Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 14)


swara pleadingly:plzzz leave me plz…plz. her eyes were closed firmly and tears were rolling down from her pink cheek she open her eyes and sees sanskar she gets happy and hugs him tightlt sanskar hugs him back to make her feel that she is safe.
boy yelled:leave that girl go find anothere one for u.swara gets scared and hides behind sanskar.sanskar looks at boy angrily.his eyes were red with anger.sanskar steps forward but swara holds his hand.sanskar looks at her.swara nodded in negative direction.he cups her face and wipes her tears and frees his hand.and goes toward boy and puch him hard on boy was drunk he falls down.sanskar holds his collar and make him stand and again punch him.sanskar was beating him continiously.he was really angry.boy’s face start bleedind.swara runs to stop him and holds his hand.

swara:sir plz leave him.sanskar free hand and again start beating him.swara sees this and shouted:sanskar leave him he will die.sanskar stops after hearing his name and looks at her.swara comes closer and put her hand on her shoulder.swara in low tone:plz sanskar leave him he will die.sanskar nodded and leave the boy and cups swara’s face:are u alright and hugs her tightly
swara:sanskar i am fine nothing is happened to me.boy falls down on ground and yelled:didi save me he will kill me.
swara breaks her hug slowly and mumbles:didiii and looks at sanskar.swara:he called me didi nd yelled:ANOTHERE BROTHERRRR.sanskar closes his eyes at her yell.swara turns quickly and sit near boy.swara excitedly:what did u call me.boy innocently:didi.swara hugs him quickly.sanskar gets shocked. is paining.swara leaves him quickly:sory sory.sanskar comes toward boy angrily.boy gets scared and stands up quickly and hides behind swara.
boy scared:didi save me your boyfriend will kil me.swara and sanskar in union:boyfriend.swara laughs loudly:he is not my boyfriend and make him sit infront of her.sanskar looks at her angrily.
boy innocently:see didi blood.swara eyes widened and looks at sanskar angrily:sanskarrrr u why did u beat him so much see ITNA SARA KHOOON.
sanskar angrily:now u see i will beat him more and com,e closer to boy.boy gets scared and holds swara’s hand.

boy quickly:jiju i am sorry i will not do this mistake again.swara and sanskar shouted:jijuuuu
boy innocently:haan
swara angrily:he is not my husband and hits him on shoulder.
sanskar angrily:what’s wrong if he called me jiju.
swara with wide eyes:sanskarrrrr!!!! we are not….
but sanskar cuts her and said:u know what i should not have helped u.
swara angrily:who asked u help?? did i hold your feet?? and they start fighting.
boy laughs and said:u both look cute while fighting like perfect husband and wife.
swara and sanskar in union:shut up!!
swara:u know what i don’t want to talk with u and stands up and u (points toward boy) he is my boss not my husband and stands infront of sanskar and hit him hard on his foot.
sanskar:aaah!!!!.swara goes and picks her duppta and abag and again sit infront of boy and turns her face from sanskar.sanskar gets angry and said:i helped u and instead of thanking u are showing attitude.

swara ignore it and said to the boy:show me your hand.boy show it quickly.sanskar looks at her angrily.swara cleans boy’s wound and dressed them. after finishing work she start hjer interview.
swara:what is your name.

swara gets excited:do u find your simran.
sanskar and raj looked at each othere and mumbles:simran.
boy confused:whos is simran di?
swara:arra u didn’t see that movie the girl’s name was simran na and blinks innocently.sanskar checkles.boy was still looking at her confusingly.
sanskar:she is asking about your girlfriend.boy shook his head in negative direction.swara without looking at sanskar:raj told him that i am not talking to him.
boy nodded and said:JIJU! did is saying she is not talking to u.sanskar checkles seeing swara red face.swara open her mouth to say something but sanskar cuts her and said:raj told your di that i am not talking to her i am talking to my brother in law.raj repeats the same.sanskar sits down with swara.

sanskar:saala sahab what is your age? swara looks at him angrily
swara excited:really??? raj nodded.

swara:u know i am 25.u are my little brother and pulls his cheek.
Raj:aaah di its hurting.swara leaves it quickly.
Raj:what is your age jiju
sanskar smiles:27
swara:okay raj it enough for today its late.its not good for your health.your jijuuu had beaten u very bad now u need rest and stands up.sanskar looks at her smilingly and stands up they both help raj to stand up because he was injured.
swara:tell me your house address and phone number and opens her diary.
swara:arra u are my brother na then i will come to meet u and blinks.sanskar smiles at her childish behaviour.

swara worriedly:how will u go alone. u can’t even walk properly.
sanskar:i will drop u.
swara quickly:no need of your help i will call rohan bhai he will drop u in his cab.sanskar sighed and thinks:she and her anger god how will i spend my full life with her.and take deep breath.he didn’t know that what he said.after sometime rohan come.
rohan:sister what are u doing here so late and looks toward sanskar.he was the same driver whom swara lied that sanskar threatened her to fire her from job.
rohan:what is he doing here and points toward sanskar.raj was about to say something but swara quickly:close your mouth not even a world.(to raj)
swara:rohan bhai. he is my new brother and give raj a side hug.he is injured plz drop him to his home its late na he is a kid na how will he go alone.sanskar sheckles.raj give a tight smile to rohan.
rohan:don’t take tension he is your brother then he is my brother i will drop him safely.
swara to rohan:raj before sleeping change your clothe and cover yourself with blanket otherwise u will get fever okay.raj nodded.rohan and sanskar smiles.raj was about to leave but swara stops him and findes something in her big bag:take it.
raj:what is this.
swara:it is your it when u reach home okay and careses his hairs.raj eyes get teary and noddes.

swara;now go what are u looking at me.rohan and raj goes.swara was waving them by.sanskar was looking at her with proud.swara looks at his injured hand and gets worried.
swarworriedLsanskar your hand is bleeding.
sanskar smiles mischeviously;someone was not talking to me.
swara angrily:is this time to joke your hand is bleeding so much and holds his hand.
swara’s eyes gets teary and said;this is all because of me.
sansnkar gets serious seeing her tears and said:swara plz stopcrying.swara noddes in no.
sanskar:see its paining u will not do dressing.swara wipes her tears and said quickly:arrra ye bhe pochna ke bat ha come sit.
sanskar with wide eyes:i will not sit here.

sanskar:there will be so germs.
swara confusingly:but u sit before na.
swara irritated;okay fine your hand is bleedind come we will go inside.they go inside and sits on coutch.
swara:sanskar it will pain a little.
but sanskar doesn’t listen to her he was just looking at her.swara places cotton on sanskar’s hand
sanskar shouted:aaaah.
swara gets scared and said with scarey eyes:what happened i told u na that it will pain a little.
sanskar widened his eyes:littleeee!!!!!
sanskar:that was not a little.and pulls his hand back.
swara angrily:that was little.u are a man be brave and holds his hand again.sanskar open his mouth but then close it immediately.swara start blowing on his wound with full force.sanskar smiles and think:swara don’t make such cute faces or otherwise i will kiss u and smiles.
swara;sir u said something and completes her work.
sanskar:u again called me sir?
swara confisingly:yes sir.sanskar close his eyes with irritation after hearing sir again.
sanskar:swaraaa call me sanskar it sound good with your mouth.swara eyes got widened and said:but why sir??

sanskar thinks:she is reallyyy testing my patience by calling me sir again and again.
swara stands up quickly and said:okay sir take care i will go now and was about to leave but sanskar holds her hand and pulls her.swara was not ready for this and falls on sanskar.swara’s hair was on sanskar face and she was sitting on sanskar lap.they remain at tht poision for sometime.sanskar take a deep breath.swara was feeling his heart beat.after sometime swara composes herself and tried to stand up but sanskar holds her from waist swara looks at his chest.
swara in low voice:sir….
sanskar puts his finger on her lips and said:ssshh!!! ……. look at me swara.swara noddes in no direction.sanskar turns her face up slowly.
sanskar in deep voice:stop calling me sir.
swara looks into his eyes.sanskar misses his heart beat.swara nerveiously:whyyyy.sanskar comeclose to her.swara’s heart was beating rapidly.sanskar kiss her on her one cheek.swara cluches his shirt firmly and close her eyes.
sanskar in husky tone:do u want me to tell u why? swara open her mouth to say something but sanskar kiss her on anothere cheek.swara turns red.sanskar looks at her blush and smiles.
sanskar:swara don’t blush like this plzz and kiss her on her left eyes.
swara nerveiously:sanskar plz….
sanskar in husky tone:u know my name sounds so good from your mouth and kiss on right eye.
sanskar:u will not call me sir again.swara noddes slowly.sanskar smiles and kiss on her forehead.sanskar joied his head with swara their breath were mixing with each othere sanskar comes close to her face.
swara:sanskar what are u doing.
sanaksar smilingly:u wanted to know the hollywood kiss na sooooo….
swara open her eyes with jerk and looks at him.sanskar comes close to her lips.swara turn her face down.

sanskar in deep voice:don’t u trust me?
swara look at him and said quickly:i trust u.sanskar smies and come close to her.swara turns red.snskar kiss her on lips.that was soft passionate kiss .swara puts her hand around sanskar neck.after sometime they break their kiss due to lack of oxygen.swara was not looking at sanskar she was looking down due to shyness.sanskar smiles and places his finger on her cheek and said in husky tone:u look beautiful when u blush.swara does not say anything but hugs her sanskar hugs her and smiles.
swara shylly: i love u sanskar.sanskar smile vanishes and remembers hat he had done.and coses his eyes firmly in guilt.swara didn’t notice that he didn’t reply because for her that was enough that he kissed her.swara breaks her hug slowly he was still looking down.
swara:sanskar its very late i should go home.
sanskar:hmmmmm.swara smiles and stands up and goes from outside smilingly.
sanskar:ye main na kya kar dia.that was not plane and holds his head angrily but then he see the time that was 11:30.

sanskar:it is too late how will she go alone at this time and remember today’s incident.
sanskar worriedly:no i can’t let her go alone it is very dangeroust and runs outside.
swara was walking toward her bike and thinking about sanskar.then she hers sanskar is calling her.
sanskar:swaraaa.and holds her hand.
swara turns red and looks down.sanskar looks at her and again feel guilty.
sanskar:u can’t go alone at this time.swara sees the time and gets worried.
swara panic:ohh 11:30 its too late.dida was alone at home how can i forgot that and runns toward her scooty and sits on it and starts it hurriedly.sanskar stands infront of her scooty.swara:sanskar what are u doing let me go dida will be worried.
sanskar:step back i will drive scooty u will sit on back seat.
swara confused:whyyy

sanskar angrily:swara u forgot today’s incident i can’t let u go alone so i will drop u home.swara nodded quickly as she was little affraid of going alone.
sanskar sits on bike and swara sits on back seat.
swara:sanskar wear helmet.
sanskar uncaringly:not needed
swara angrily:sanskar i am saying na put helmet or else i will not go with u.and was about to step down but sanskar quickly wear helmet.
sanskar:khushhhh!!!.swara nodded vigorously.sanskar starts bike swara was hesitaing to put hands on sanskar shoulder.sanskar notice it and said:u can put hand on my shoulder otherwise u will fall down with blow of air.
swara puts her hand quickly and said:are u taunting me.sanskar smiles because his idea worked.their journey starts
sanskar:nooo.suddenly starts applys break swara falls on him.
swara:sanskarr drive safely.

sanskar:i told u hold me tightly but u didn’t na.
swara innocently:okay now i will hold u tightly now plzz let’s go dida will be waiting.and hugs him from back tightly.sanskar thinks:crazy innocent girl.
they reaches at swara’s house.
swara was about to go but sanskar holds her hand and said:i want a kiss.
swara’s eye widened:kiss now and shook her head vigorously.
swara:noooo and startted to leave.
sanskar give her puppy dog eyes and said:plzzz.swara gets puzzled
swara:okayyy but close your eyes sanskar gets happy and close his eyes swara kiss him on cheek and runs inside.sanskar smiles.


Credit to: zaimal

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