Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 13)

sanskar and swara were walking toward garden.swara was thinking about sanskar’s weird behaviour.swara thinks:i don’t know what is wrong with sir sometime soft sometime angry sometime caring sometime rude and looks at their joined hands and again thinks:and sometime romantic nd shook her head.sanskar was looking at her changing face expressions.sanskar in mind:she is so pure from heart her face is open book,express every thing about her but her bad lack she is shekhar gaddodia’s daughter i have to do this with her but why i am feeling bad for her she deserves this being shekhar’s daughter who reuin our life and tightens his grip on swara’s hand.
swara:sssssh!!! sir its hurting and frees her hand.sanskar comes to his senses and blows her hand.swara looks on.

ragini was going toward garden.and garden was fully decorated and then a path of flowers was shown.ragini looks at that and thinks: why are flowers decorated at the back of garden? is swara become mad completely.?swara and sanskar were hearing her and they were hiding behind bush.
swara pouts:see na sir i have arranged a beautiful path for her and she is thinking that i am mad.sanskar checkles.
sanskar hides his smile:she is realizing the truth about u. but swara didn’t hear it or else she would have brust out in anger.swara was seeing ragini with full concentration.
ragini was still standing there and lucky comes from back and holds her softly ragini looks at him and her face glows up but become sad after remembering their fight.
ragini:what are u doing here and leave me.

lucky softly:i have arranged this for someone special.u will not come with me to see it wether it is beautiful or not? i wanted to know if i take HERRR there then what will be her reaction?and gentely take her on flowers path.ragni thinks:is he going to propose anyone and gets jealous but controls it
swara’s mouth hung down and sees toward sanskar who was grining.
sanskar:close your mouth otherwise fly will go inside.swara close it immidiatel and said:sir…this monkey…i have arrange it and he is taking my cradit…isko tu abhi batati hn.tried to go after him but sanskar holds her hand quickly and said:swara what are u doing?
swara:but sir he is liying.
sanskar:avoied it..its your friend’s special day..Isn’t it?.swara shooks her head vigorously.they steps forward to watch them.
ragini:i am surprize u did this for a gril.and looks around.there was lightining on trees and at the end of path there was a circul made from red flowers and white curteins were hanging at edges.
ragini:but why u did this? are u going to propose someone and looks at him suspiciously
lucky gentely:i have come to know the tuth.(changes the topic)
ragini gets shocked and looks at him with sudden jerk.ragini:whattt.
luckt:hmmm and holds her from her wrist.current passes from ragini’s body and she turns red with shyness.
swara:he is sooo romantic and acts to be falling down but stands up quickly.sanskar looks at her with jeaously and said:u are forgetting u did all arrangements.he didn’t do anything.swara noodes:yeahh i know…but phir bhe u know he is……..
sanskar cuts her and said angrily: i don’t want to know anything about him.swara looks at him and shrugg:okay.
ragini and lucky were standing at middle of circle.lucky whispers in her ears:i am soory for fightenind.ragini makes faces.

ragini angrily:u did all this to say sorry and steps back.swara and sanskar looks at each othere worriedly.lucky checkles and said:u were expecting something else? ragini hesitently:no…no…
lucky teasingly:soooo…lizard u like arrangements? will she like it?.ragini becomes angry and more sad.
ragini:uu..u again called me lizard and turns around she was angry and sad.tears were rolling in her eyes.
swara sees this and gets angry.swara looks down to find something.
sanskar confusingly:what are u doing.
swara angrily:i am looking for some stones.
sanskar confused:whyyyy.
swara:i will hit him with stones soo that he get some senses.
sanskar checkles and turns her face toward him.
sanskar:swara he is just teasing her nothing else and now if u will not close your mouth then….and looks at her smirkingly.swara gets tensed and turns her face quickly and said:we should focus on them (in mind) not on us.sanskar sighed.
lucky hugs ragini from back and blows near her ears and turns her around and kneed down.
lucky: ragini I LOVE U and i never said this to any othere girl u are special.when i saw u first time i feel pain on two places.

ragini confused:twooo.
lucky places his hand on heart and said:in heart andddd in foot.swara and sanskar smiles.
ragini laughs and remembers their first meeting in which she has hit him on foot.
lucky:i will not say that i will give u stars because i am not astronaut but i promise i will stand with u in all sorrows and happiness.i will make sure that no drop fall from your eyes and your friend already told me that if i make u cry then she will kill me.swara looks at him with fake anger.ragini sits down and hugs him and says:I LOVE U TOO.lucky gets happy and hugs her back that was long passionate hug.
sanskar was looking at swara with shock.sanskar concerned:swara why are u crying.
swara sobing:i am sooooo happy for my friend.
sanskar confused:then why are u crying?

swara:they make me emotional na.sanskar checkles and thinks:mad girl.
ragini breaks hug and said:u teases me so much.lucky smiles and said: i have full right to tease my beautiful lady and comes close to her.ragini gets nerveous and lowers her eyes.lucky in deep voice:if u will shy like this then i will not be able to control myself.ragini blushes.
sanskar knows that what will happen next so he was leaving but seees swara.swara was biting her nails and was looking at them with wide open eyes.
sanskar:swaraaa! lets go.
swara suspiciously:sir! what are thay doing.
swara:are they going to kiss?
sanskar’s eyes get widened.he was numb at her question and thinks:i thought girls feels shy only thinking about kiss and this girl is looking at them with full open eyes.
sawara:telll naaa!

sanskar:haan…now lets go.swara’s face lit up and said quickly:sir i want to see their kiss.sanskar’s mouth get open fully and thinks:shameless girls.
sanskar angrily:swara i am ordering u lets go.swara makes pout face and said:sir plzzz i want to see the type of kiss.
sanskar confused:type of kiss?
swara:haaan. and turns her face towards sanskar and said:once i read a novel in which boy and girl kissed each othere i didn’t know tht what is kiss so i asked everyone what is kiss? but everyone told me that there are two types of kiss.fist bollywood kiss and second hollywood kiss.but u know what they strickly ordered meee to stop reading novel and make sad face.
sanskar suspiciously:tum na kis kis sa poch????
swara normally:dad dida dadi bhaiiii anddddd haan ragini.sanskar was about to laugh loudly but controls it.his face was red due to excess of control.but swara didn’t see that she was again looking at ragini and luckly suspiciously
swara:sirrr!!! why are they taking sooo much time.sanskar was still controling his laughs.
sanskar lughing:swara plz give me water.swara noddes and give him water bottle without looking at him.sanskar drinks water to control laugh after sometime he controlled his laugh and said:swara what is bollywood kiss? cursorily

swara look at him with wide eyes and said: sirrrr! ap ko itna bhe nhe pta.sanskar shook his head and smiles.but he was shocked when swara kiss him on cheek but after realizing what she did.swara quickly turns around and mumbles:sorry…u didn’t know that soooo i thought to tell u.but sanskar was feeeze to the ground.he was still feeling the warmth of kiss.after sometime he was able to collect his senses beacuse swara was shaking him holding her shoulder.
swara:sir tell me na which type of kiss they will do.i wish they do hollywood one told me about that.when ever i asked dida she always start laughing and scolding.
sanskar smiles and said:swara u forgot that u are on duty.and function is going on inside u have to do arrangement naa.swara eyes widened and she yells.ohhhhh i forgot and runs toward ragini.
sanskar hits his forhead and said:crazy girl!!!
lucky was about to kiss ragini he was so close to her that he can feel her breath but he jumped after hearing swara’s yell.both get up and was embarrased.swara hugs ragini.lucky was looking at her angrily and thinks:this devil spoiled my kiss moment and looks towards sanskar who was giving him tight smile and shrugged.
swara:ladu i am very happy for u.congratulation!!!!
ragini shylly:thank uuu.then swara hugs lucky and congratulate him.
lucky:thank u angel……….but swara runs inside before hearing his full sentence and yells:i have to do alot of work i will meet u later.sanskar and ragini smiles.but lucky was giving death glares to sanskar.
sanskar:whatt..and hugs him.
lucky angrily:u both were spying on us.
sanskar laughs and said:she wanted to see her best friend’s love confession and turns toward ragini and congratulate her.
ragini:thank u sanskar.lucky i am going inside
lucky hurriedly:but our kiss is pending.ragini turns red with embarrased beacuse sanskar was there.ragini mumbles:shameless idiot and goes inside.lucky sighed and sanskar laughs.
sanskar:u are soooo shamelees how could u ask her about kiss infront of your friend and hits him playfully.

lucky:hahhhh!! what’s wrong in that.sanskar shook her head and said:ye nhe sudhar sakta and go inside.lucky goes after him.
ragini was sitting with uttra and swara was whispering to girl to write ‘lucky’ on ragini’s mehndhi.ragini was blushing hard.lucky was looking at her with lots of love.
ragini mehndhi was finised.she and swara comes to lucky and sanskar.
swara:lucky u have to find your name in ladu’s mehndhi okayyyy?
lucky noddes and looks at ragini beautiful hands which were fully decorated with beautiful design.ragini was smiling.swara was looking at luckly’s face suspiciously and sanskar was looking at swara’s hand.
sanskar:swara tum na mehndhi nhe lagwai?
swara shook her head in negative direction.
swara looks at him and said:sir who will do work then?
lucky findes his name finally and yells:i found it.swara turns her face quickly and said:sooo fast. and said:ladu u tell him na?ragini shook her head vigorously.lucky smiles.swara looks at her with narrow eyed then shugged and said:lucky u can ask a gift from here and smiles mischievously.and goes from there.sanskar goes after her.

lucky whispers in ragini’s ear:i want return gift.
ragini confused:whattt.
lucky smiles a little and said:my kiss which is pending.ragini turns red and runs from there and sits with uttra.lucky sighed.
sanskar holds swara’s hand and looks at her empty hands and said:u don’t like mehdhi?
swara:sirrr i love mehndhi but i have to do work remember i am on duty.
sanskar shook his head in negative direction and said:there are alot of peaple who can do work and work is almost finised.
swara:sirrr but….sanskar comes close to her and said:if u will not go then i will cancel the fuction.swara eyes widened and said:but…but…sanskar doesn’t listen to her and push her towards ragini and uttra.she turns and smiles at him.and sits with ragini.sanskar misses his heartbeat and smiles.swara whispers in girl to write ‘S’ in her mehndhi smiles and looks at sanskar who was doing arragements.

swara:ladu go with lucky he will drop u and winks toward lucky.lucky smiles.
ragini:but…how will u go and your mehndhi is still wet a liitle.
rswara:i will manage u go.laduuuuu!!!.
ragini;okay okay i am leaving.don’t look at me like this and goes from there.
swara holds her bag and comes outside and was going toward her bike but someone holds her from shoulder.
swara smiles and mumbles:sanskar!!! and turns around but instead of sanskar a boy was standing.he was fully drunk.swara becomes pale completely and tried to free her hand but boy tights his grip and looks at her from top to bottom lustly and said:u are very beautiful andddd hot.swara was trying hard to free her hand but boy’s grip was strong.he comes near to swara.tears were rolling on swara’s cheek.boy holds her duppta and throws it.

swara:plzzz leave me and was hitting him with her weak hands her mehndhi design got spoil.boy smiles and comes more close to her .swara somehow frees her hands and runs from there boy runs after her.swara was looking back at boys and strikes with a wall (in her view) and was about to fall but someone holds her tightly.swara closes her eyes firmly tears rolls down her pink cheeks and said pleadingly:plzzz leave meeeee.


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