love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 5)

hii frends this is diksha back with ff called love : beautiful or dangerouse hope you all had liked the previouse epi and my last ff called simple love story thanx for your beautiful and preciouse comment and appreciation let’s start the epi.

@ night
@rageeta room
Geeta : ragini how’s your leg now?
Ragini : its much better now.
Geeta : so r u coming to the party?
Ragini : party?? whoes party and on which occassion?
Geeta : some officer has achieved madel so for that he has given the party.
ragini : ok you enjoy I’ll not able to come.
Geeta : ok.

@sanroh room
Rohan : sanskar r u coming for party?
Sanskar : you know na i don’t like parties and all.
Rohan : Ok your wish bro u relax i m going.
Sanskar : ok you enjoy.
After sometime rohgeet went for party. Ragini came out of her room being bored and saw sanskar sitting on a bench. He was looking lost. Ragini went to him.
Ragini : hii
Sanskar : hii how is your leg now?
Ragini : now much better. Thanx for the help.
Sanskar : no need its ok.
Ragini : U didn’t went to party.
Sanskar : no, i don’t like party and all.
Ragini : which kind of person you r yr who dont like to go to party.
Sanskar : me i don’t go to party and u, u mind your buisness ok.
Ragini : sorry, i didn’t mean that. That was just slip of toungue. Will you be my frend.
Saying so she forward her hand to shake her hand with him.
Sanskar : we can’t be frend.
Ragini : why
Sanskar : just we can’t be frends.
Saying so he stand to go.
Ragini : that’s really rude of u.
Saying so she also stand to go when her leg again twist. And she scream in pain. Listening which sanskar immedietly came toward her. He tried to help her but she jerk his hand.
Ragini : i don’t take help from stranger.
She again stand to go. But again she hissed in pain. This time sanskar pick her in his arms she tried to free herself but his grip was tight. She was beating him. Sanskar drop her on bed. Ragini being afraid close her eyes. Seeing her cute face a smile came on sanskar face. After sometime ragini realised she is safe. She start scolding sanskar.
Ragini : what the hell why you drop me like this? What if something has happened to me than.
She was scolding him from quite a much listening which sanskar also get angered.
Sanskar : you fool i helped you in place of saying me thanx you r fighting with you. Actually i was the fool who come to help you. I sholuld left you in this situation only.
He was a bit shouting on her. Ragini start crying and scolding him at a time.
Ragini : i didn’t told you to help me. I am already in pain and you are scolding me. I came their to say thanx to you and being frend with you i thougt you are gud person at heart but no mr. Six feet i was right befor you r a stupid and rude person.

Tears was continuesly flowing from her eyes.
Sanskar : hey stop crying.
Ragini : you go from here i don’t wanna talk to you.
Sanskar : shut up you which kind of girl you are you are crying and scolding both at a time either you cry or you scold me.
Ragini wipe her tears.
Ragini : y should i cry? Y i will scold you m i mad? Leave all this will you be my frend.
She again forward her hand with a sweet smile. Seeing which sanskar melt down. And he shake hand with her.
Sanskar : ok frends u r really stubborn now you sleep gud night i had to go at my room by.
Ragini : ok by gud night sweet dreams love you.
Listening this sanskar immiedietly turn. And ragini also realised what she said.
Ragini : wo sorry its again slip of toungue.
She said this with half closed eyes seeing which sanskar laugh a bit.
Sanskar : ok now you relax.
After some time rohgeet come beck from party.
@ rageeta room
Geeta enter in room and find ragini stil awake.
Geeta : what happened you didn’t slept yet.
Ragini : i didn’t getting sleep so stil awake.
Geeta : yar sleep get lost only in love. What about you?
Ragini : nthng like that.
Geeta : Ragini tell me one thing what did you think about love. Love is beautiful or dangerouse.
Ragini : according to me love is beautiful love make life heaven. U feel everything gud. You get power to fight with every kind of situation. Actually you will feel its real beauty when you fall in love.
Geeta : you are saying as if you had fell in love.
Ragini : maybe i had.
Geeta : tell me about him.
Ragini : its late yr we will talk about it later.

@ sanroh room
Rohan enter in room and went to sanskar.
Rohan : you know sanskar i m very happy today.
Sanskar : y what happened?
Rohan : you know i prposed geeta today and she accepeted my prposal.
Sanskar : congrats.
Rohan : sanskar tell me what did you think about love. I means love is beautiful or dangerouse.
Sanskar : according to me love is dangerouse. Its make life hell. You get distracted from your path. Its make you weak. Anyone who had ever fall in love will tell you how awful it is.
Rohan : you are saying of you had fell in love and got hurt.
Sanskar : leave all this and sleep this is too late.
Rohan : ok gud night.

So frends this is diksha signing off the episode of love : beautiful or dangerouse. Hope u all will like it.

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