love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 8)

Hii frends this is diksha back with the ff called “love : beautiful or dangerouse” hope u all gonna like it. Let’s starts the story.

Sanskar and ragini sat at the hill and they were enjoying each others company ragini keep her head on his shoulder and hold his hand.
Ragini : sanskar you know i am first time away from my family for this much day i am really missing them and my frends too. But when i spend time with you i feel like i m with someome who relate to me. Whom i know from a long time. I feel secure and comfertable with you. But when i meet first time with you i had never thought that we can became friends. You know my mom she love me so much. She only wake me up in the mrng And here i had to put so much of alarm for this and than also i wakeup late. If i got sick or little bit hurt also she start crying. And my papa he is the best he love me the most. He is like my best friend and partner in crime i share all my secrets with him. he start crying even when he think about my marriage. He never say no to me for anything. He always say i am his life. You know i am his angel.
one time i was playing with some kid and while playing i fall down from stairs. My papa take me to doctor. Doctor said that he has to stich my wound and when he was stiching my wound my papa was crying silently he has his eyes close. He was talking just than she feel something wet on her hand and than she saw that sanskar was teary eyes.

Ragini : mr. Hottie what happened? why are you crying?
Sanskar immiedietly wipe his tears.
Sanskar : nothing.
Ragini : mr. Hottie don’t hide anything from me ok. so now no lies and tell me what happened.
Sanskar : just missing my family love.
Ragini : family is such thing of life that no one can ever forget. They are whom we always miss when we get away from them.
Sanskar (almost whisper) : ya some for love and some for hate.
Ragini : did you say anything?
Sanskar : no. I was saying now you shut your mouth and enjoy the sunset for which we come here. Don’t make me miss them more.
Ragini : you are so mean.
Than they enjoy the sunset. And went back.

Next day
@rageet room
Geeta : ragini can you do my one work pls?
Ragini : yes my janemn why not. From when you had to ask befor saying anythingto me you know Your wish my command mam. Now tell me what you need.
Geeta : will you pls send rohan to cantine?
Ragini : that you can do by yourself just make a call yr.
Geeta : wo actually, actually.
Ragini : actually what.
Geeta : nthng leave that.
Ragini : so you had fight with him.
Geeta : yes now will you do my work.
Ragini : ok mam i am going to send him in cantine you also reach their.
Saying so she left to sanroh room.

@ sanroh room.
Ragini enter in the room.
Ragini : rohan come let’s go to cantine.
Rohan : ragini i m not in mood.
At that time his phone rings. He went outside to attened phone. Ragini sat their and she thought to wait for rohan to return. And after some second sanskar come out wearing towel and singing the song.
Ragini listening his voice said hii mr. Hottie without looking at him. When they look at each other they became sock and sanskar’s towel fall down seeing which ragini move toward opposite side of him and closed her eyes and cover them with her hands.
ragini : i didn’t see anything.
Sanskar immeditely pick his towel and wrap it around his waiste and take his dress and went back to washroom. And come after changing.
Sanskar : what are you doing here?
Ragini : i will tell first tell me can i open my eyes.
Sanskar : ya you can.
Ragini remove her hand and open her eyes.

Ragini : mr. Hottie you were looking super hot with towel and without too. I think i should call you super hottie.
Sanskar : what, what did you say? But You was saying befor you didn’t saw anything.
Ragini : that i was lying.
Sanskar has made a horrible face. Seeing him ragini start laughing.
Ragini : sanskar just see you face its just as if i had done something wrong with you i was just joking. I didn’t see anything promise.
Sanskar : you chuhiya(mice) wait I’ll teach you a nice lesson for it.
Saying this he start following her and ragini ran out from their. She was running here and their in room ragini start throwing pillows on him. At last sanskar catch her and pin her to wall. They were breathing heavily. Their was pin drop silence in room only their breathing sound in audieble. They had an passionate eyelock. Which get disturbed by footsteps sound. Sanskar leave her.

Sanskar : now tell me why you came here.
Ragini : i came here to call rohan to cantine. And he went out to pick the call so i was waiting for him and after that what happened you know saying which she again start laughing. Than rohan enter in room.
Ragini : rohan let’s go to cantine.
Rohan : i already tell you na i m not in a mood.
Ragini : pls rohan for your friend.
Rohan : ok mam let’s go.
Ragini : sanskar you also come.
Sanskar : ok.
They went to cantine. They sit and have breakfast. A pion come their.
Pion : sanskar, sir has called you.
Sanskar : ok i m coming.
Pion left the place.
Sanskar : ok friends i have to go.
Ragini : wait sanskar i had some work from sir i m also coming.
They both left the place.
Rohgeet left alone they solved their issue.

@ sir’s office.
Sanskar : may i come in sir.
Sir : ya come.
Ragini : sir may i also come in.
Sir : ya say.
Ragini : sir as almost 3rd week is gonna complete sir may we see how the officer take training of flying planes.
Sir : no, we already had give you much freedom.
Ragini : sir pls I’ll just saw and write about basic training pls.
Sir : ok but only basic.
Ragini : thanq sir.
Sir : sanskar i call you to tell that now on you and rohan will take high level training.
Sanskar : thanx sir its such a gud news thanx alot sir.
Sir : now you both can leave.
They come out.

Ragini : congrats mr. Hottie.
Sanskar : thanx.
Ragini : sanskar wese i was thinking i should also promote you.
Sanskar : what kind of promotion you are talking about.
Ragini : i was thinking to call you super hottie now onward what say.
Sanskar : ragini not again.
Ragini : ok but you are giving us treat for this.
Sanskar : done treat in ice cream parlour ok.
Ragini : no, not in ice cream parlour. You have to take us to club.
Sanskar : ok. Now we should give this gud news to our friend.
Ragini : ok.
They went to rohgeet and tell them whole thing.

Sanskar keep out his all dress out from his cupboard.
Rohan : what is this bro are you selling them.
Sanskar : no actually i am not able to decide what should i wear.
Rohan : what, yr from when you start worrieng about your look.
Sanskar : yr i m also human.
Rohan : ok mr. U decide dress i am going to call the girls otherwise they will make us waite again.
Sanskar : ok you go.

So, friends this is diksha signing off the epi of “love : beautiful or dangerouse.” hope u all gonna like it. And thanx alot for you support and appreciation and beautiful commemt.

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