Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 12)


ragini is rushing out of house she is wearing green and white anarkali dress and has a light makeup and natural lipstick she is looking damm cute.
ragini shouts:dadiii! i am leaving i will come early byeeee and goes out.
(ragini’s parents died in car accident she leaves with her dadi)
dadi:araaa chori sun to!.!!! but she goes
dadi:always remain in hurry
ragini comes out from the house and sits on bike she sees swara’s note and read it.
NOTE:ladu drive safly nothing should be happen to my bike or else i will kill u and don’t make faces come fast.

ragini makes weired faces and starts the bike
swara is doing work and busy on phone lucky comes to her and make sad face.
lucky:angel! ragini didn’t come till now
swara looks at her watch and gets angry and said:lucky only 15 mins are passed how can she come soo early wait and dont disturb me i am doing work and instead of helping u are teasing me and goes from there.lucky pouts and stands with sanskar who is very much tensed and angry.
lucky looks at sanskar who is tensed and checkles.
lucky thinking about ragini:she loves to tease me.
sanskar thinking about swara:she is mad
lucky: but i like the way she is and smiles
sanskar also smiles: love her crazyness
lucky:u know what, i think i should propose her before it get late
sanskar gets shocked and looks at him angrily and said:whattttt! (he thinks that lucky is talking about swara)
lucky:haaan i will propose her now and gets happy and before sanskar could say anything lucky moves toward swara with wide smile.
sanskar thinks:i will break your everybone if u think to propose swara and why is he smiling so much first i will break his teeth and runs after him and holds his hands.
lucky confusingly:what are u doing let me go i want to talk with angel.
sanskar hurriedly:noo….no…budy u can’t propose her
lucky confusingly:what is wrong with u? why should i not propose ragini i love her.
sanskar relief:ohh u love ragini and mummerd: i thought about swara
sanskar:what are u wating for go ask for some suggestion from your angel
lucky:crazyyyyyy and goes to swara

lucky:angel i want to propose ragini plz help me
swara eyes widened and yells with happines:really
lucky gets scared sanskar checkles
lucky:why are u yelling.swara jumpes with happiness and hugs lucky sanskar smiles vanishes
lucky:plz help me angel
swara: i am here na don’t take tension but…….how will u propose her
lucky confused:with mouth
swara gets angry and hits his head:i mean to say where are roses
lucky:ohhh ashould i have arrange them? (confusingly)
swara looks at him and then sanskar.sanskar shrugg
swara angrily:i thought u have experience of proposing girl.
lucky angrily:why u thought so.

swara shrugg:when ever i see u u are always flurting with girls…..don’t tell me that u have no girlfriend till now
lucky:noooo i had many girlfriends…if u want i can show u recently i make a new girlfriend u want to meet him she is just like u sweet
.sanskar hits his forehead and swara turns red with anger
swara steps foreward and points finger on lucky:don’t u dare play with my friends’s feelings and ditch her after timepass
lucky becomes serious:angel i had already told u i truely love her i can’t imagine to ditch her plz beleive me
swara sitll angry:how did u propose your girlfriends before.
lucky shrugg:i never…i just ask them and they agreed but i want some special for ragini and his face lite up thinking about her
swara’s anger vanishes looking glow at his face
swara:okay..okay don’t disturb me i will arrange something
lucky quickly:something…..i want best thing.swara’s face gets open and looks at her hands as she was holding list of fuctions arrangements sanskar looks at swara and understands what is she thinking

sanskar:lucky are u not seeing she is doing work of your sis’s function swara noddes vigorously
swara:sir plz help me i am very confuse how can i handle so much work together
sanskar:don’t take tension i will help u.
swara:thank u…and u arrangeme some beautiful red rosses and a gift
lucky and sanskar:gifttttt
swara confusingly:haaaan!!!
sanskar and lucky in union:u want your commesion for helping.swara brust out at word commesion
swara angrily:u idiot,monkey,shameless i am helping u and u are thing this about me and hits on lucky and sanskar foots and goes from there.sanskar and lucky gets tensed and goes after her
swara:what they think i am like this and pouts lucky and sanskar comes infront of her
lucky:sory angel plzzzz
sanskar:mee tooo but didn’t said sorry
swara avoied it:i was asking gift for ragini if she said yes than u should gift her something na
lucky confusing:what will i buy..i never buy a gift for girl plz buy something for her angel
swara fursturated:then why u want to propose her i will propose her and marry her.sanskar smiles
lucky: but i told u i love her i will merry her plzzzz i can’t live without her choose anothere girl for yourself. but u take tension i will find a beautiful girl for u and then realizes what he was saying and looks at swara angry face and sanskar open mouth.swara opens her bag and bring out bottle and start drinking water.sanskar was giving lucky death glares.
sanskar laughs loudly.swara looks at him angrily and sanskar controls his laughs but there was smile on his face nd said:sory.lucky open his mouth to say something
swara angrily:dan’t dare to open your mouth again infront of me.lucky noddes vigorously
swara:buy a gift something light and beautiful like her which she can carry all the time with her.whenever in her life she look at that she should remember u.and goes from there after completing sentence but stops and said:after buying come at garden she will be there waiting for u.and she goes from there.
lucky noddes and said:sanskar u said sorry to her i am shocked.
sanskar blank:hmmmm i am also and thinks:sanskar u can’t forget your plan u have to accomplish it and goes from there angrily
after 20 mins ragini reaches at hotel and meets with swara
ragini:are u okay and hugs her

swara eyes get teary and hugs her back:i am fine
ragini: wait today i will spoke to sanskar what he has problem with u and goes towards sanskar. and hits her forehead
ragini angrily:what is your problem sanskar.sanskar looks at her blankly.swara comes there and pleaded him from eyes
sanskar uderstands that she again lie about him and said:what is my problem?? (calmly)
ragini:why are u troubling swara?
sanskar:she is not doing her work properly.swara eyes widened and looks around if she had missed something but arrangements were beautiful everything was perfect infact lucky and his mom praised her for her work.swara looks at sanskar angrily.
ragini:listen don’t trouble my friend she is doing her work properly and goes from there swara was giving death glares to sanskar and said:sir i am not doing work properly?
sanskar serious:yesss.. u need some focus.swara noddes with teary eyes and goes from there.sanskar looks at her and gets sad
swara comes to ragini and said in low voice:ladu plz wait here for sometime i have some work then i will come.ragini noddes but stops her ans said hesitantly:whe…where is monkey.
a small smile come on swara’s face and said:he is sick he didn’t come.ragini gets sad and said quickly:why…what has happened to him..where is he?
swara:relax ladu and make her sit and said:nothing is happened to him he has some fever that’s it and now wait
swara passes from the front of sanskar and asked a man tensedly:bhea i askled u to do some lightning in gardens and some decorations u did it?
man:hann beta i did that u can go and check.
swara:and what about mehdhi bowl
man here it is and give it to swara.swara holds bowl and smiles after smeling and said:it is fersh good and goes and put it on table sanskar was just seeing her.the smile which always stayed on her lips was missing.

sanskar:i should not have hurt her she is doing awesome work and goes after her.
sanskar:swara.swara turns and said:sir the rasam will start at any moment.i…i have done arrangements they are saying that they want to wait for some time and looks down.sanskar gets more sad but before he could say something lucky comes there and huggs swara and said:angel arrangements are THE BEST.thank u. u are true friend.swara smiles a little.sanskar notices it.
lucky:where is my lizard.swara points at ragini.lucky’s eyes sparkles after saying her and a relief comes on his face and he tried to go there but swara holds his hand
swara:why are u so desperate….go to the garden and wait for her.lucky pouts and goes from there.swara goes to ragini nd said:ladu i forget some flower in garden i need then and i can’t go from here.plz can u will get them plz.
ragini smiles:swara order me go and do work not pleade me.u forget our rule remember “order your friend as she is your body part”swara noddes and said:i forgot and yells:ladu go and do some work don’t u feel shame seeing that your friend is working alone and laughs.
ragini quickly:don’t yell i am going and goes from there.swara comes to sanskar and tried to say something but hesitate.
sanskar softly:what has happened swara.u want to ask something.
swara hesitatnly:vo…sir i want to see how will lucky propose ladu.can i go.i promise i will come back soon.fuction will not get distrub and she was looking down.
sanskar feels guilty:come i will go with u and holds her hand and walks toward garden swara looks at him and their joined hand with surprise.


Credit to: zaimal

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