
swara excitedly:haan naa….u should teel this to dida she always advise me to borrow some wit.sanskar chuckles
sanskar:by the way why are u awake till now.
swara:i was just going to sleep then i think i should say good night…..good night sanskar (in chirpy voice)
sanskar smiles at her childish behaviour and said:good night and ends the call.and soon both were asleep thinking about each othere.

ragini was looking outside from window.
lucky:look at me na
ragini looks at him and said:whatt
lucky stops car and turns towards her completely
ragini tensedly:why did u stop the car
lucky stubbornly:i want my return gift now.ragini eyes widened and said:now.lucky nodded vigorously.
ragini tensedly:in carrrrr.lucky again nodded.
ragini angrily:u are shameless stay away from me and turns her face.
lucky hods her hand and pulls her toward him.
lucky in low voice: u have to bear this shameless for whole life.ragini blushes
ragini nerveiously:lucky leave me plzz.lucky nodded in no and come more close to her.lucky come close to her face slowly and said in husky tone:u know ragini we should get married soon i can’t control my self for long time.ragini turns red and hit him on chest.lucky smiles and hold her from waist and gently kissed her on was long passionate kiss.after their kiss they were bearthing heavily their head where joining.both hug each othere.
ragini:i love u.

lucky:i love u too
lucky drops her home and leaves.
sanskar was sleeping peacefully suddenly his phome start ringing.sasnkar difficulty finds his phone.
sanskar in sleepy tone:hello.
swara in chirpy voice:good morning sanskar.
sanskar smiles and said:good morning swara.
swara:are u sleeping till now
sanskar was again going into deep sleep:hmmmm.
swara excitedly:wake up!!!! we are going for morning walk.sanskar looked at time on his phone his eye widened.
sanskar:swara are u crazy its 4’o clock at morning.

swara:it’s only fourrrrrr
sanskar in sleepy voice:swara don’t tease me i am taking my beauty sleep.
swara laughs loudly and said:beauty sleep is for girls not for man.
sanskar gently:haan wahi tu…u go take your beauty sleep and i will take mine.
swara irritatedly:get up lazey man
sanskar:swara i can’t come i slept late at night na…we will go some othere day.
swara in low voice:if u don’t want to come its okay i will go alone.i thought u will not let me go alone after that incident but that’s okay (acting)
sanskar eyes widened and he gets up quickly and said quickly:swara u will not go ready i am coming.
swara happily:reallyyy
swara:okay bring a bicycle with u.
sanskar confused:whyyyy
swara:offo u ask too many questions.i will tell u later and ends the call.sanskar thinks:morning at 4…just great and falls on the bed again
sanskar reaches infront of swara’s home and calls her.
sanskar:swara i reached.come out.
swara:okay okay i am coming.

swara opens her room’s window and tie her duppta on one side and holds pipe tightly and start climbing down.sanskar eyes widened seeing this.swara slips but hold the pipe tightly.sanskar shouted:carefull.swara gets tensed at his yell and fastly reaches to the ground and runs toward him.
swara tensedly;why are u shouting some one will wake up and looks around.sanskar angrily holds her from shoulder.
sanskar:are u complete mad????
swara with scarey eyes:what has happened? what did i do now? are u angry with me that i woke u up so early?
sanskar softens seeing her tears and said gently:swara i am not angry at that.
sanskar:why were u climbing at pipe its too high it is so dangerious if something would happen to u then.
swara eyes widened and looks at her window.
swara shocked:is it high??
sanskar nodded
swara:ohhh so u were worried for me.MR. OVERPROTECTIVE

sanskar angrily: i am not over proptective it issss high
swara chuckles:mr.overprotective don’t take tension i climbed it 100 times and fall from there 50 times and see i am still in one piece.
sanskar’s mouth was full open.swara laughs and said:close your mouth otherewise fly will go there.
sanskar:uu…u always go for walking at this time.swara nodded and said:me and ragini…she is just like u BORING but i like adventures so i used to drag her with me i also teach her how to climbe pipes.sanskar nodded and thinks:u are complete mad and i will become also and sighed.
swara looks at her watch and said excitedly:come on we will get late and sits on her cycle sankar just look at her.
swara:what are u looking at me.did u never see a girl on cycle.sanskar frowned.
swara:get your cycle fast.
both comes out from baari and was roaming on road.
swara:sanskar lets race to that point and start peadling fast.sanskar looked at her shock and shouted:i didn’t agree and goes after her.
swara:u are afraid from loosing and laugh
sanskar:i never loose in my life.
swara frowned:aacha then today u will loose because u can’t beat me and increase her speed.
sanskar:lets see.
they speed good time laughing talking cycling and swara wins.

swara happily:see i told u.u can’t beat me.
sanskar:okay baba i accepted my defeat and smiles thinking about his cheating.he deliberately make her win.they were at bridge.swara runs and hold sanskar hand.
swara excitedly:come i want to show u something.and drags him to edges.
sun was coming out from clouds.he was spreading his light rays everywhere.the sky was combination of red and yellow light.water below them was sparkling like stars.both were looking at sun rise.sanskar was holding swara from her waist and swara’s head was on sanskar shoulder.
swara with wide eyes looking and said:u do like it.sanskar looks at her.she was wearing pink and white combination her hair were loose and a little wet.
sanskar in deep voice”it is best morning of my life (looking at her)
swara excitedly:i knew it. u will like it.sun rise is the best.
sanskar smiles and turns her towards himself and said:i was talking about something else.
swara confused:about what???

sanskar chuckles:swara it is my best morning because i am with u.u are the one who make it special.swara smiles and nodded.both hug each othere.
sanskar:pink looks good on u (while hugging)
swara shylly:thank u.

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Credit to: zaimal

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