love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 6)

Hii frends this is diksha with ff called “”love : beautiful or dangerouse “. I hope u all r liking it. Thanx for your appreciation and support. So let’s start the story.

Next day
Sanskar asusual was doing his exercise after his exercise he notice that ragini is sitting on a bench alone. He went to her.
Sanskar : hii ragini
Ragini didn’t answer his. He noticed that she was looking sad. He sat beside her. And again called her.
Sanskar : ragini

Ragini : hii sanskar. Today from where the sun has rised. You are talking to me that to be by yourself.
Sanskar : hey sun rised from east only mam. It was that i saw u so i thought to ask about your leg how’s it now?
Ragini : its fine.
Sanskar : you are looking sad anything seriouse?
Ragini : nthng i was just missing my parents. Hey i wanna say something.
Sanskar : ya sure
Ragini : but you won’t be angry ok.
Sanskar : depends.

Ragini : ok, i want to say that while exerciesing you look hot.
Listening which Sanskar look at her in disbelife.
Sanskar : what, what did you say?
Ragini : what?? What i said, i said u look hot while exerciseing. I just said what i feel.
Sanskar : u r really mad.
Ragini : no i m not mad i m telling the truth only. U know by your look any girl can fall for you. Belive me u r damn hot.
Sanskar : oh really u are saying as if u r flat on me.
Ragini : no i m not
Sanskar : y
Ragini : because i m already flat on someone else acha leave all this. Tell me when you r taking me to show institute.
Sanskar : now i have a class in half hour we will meet at 11:00 am.
Ragini : ok done. By mr. Hottie.

Sanskar : what
Ragini : your new name mr. Six feet now onward I’ll call you mr. Hottie only.
Sanskar : you are really mad.
Ragini : ya i m, but you can’t do anything in this bye.

Sanskar : bye see u.
@11:00 am

In canteen
Sanskar and rohan was talikng when ragini and geeta enter their.
Ragini : hii bfb and hii mr. Hottie.
Geeta : hii sanskar hii rohan
They also sat beside them.
Getta : ragini what do you mean by bfb and who is this mr. Hottie.
Ragini : oh my stupid friend bfb means boyfriend of bestiie who is rohan. You are my frend and he is your bf

Geeta and rohan blushes listening these.
Geeta : you are really impossible ragini. And who is mr. Hottie?
Ragini : that i m. And mr. Hottie is my new frend sanskar.
Rohan : what, when you became freinds.

Ragini : when you both became lovers my friend.
Rohan : ok miss now let’s go you both have to saw the institute.
They saw the institute and the way of their training.

@ night
Ragini was sitting on a bench and enjoying the nature when sanskar come to him.
Sanskar : hii ragini.
Ragini : hii sanskar sit here
Sanskar : ragini am i really bad and rude
Ragini : what happened sanskar why are you saying like this.
Sanskar : nthng leave this i have to go.
saying so he stand to go and get disbalanced and fall on top of ragini.
Sanskar : i m sorry ragini.

Ragini at that time she noticed he is not in his senses.
Ragini : you sit here. Tell me what happened.
Sanskar : ragini i don’t want to sit may i lay down here at your lap.
Sanskar says this like a sweet little kid. Ragini didn’t able to resist him l.
Ragini : ok you lay here.
He lay down and she was caressing his hairs.
Ragini : now tell me what happened.

Sanskar : you promised me you won’t tell this to anyone.
Ragini : ok promise.
Sanskar : you know ragini today when i was talking with my team when one of my team mates phone rings i scolde him to keep his phone on. At that time he didn’t say anything but at my back they say that i am bad. I m rude and i don’t know what family is? I don’t respect of relationship and family.
But you know ragini this is not truth you know i m like this because of some reason. You tell me you also think that i m like so.
Ragini : no, sanskar you are a gud man you know i admire you as a person. And now you stand up you should go to your room.
Sanskar : ok but where is my room? I forgot
Ragini : ok I’ll drop you.

Ragini take him to his room.
@sanroh room
Rohan : what happened to him why he is like so?
Ragini : i don’t know he came to me in this position only now stop looking from their and help me to make him lay down at bed.
They make him lay at bed. Ragini stand to go. When she realised that sanskar had hold her hand.
Sanskar : don’t leave me kavita don’t leave me. I love u.
Sanskar said this in his sleep his face is showing lots of pain.
Ragini tried to remove her hand. But he pull her and she fall on him.
She was just staring at him. After sometime she realised the situation and stand from their and slowly released her hand and went from their.she went to her room

@rageeta room
Geeta : where were you ragini?
Ragini : nthng yr just enjoying the nature outside.
Geeta : ok yesterday you didn’t tell me about your love.
Ragini : ok his name is shlok (sonu sud) we both love each other so much.
Geeta : ok tell me about your love story .
Ragini : I’ll tell you about it afterward now i m tired and wanna sleep.
Geeta : ok atleast show me his pic yr.
Ragini : ok look at this. You see this and i m sleeping.
Ragini give geeta her phones.

Geeta : he is so handsome yr.
Ragini : hey rememeber he is my love ok. Otherwise I’ll tell that being in a relationship also you are checking out other guys.
Geeta : you mental keep you bf with you i m happy with my rohan ok.
Ragini : ohoo my rohan and all.
Geeta : shutup and now you sleep.
Geeta slept at her bed ragini was thinking about the things happened with sanskar. After sometime she slept.
So friends this is diksha signing of the episode of this ff called love : beautiful or dangerouse. Hope you all will like it.

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