Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 11)

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A king size room is shown with black and caramel walls and on one side there was a king size bed and suddenly a door opens with a jerk and sanskar comes into the room while rubbing his wet hair with towel he was wearing a yellow sherwani and white shalwar he was looking very handsome and cute he was geting ready for the mehndi function but he was only thinking of swara.
sanskar:why can’t get i remove swara’s face from head daaam and smiles thinking about her stop it sanskar, stop thinking about her and curses himself for thinking about her again and again u know one fine day i will surely become crazy like her. this is all because of her sparkling eyes and sighed heavily what have u done with me crazy girl? and imagine swara infront of her u know what (pointing toward imaginary swara) i should never see in your eyesm, it makes me crazy u know it and pouts swara disappears sanskar searches her in full room and hits his on head for his weird behaviour.i should control my emotions for dad.

lucky was shown he was standing in his room balcony and seeing at stars and was thinking about ragini
lucky:god why u do this with u make me fall for her and then snatch her from me and can’t even imagini my life without seeing her how can u do this with me and wipes a unseen tears from his eye and goes inside the room.he was wearing a green shewani with withe shalwr he was looking handsome but due to pain in her eyes he was looking more then handsome.

swara was running in her room for picking things and hold your breath guys she was looking princess in her yellow shrara and peech coloured kameez it was sleeveless (its a kind of traditional suit. mostly girls wear it in menhdi function u can search on google) yellow ghumkaaz in her ears were increasing her beauty she was without any makeup she never needed and feel to use any make up she has a dark kajal in her wide beautiful eyes and light peech lipstick on her lips her hairs full open on back side.from her left hand she was trying to wear shoes in her soft foots and her right hand were busy dailing ragini’s number and after dailing it she put phone on her right ear.
when ragini attened the the call she shouts with her full strength
swara:where the hell are u ragini i called u soo many times why didn’t u pick my call and forget it get ready i am coming to pick u but before she can cancel the call she hears ragini sad voice swara thinks she is crying again and feels sorry for her.
ragini in low tone:i am not coming swara u go carry on.
swara: ladu what are u saying how can i go without u?
ragini:swara plz don’t force me i am not feeling well and a tear of drop falls from her eyes.swara sighed and thinks of something and said:okay i will not force u but ladu remember one thing lucky and i will wait for u in function and trust me he really loves u just talk to him once more he is just angry on u. okay bye take care and think about it.
swara:this is all my mistake and now this is my responsibilty to correct it.lucky….uuuu…u monkey u make my friend cry i will not leave u.
swara hugs dida from beck and said:dida i am leaving i will come at 10 don’t take tension and take your medicines.
dida turns around and her eyes gets filled with tears when she sees swara and she kissed her on forehead and said:u are looking beautifull my child,i didn’t know that my grandaughter which only knows how to jump and yell can look beautiful also.swara pouts
dida:okay don’t make faces and go u will get late and then your mental boss will get made on u and i want my daughter in one piece and laighs loudly swara also joins her in laughing. swara comes out from house and looks at her bike and drive it to ragini’s house and and make it stand at front door and write a note and agglutinated on side mirror and smiles and went on main road to stop a taxi.after sometime
swara was holding her face in her both hands and looking out from window.
swara:bheaa!!! one bicycle crossed us and looks at driver angrily.
driver:sister! saftey is very necessry if something happen to u what will i ask to your parents and looks very emotional.swara sighed but her face glows up after thinking.
swara sadly:yeah u are right but u know my boss is very angry man when i will reach late he will fire me from my job and then from where i will get money to buy medicines for my ill dida i am only her last hope and wipe her fake tears driver looks at her from mirror and he also start crying.
swara continue her acting:u know my boss is mentally unstable he didn’t even pay me from last two monthes and now i will lost my job but saftey is importent na but shouts loudly but what will i say to my old dida that i again lost my job and didn’t bring her medicines and start crying loudly(acting)
driver: sister don’t cry i will see who will fire my sister and wipes his real tears and increase the speed and do rush driving and in next five mins thay were infront of hotel.
swara happily:thank u bhea! now my mental boss will not fire me from job and hugs driver.sanskar who had come just now looks at them and gets angry.swara was blabring about sanskar and still hugging driver when she feel a hand on shoulder she breaks her hug and looks at the person.sanskar was standing there and was fuming in anger swara gulps hard.
sanskar:miss swara u are again late.
swara:sir…vo….i…vo…sir meet my new brother and points toward driver.
sanskar looked shocked and thinks: NEW BROTHER
swara to driver:he is my boss i told u about him remember.driver looks at sanskar from top to bottom and said:he is the one who always threat u about firing u from job and slids the sleeves up of his shirt.
sanskar pointing to himself confusingly:meee….i asked her that i will fire her from job? (toward swara) when???
he was hell confused.swara thinks that:now i am sure there is no one who can save me from getting killed.
swara nerveously:what…what are u talking about he…he never threat me about firing. and holds driver hands and take him to a distance
swara:what are u saying he will surely fire me plz think of my sick dida and again starts her fake crying.sanskar was looking at them and gets angry after seeing that swara is crying.
driver:okay okay don’t cry i will not say anything i will go.and about to leave.
swara:stop u are my brother give me your phone number and house address i will come to meet u and smiles.
driver gets very emotional and gives her number and address.and leaves from there.
swara:thank god.swara u have to stop lying otherwise problems will be bigger.swara sees the time and gets worried.
swara:ohh god i have to do so many works and runs from there but strikes with sanskar they have a intence eyelock sanskar was amased to see her wide eyes and her flawless face he was about to say something but before he could ask something swara thinks that he will scold him and quickly said:plzz sir i have so many work i will answer your question later and runns from there sanskar was standing their and his eyes follows her till she got disappear.sanskar sighed heavily and enters the hotel.
swara was doing work and giving instructions to workers and sees lucky who’s eyes were finding someone desperately she smiles and cotinues her work.sanskar was just staring her and admiring her beauty then bride comes swara make her sit and brings a bowl of mehndi she was missing ragini very badly and then lucky finally comes to her and said:angel your friend didn’t come till now why?
swara looks at him amused but hides it and make sad face and said:ladu was feeling not well therefore she will not come.lucky gets shocked and said loudly:whatt…what happened to her did she take her medicines what kind of friend u are your friend is not feeling well and u leave her alone.
swara looks at him and said angrily:this is all beacuse of u monkey.
lucky:listen don’t call me monkey only ragini has right to call me that.swara eyes get widened and laughs loudly in meantime sanskar comes there and smiles looking at swara.
swara:ohhh! only ladu can call u monkey.lucky becomes red with shyness.
swara:u know what ladu said the same thing and bites her tongue after realizing.and thinks: swara why can’t u control your tongue.lucky looks at her shockingly
swara:nothing…vooo..i was saying that i have alot of work and tried to run from their but lucky comes infront of her sanskar checkles and thinks:u got caught it will be fun.
lucky:what did u just said?what ragini told about me?
swara sighed:okay fine i will tell u but promise me u…u will not get angry.lucky looks confused and shrugg:okay i will not get angry
swara quickly:i told lie about ragini’s engagement i was just want to know that u love him or not and looks at lucky lucky face turns red with anger and he opens his mouth to scold her but swara quickly close his mouth with her hands and said:its not my fault completely its your fault also.lucky’s eye widened and sanskar looks confused
swara:haan to or kyaaa….sir u know ragini has come to tell him truth but he fought with her.
swara: lucky its your sis’fucntion i am leaving your mouth don’t shout okayy and leaves him slowly and gives him tight smile.
lucky:u devil u give me heartattack by lying i was so wrong about u.
sanskar laughs loudly swara gets angry and said:uuuuu…
and hits him on his foot lucky shouts.
swara looks at sanskar and said:u want this and points toward her foot sanskar laughs stops immediately.
swara:good..u…monkey…u make my friend cry so that was your punishment and if one more tear fall from her eyes then i will break you foots.
lucky just noddes and said:i will never let her cry again i promise swara face gets lightened.
lucky:but i want to see her.
swara:aaah don’t worry she will come surely and go wash your face you are looking devdas and smiles.but this time lucky didn’t get angry and smiles and goes from there.
swara:ladu is soo lucky na that someone loves her soo much and is determined to never let her cry.sanskar gets serious all of sudden and looks at her and sees her eyes were sparkling with happines for her friend and thinks:i am sorry swara.but swara didn’t look at him and calls ragini she crossed her fingers and bites her lower lip.sanskar look at her crossed fingers
swara:ladu where are u come fast my boss is trying to kill me.sanskar eyes gets widened and looks at her with shock.
ragini tensed:whatt
swara crying:haan he again threatened me because i was late plz come fast i don’t want to die so soon sanskar crossed his hand on his chest.
ragini:don….don’t worry swara i am coming.
swara:plz come here after wearing some good clothe and i had leave my bike outside take that.
ragini:but why
swara:offo he will get suspecious na and are u waiting when will he stab with big knife and then u will come? (angrily).
ragini:no…no.. i am coming.
swara cancel the call and turns aroude and gets froze to the ground after seeing sanskar.sanskar was giving her death glare.
swara tensed:sir…sir…aaaa….ap
sanskar moved towards her slowly and said:i am trying to kill u said that i..i..didn’t mean that
sanskar:i will stab u with knife
swara”s eye widened:sir u will actually stab me with knife and gets frightened.sanskar checkles
swara:sir…i was lying plz don’t kill me i was doing that because i know that after listening this she will surely come.
sanskar holds her softly from her waist swara closes her eyes firmly.
sanskar:swara look at me.swara shook her head vigorously
sanskar touches her cheek softly swara opens her eyes with a jerk.
swara:sir plz leave me someone will see.
sanskar:first tell me who was the man whom u were hugging and goes more closer to her.swara gulps.
swara:vo..he was cab driver and my brother
sanskar checkles:lier…u have no brother.
swara eyes widened with serprise:how do u know?
sanskar smiles:i just know and slides his finger down slowly swara heart start beating violently thay were just lost in eachothere eyes their breaths were mixing
sanskar: u didn’t reply
swara:i have no brother i always wish that i should have a brother therefore i always make new brothers whom i meat.u know i have 15 brothers.
sanskar:whattt really
swara thinks something and smiles mischievously:sir…u are also a good person if u allow me then i can make u my 16th brother i will love to have brother like u.
sanskar jerks beck and looked at her angrily:are u mad?
sanskar:i can never be your brother stay away from me and steps back.swara steps forward and said:sir…i promise u will be my favourite brother and u know rakshah bandhan is coming i will tie rakhi on your hand and put tilak on your forehead.
sanskar looks at his hands where rakhi supposed to be tied and touches her forehead where tilak will supposed to be seen and thinks:i will cut my hands if u ever tried to tie a rakhi on them and looks at her with fear annd thinks:she is crazy she can do any thing,run sanskar,save your life and he literally run from there.
swara laughs loudly seeing him runing.lucky comes there and looks at sanskar and asked:angel what had happned to sanskar why is she runing.
swara between laughing:i told him that i will tie rakhi on his hands.
lucky looks at her and then sanskar who was fuming with anger and laughs loudly.
lucky:u liitle devil u gave him heartattack and again laughs.

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