love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 9)


Hii friends this is diksha back with another ff of “love : beautiful or dangerouse.” Hope u all gonna like it. So let’s start the epi.

@ rageet room
Rohan knock at the door. Ragini open the door.
Ragini : hii rohan came inside.
Rohan : hii ragini. Where is your friend? And why are you not ready yet?
ragini : come inside first. Don’t be so excited to know about you gf.
Rohan : ragini …
Ragini : your gf is getting ready and because of her only i am not ready yet she is taking so much time. She want to look beautiful for you.
Rohan : ragini you will not stop my leg pulling.
Ragini : ok tell me where is your friend didn’t he get ready yet.
Rohan : yes. I don’t know what happened to him. He is taking so much time to getting ready even he has massed up whole room if i had not get ready first than like you i was also siitting in my room.
Ragini : oh you are lucky.
At that time only geeta came out in a green colours short dress with matching accessories. They both have a small yet romentic eyelock.
Ragini : ohhooo love bords if your romance is completedthan pls give me way and you both do one thing you both go out for disco.
At that time sanskar enter in his room. And as soon as he saw ragini not Ready he start his quiz.
Sanskar : ragini you are not ready yet. Why? What happened?
Ragini : its all because of this geeta she takes too much time to get ready. We can do one thing sanskar you wait for me here and you both love birds reach at disco.
Sanskar : yes you are right.
Sanskar wait for ragini their and rohgeet left for disco.
Ragini came out being ready she has worn a white and blue mix offshoulder top and blue denim with matching accessories. Sanskar just get awstruck seeing her. He was freezed and staring at ragini being mesmerized.
Ragini : mr. Hottie how am i looking?
Ragini says while wearing her heels. Finding no replay she again call him.
Ragini : mr. Hottie, sanskar i m talking to you.
But sanskar didn’t replay. Ragini than went toward his and jerk him a bit. Sanskar came back to senses and composes himself.
Sanskar : hmm, did you ask something.
Ragini : yes mr. I was asking something but tell me where were you lost.
Sanskar : nowhere.
Ragini : ok leave that. I must say one thing you are looking hot.
Sanskar blushes a bit. He has worn grey v neck tee and black denim with black blazer. His hair was falling at his front. He was looking hot.
Sanskar : thanx for compliment.
Ragini : what thax mr. Hottie don’t you know if someone compliment you. You should also compliment him or her.
Sanskar : oh really i don’t know this type of rule exists.
Ragini : you wait.
Saying so ragini ran behind him and start throwing things on him sanskar was trying to escape. After being exhaust.
Sanskar : ok mam i am sorry you are also looking awsome. I think we should leave now rohgeet will be waiting for us. They must have been reached to disco.
Ragini : yes let’s go. Who is stopping you from going?
They both went toward bike. Sanskar was about to sit at front when ragini stops him.
Ragini : wait mr. Jottie today I’ll drive the bike.
Sanskar : don’t joke, u, and drive, that to my bullet. Only scooty will gonna suit you. He said these to tease her.
Ragini : oh really mr. Hottie don’t turn on your rude mode and about rideing bullet. U sit at back and I’ll saw u my driving skills.
Sanskar : me and at your back. I want to be alive.
Ragini glare at him. :@
Sanskar : don’t glare at me i am sitting.
Saying so he sat at his back. And ragini start driving the bike.
Ragini : now what you think about my driving skill.
Sanskar : i was joking earlier. I belive you more than myself.
They had an eyelock through side mirror. Their eyelock broke because of sudden jerk. After sometime they reach at disco.

Sanrag enter inside the disco. They saw rohgeet romencing. They went toward him and call them numerouse of time. But the lovebirds were busy in each other.
Sanskar : let them enjoy leave them alone.
Ragini : mr. Hottie you are such a bore i have an idea.
She says this with a mischieviouse smile.
Sanskar : what idea?
Ragini tell him her idea.
Ragini : so what say?
Sanskar : no
Ragini : yes
Sanskar : no
Ragini : pls mr. Hottie we are friends right.
Sanskar : ragini, do you know one thing you are really a mischieviouse girl.
Ragini : that i m.
Saying so she kissed him on cheek. Sanskar was sock.
Ragini : let’s go.
Sanskar : ok.
Than they both went toward rohgeet and shout in their ears. Rohgeet come out of their dream world with a jerk.
Rohgeet : aahhh what was that? Are you guys mad.
Ragini : you tell what was you guys were doing? We were calling you from last five minutes and you both were busy in your dream world romencing.
Rohgeet get embarrassed so for changing the topic.
Rohan : ragini do prank like this i understand but from when you became mischiveous.
Sanskar : let’s leave all this and enjoy.
Just than a man says ” hey frends today its a specl day for me i wanna prpose my lady love” he prpose a girl than he requested to dj to play an romentic number. And than ik vari of ayushman khurrana plays.
Ik vaari haan kehde mutiyare
Ik vaari haan kehde (x4)
(Sanskar went toward ragini and forwad his and ask for dance same does rohan the girls says yes and both couple went to dance floor. Sanskar and ragini interwined their one hand and another hand kept on each others shoulders and start moving on rythm.)
Baneya main tere layi aan
Jeenda main tere layi aan
Ravanga main tera banke sari umraan
Na tu jaavi mainu chhad
Main taan manna tenu Rabb
Tere bina o tu Heer meri rehna
Ik vaari haan keh de mutiyaare
Ik vaari haan keh de,
ik vari
(Than sanskar twirl ragini amd than hold her from back and again move with rythm)

Pehli mohabbat ka ehsaas hai tu
Bujh ke bhi bujh na payi
Woh pyaas hai tu (x2)
Tu hi meri pehli khwahish
Tu hi akhiri hai
Meri zindagi hai
Meri har khushi hai
Meri rooh ne kabki tujhko
Haan kehdi hai
Ik vaari haan keh de mutiyare
Ik vaari haan keh de mutiyare
Ik vaari haan keh de mutiyare
Ik vaari haan keh de
(Than they get lost into each other eyes they forgot the others sanskar they were moving on their heart music)
Ik vari haan keh de mutiyare
Ik vari haan keh de
Jeen di na khwahish hai
Na marna gavara hai
Ik din main tere layi
Chadna jag saara ae
(They were dancing and lost in their world just than they bump with someone and come out of senses)

Just than sanskar saw something and get sock his eyes were reflecting so much anger. He went out of disco leaving a socked ragini their. Ragini also went behind him.
Ragini she him angry and seriouse.
Ragini : what happened mr. Hottie? Why you came out leaving the dance? got afraid ir sawn some ghost.
Sanskar : are you nut ragini? Am i looking in mude of jokes? Don’t you have mind? Always joke, leave me alone and go from here.
He shouts on her and scolds her so much. Tears rolled down from her eyes. Just than rohgeet came out. Ragini wipes her tears.
Rohan : why you both came out.
Ragini : nthng let’s go its late.
Than they went from their ragini was silent in whole journey.

So friends this is diksha signing off the epi of “love : beautiful or dangerous” hope you all gonna like it. Thanx for your precious comments, support and appreciation.

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    WOhooooo loved d update dr…ragsan scene ws amaznggg…n bike ride ws awesomee!!!!oh shit!!he shouted at at ragss 🙁 🙁 n made hr cry 🙁 🙁 …dnt know whom he had seen dere(may b his ex)??? Waitng eagerly for nxt update..keeep rocckng n stay blessed dr 😉 😉

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  3. Silent_writer

    What made sanky shockd feel bad for rags lovedddddd it ???

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    Nice wondering who he saw and who he bumped into but waiting for the revelation of that person.. and diksha dear loved it and update soon ??

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    awesome dear…i think Sanky saw kavitha so only he got thz much angry…Sanky again u made our ragini cry…soo sad of u dear….plz update soon…tkcr dear…..

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    superb maybe he has seen stupid kavitha there

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