love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 7)

Hii frends this is diksha back with the ff called ‘love : beautiful or dangerous’. Hope u all are liking it. Thanx for your appreciation and support. Let’s start the epi.

Next morning
Sanskar wake up and feel a heavy headache. He take medicine for headache than went for his classes. After classes he went to cantien with rohan and rohan call geeta and ragini their.
@ cantien
They four was sitting and talking their. When ragini notice that sanskar was looking a bit tense.
Ragini : what happened mr. Hottie? Why are you looking tense?
Sanskar : nthng much ragini just i had headache from today morning i don’t know why. Even i had taken the medicine.
Ragini : why didn’t you had headache? When you will drink so much than this hangover is usual na.
Sanskar : what but i didn’t had drink yesterday. Even i don’t drink.

Ragini : oh really mr. Hottie from when you start lieing.
Sanskar : nothing like that i m saying the truth. You can ask this from rohan also.
Just than they notice that both the love birds are in their own world.
Ragini pinches geeta and she shout aah because of which rohan also came back to real world.
Geeta : what is this yr? Who did like this with her friend?
Ragini : oh really and which friend ignore her when she is just beside her. I think rohan you should go out with your gf on a date what say geeta.
Geeta blushes.
Ragini hold sanskar hand and stand.

Ragini : mr. Hottie let’s give some privacy to them and you come with me let’s go on a small walk.
Sanskar : ok
They both went out they were walking.
Ragini : sanskar you know yesterday you were behaving like a kid.
sanskar : what, what did i do?
ragini : you come to me and says you are tired and you want to sleep on my lap and after this you start complaining about your jouniours like a small cute kid.
Sanskar : no you are lieing i can’t behave like this.
Ragini : no i m not lieing

Sanskar : you are
Ragini : no
Sanskar : you are such a lier
Said sanskar being annoyed.
Ragini : you know now also you are behaving like a kid actually a cute kid.
Sanskar : stop saying me a kid and that to cute one no i m neither a kid and nor cute.

Ragini : ok I’ll not call you kid tell me who is kavita.
Listiening her name sanskar became seriouse and a bit angry too.
Sanskar : ragini, i think its too late and we should go back.
Ragini : ok but atleast give me the answer of my question.
Sanskar : that’s none of your bussiness you understoode now stop your nonsesnse and silently come with me ok.
He said angrily and a bit rudely. Ragini silently went behind him.
Next day.
Sanroh was telling rageeta about the steps of training and all ragini was siletly listening it and noteing down them in a diary.
Rohan : today we are free let’s go out we will enjoy.

Geeta : that’s nice plane.
Sanskar : so u both girls get ready and come in half hour we will waite for you both outside.

Ragini : rohan i m sorry I’ll not able to come actually i m not feeling well u all enjoy I’ll rest.
Geeta : what happened let it be we will go another time.
Ragini : nthng much yr I’ll be fine after taking some rest. You go and enjoy.
Geeta : are u sure.
Ragini : yes. Now rohan you all go and get ready.
Rohan geeta and ragini went toward room when sanskar went toward ragini hold her hand and take her aside.

Saying so she start to go when he pull her she hit her front.
Sanskar : its my bussiness tell me what happened are u angry with me.
Ragini : who i m to being angry with you?
Sanskar : we are friends right you only said.
Ragini : i accepeted you as a friend but had u accepted our friendship?
Sanskar : yes.
Ragini : really, but as i know friends don’t hide things from each other.
Sanskar : try to understand ragini i m not comfertable with sharing this with anyone.
Ragini : than leave me i have to go.
Sanskar : ok I’ll tell you but not now at correct time.
Ragini : promise
Sanskar : ya promise. so, you are coming.
Ragini : yes I’ll.

Sanskar : ok than come fast I’ll wait.
Ragini and sanskar also went back to their respective rooms.
After half hour
Sanskar and rohan were waiting for ragini and geeta. After 5 minute they came geeta sit behind rohan on bike and ragini behind sanskar.
Ragini : you both love bird enjoy alone we will not disturbe u. U both go.
Rohgeet went. Sanskar start his bike. Ragini has kept her hand on his shoulder.
sanskar : so where do you want to go?

Ragini : your favourite place.
Sanskar : their is no such place my maximum time spend here in training only so you tell.
Ragini : let’s go to watch any horror movie.
Sanskar : are you sure? Afterward don’t get afraid.
Ragini : oh mr. Hottie ragini don’t get afraid with anything ok.
Sanskar : really.
Saying this he increase the speed. Ragini got afraid and hold him tightly she has hug him from back.
Sanskar show her from side morror she has closed her eyes seeing her much afraid he slow down the bike than ragini lose her hold and than beat him.
Ragini : what was that? Why you increase speed this much? I’ll not gonna talk woth you.
Sanskar : ok i m sorry I’ll njt repeat it but yr stop beating me its paining. yr.
Ragini : you deserve this pain.
Than she staop beating than they reach the theater they were watching movie. While movie sanskar get afraid he was showing the max movie closing his eyes. At one seen he hold ragini hand only that time ragini notice him she was staring at him. After sometime time she again start watching movie.
After movie they came out.

Ragini : who will say a would be airforce officer is afraid of horror movie.
Sanskar : no i m not afraid.
Ragini : really than what is this.
She say pointing toward her hand. Her hand has his fingermarks which imprint because of his tight hold
Sanskar : ok i agree i got afraid but what is the relation between being afraid of horeror movie and being an airforce officer. We are also human and like all human we have our weekness.
Ragini : ok now let’s go to cafe

Sanskar : ok mam ur wish my command.
They went to cafe they chit chat for some time and than they come out of cafe.
Sanskar : now its about to sunset lets go to sunset point. What say?
Ragini : ya let’s go. But on one condition I’ll drive the bike.
Sanskar : ok

Ragini start the bike. Sanskar sit behind her and he tell her the way and they reach the sunset point.
So friends this is diksha signing off this epi of “love : beautiful or dangerouse”. Hope u all will like it. And thanx for your support and appreciation.

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