Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 10)

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swara was finding ragini from one hour she was very worried for her and when she comes out from hotel to search her she sees her sitting in garden she runs toward her and slaps her on shoulder.
swara:what are u doing here u make me sceared.ragini does not look at her swara bends down to see her face and she was shocked to see her crying.
swara:why are u crying and hugs her.
ragini:u are asking this?seriously u messed up everything and asking why am i crying and pouts.
swara controls her loud laugh acts innocent:what did i do ladu?
ragini looks at her in shock:u don’t know what u did?swara shooks her head vigorously
ragini angrily:because of u lucky is angry on me and u are saying that u don’t know anything and slaps her on shoulder.
swara acting:who?….lucky……wo…monkey
ragini gives her death glare and said:don’t call him monkey from which angle he looked like a monkey?only i can call him monkey
swara:ohhhh! only u can call him monkey whyyyy?
ragini quickly:because i love him na….and widened her eyes after realizing what she said.
swara laugh loudly ragini:no…no..i didn’t mean that.
swara hugs her and said:liar…ragini blushes
ragini:but…but u messed up everything don’t hug me but she didn’t break their hug.
swara:okayy fine i will not hug u and breaks hug
ragini:no plz swara i am sory i didn’t mean that and hugs her again.
swara:i know that.okay listen i did that because i wanted to know that lucky loves u or not,
ragini happliy:what u get to know
swara looks at her in disbelief and hits her head playfully:didn’t u see his reaction.ragini looks at her confusingly
swara rolls her eyes:ohh god! u dumb girl…he was fuming in anger… of course he loves u.ragini gets meantime she spots lucky who was talking with a man.
ragini quickly:okaay i will go and tell him the truth and stands up.
swara innocently:okay but then suddenly holds her hand quickly in fear that she will start running any moment and make her sit again.
swara:are u mad?
ragini pouts:whyyy?
swara:let him burn in jealousy for some time.
ragini looks at lucky sadly and said:swara…see na he looks so worried and stressed out and looks at her with puppy dog eyes
swara:ughhh!…go…don’t look at me like this.ragini stands up quickly but swara again make her sit
swara:but promise me u will not tell him that u love him.
ragini pouts:whyyy?
swara dramaticaly stands up and shouts:its girl right that boy should bend on their knees and say i love u,i can’t leave without u,plz marry me and….and…things like this i guess and looks at ragini and said confusingly:do u know some othere lines which boys used to say to impress girls i don’t remember much.everyone looks at them with smile and lucky also look at them ragini sees this and gives them a tight smile nd make swara sit quickly.
ragini:stop…itttt everyone is watching swara again stands up and said loudly:let them watch u are trying to snatch girls right.ragini hits her forehead and mumbles:nutanki.
swara:what did u said.
ragini:nothing… i will not tell him that i love him happy.swara shooks her head vigorously.
ragini goes toward lucky and said:i want to talk with u.lucky signs man to go and thinks is she come to invite me for her wedding and looks at her angrily.
lucky:hy lizard tell me fast i have not full day.
ragini looks at him angrily and said:uuuuuu…u…monkey u again called me lizard.both start arguing.swara was looking at them and laughing without control her eyes were filled with tears due to excess of meantime sanskar comes there in search of lucky and sees swara laughing like this and close his fist tightly to control his emotions and walks toward her and said angrily:miss swara! am i paying u money for laughing.swara looks at him a drop of tear falls from her eye. sanskar open his fist and looks at her tear worriedly.she wipes it and said in between her laugh:sorry sir i was just going to check arrangements and again sees toward lucky and ragini and again luaghs seeing their childish fight but sanskar was looking at her eyes which were full of tears swara started to leave from there but sanskar holds her hand and pulls her toward himself with a jerk.swara was not ready for this and collides with his broad chest her hair strikes with sanskar face.sanskar takes a deep breath and inhale her fragrence in him.they remain in that position for some time swara was breathing heavily but composes herself and steps back but sanskar doesn’t leave her shoulder and when she tried to withdraw it sanskar tightened his grip on her shoulder.
swara looks around in embarrassment and stammer:si… my hand everyone is watching.but sanskar ignores it and said with deep concern:why were u crying?
swara looks at him with confusing:cryinnnnng…..meeeee….when???
sanskar:just before a sec your eyes are filled with tears.
swara thought for a sec and said:ohhhh that i was not crying sirrrr! (lay stess on sir word) sanskar frowned.
swara frees her hand and said:when i laugh my eyes used to get filled with waterrrr….not tearssss.. and mumbles:and dida always advise me to borrow some wit and shook her head.sanskar hears everything and checkles:what did u said? i didn’t hear it clearly.swara widened her eyes: nothing…i..i didn’t say anything in meantime thay hear lucky’s scream and looks at them in shock he was holding his foot and ragini was coming toward them angrily.swara and sanskar looks at each othere and said in union:she again hits on his foot and laughs loudly ragini comes there and looks at swara angrily.swara close her mouth quickly and opens her bag and start drinking water from bottle and winks at sanskar.sanskar gets shocked with her act.
ragini angrily: u are laughing again but lucky comes there and cuts swara and said:everyone is not like u lizard…who just only know how to hit on othere foot like donkey.
ragini’s face turns red.swara starts coughing sanskar gets concern and rub her back swara stops coughing and looks at sanskar they have a cute nd sweet eyelock but again gets disturbed with ragini and lucky’s fightining.swara holds ragini hand and said:lets go ragini and sanskar controls lucky anger they both walk in opposite direction but swara and sanskar looks back at each othere.

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