Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 1)


Hu guys this is my first attempt hope u will like it and if it impress i little plz comment plzz here we start

Swara’pov : I always wanted to merry a person who can just love me and take care of me and look whom i got the person who just never look at me and his eyes are filled with hatred for me i don’t understan where is my mistake??
 She just close her dairy and close her eyes and then look at the person who was sleeping peacefuly on bed.
She again close her eyes and tried tu remember when make first mistake.
   A gorl jump from window carefully and watch around as no one can see them and take his scooty outside the house and stops at the front door of house she wait for one min and then start climbing pipe when she reached at window strikes it loudly as she wanted to break it.
Girl: open the window or else i will break it.
After hearing that suddenly a girl opens it quickly as she was afraid of losing her room window.
Girl 2: swaraaa! What are u doing here?
Swara first looks at her with anger and then down at the ground then look at her again and said: I was playing footbal u wanted to join me?
Girl: u are kiding right as i can’t see bal with u ( while looking at her from top to bottom)
Swara give her a death glare and jumps under the room.
Swara:ragini! U are complete made u know it.
Ragini make sad face and said: i know every one saus the same.
Swara look at her and laughs loudly.

Ragini: sssssh!!! Everyone is sleeping there are not owl like u.
Swara look at her angrily and said: i have a plane come we have to leave at this time only.
She hold her hand and grabs her toward the window both sneek out through window and sit on scooty.swara start scooty and they start their journey.
Ragini: where are we going?
Swara:stay quite or else i will drop u here and then u will loose your 30 teeth and one leg and there will be one plaster on your one hand and u will be on wheel chair.
Ragini imagine whole scene of falling down,losing one leg, 30 teeth and on wheel chair. Heartattack passes after touching her heart.
Ragini: okay i will stay quite but swaraa!
Before she complete her sentence swara stop her scooty and said: get down from scooty right now!
Ragini:sorrry sorry i will not utter a word.
Swara: good! But we reach our destination and winks
Ragini: u make me afraid.
She looks around and notice they were on bank of river.
Ragini: what are we doing here at 6 am?
Swara:for swimming.
Ragini: whattt!! Are u jocking soo early in the morning?
Swara: i am not jocking

Next episode: (swara and ragini enjoy there swimming someone was watching the from distance)

Credit to: zaimal

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  2. Sorry but there’s a lot of grammar mistakes. I didn’t understand anything

    1. Sorry i will try to improve it

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