love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 4)

hii frends this is diksha with the ff called “love : beautiful or dangerous” i m sorry that i make u wait for this long. forgive ur idiot frends so, now let’s start the epi.

geeta and rohan stop them from fighting and than they went to center rohan show them their room and says them to rest. and here sanskar went to his room.
@ sanskar room
sanskar what the hell she think of herself. what is she is? a small chuhiya(mice).
at that time rohan enter in the room.
rohan : what is this sanskar? which kind of behaviour is this? u fight with her on such a small thing? u r a airforce officer this behaviour didn’t suite u.
sanskar : but she is the one who start this.
rohan : really sanskar.
sanskar : ok bro now chill. now we should sleep tommorow we have to awake early in morning.
they both sleep

@rageeta room
geeta : i m really sock that u fought with someone. u r the one who used to give me 2 hrs lecture to not to fought with people. today u fought with that officer and that to for a small reason.
ragini : oh mam u don’t know i mistakenly call him and he talk with ne very rudely. mr. six feet.
geeta : what a name dear.
ragini : ok my janeman now we should sleep.
they both sleep.

next mrng
@rageeta room
ragini wake up in morning and get fresh than awake geeta.
ragini : wake up geeta let’s go for morning walk.
geeta : let me sleep yr who go for morning walk at 4am yr. u go and pls don’t disturbe my sleep.
ragini : ok my janemn u sleep. i m going.
ragini pick her handicam. and went out she was doing her jogging and recording the area. when her eyes fell on sanskar who was doing push ups. he was shirtless wearing blue denims. his upper body is full of sweat. some hair was on his forhead. than he stand ups and pick up the water bottle and drink water than left water he flew on his hair and than he shake his head. and wear his black shirt.
ragini : what the hell why this 6 feet wear his shirt. he was looking damn hot without shirt.
she was thinking all this when her phone beeps and she come back to senses. and says ragini what the hell u r thinking that to about rude mr. 6 feet. than she went back to her room.

@ morning 8 am
rohan came rageeta’s room. and knock at door.
geeta : come in
rohan : so u both r ready
ragini : yupp so u will show us the training center.
rohan : ya me and sanskar. so come.
he show her the plane and choopper and make them meet with his some frends.
ragini : may i take intrview of some officers.
rohan : ok, but not know firstly u understand all thing clearly than u will take intreview it will be gud for your projects.
they come to canteen.
ragroh and sangeet became frends in nick of time. rohan take her aside.
rohan : ragini yr will u pls help me to impress ur frend.
ragini : oh so my new frends want to be my bestiies’s bf.
rohan : ragini pls yr.
ragini : I’ll think about it. but if i help u than what will i get in exchange.
rohan : u will get a gud jijs like me. and in case if u will need my help in impressing ur love than I’ll help u.
ragini : oh mr. ragini don’t need anyone’s help to impress anyone ok. and first thing i didn’t find anyone for whom I’ll think like this.
rohan : so what u want. if u say than I’ll find a boy for u. and what is the need for it sanskar and u both r gud for each other. what say?
ragini : what the hell rohan me and sanskar impossible.
at that time sanskar and geeta come to them and ask
sangeet : what is impossible guys.
ragroh: nthng.
ragini : you all sit and tell me what u want I’ll take for u than we will think what should we do next. she start going and dash with table and fall down. and her leg get twisted. she scream in pain. sanskar immedietly sit near her and ask her to show her leg to him. he saw that her leg has swallen. he scold her.
sanskar : r u mad. can’t u see? see now what happened u got hurt what is the need of runing here and there like a chuhiya. i keep ur name as chuhiya correct stupid.
ragini start crying like a small baby. listening which now sanskar got confused what to do?
sanskar : now why r u crying?
ragini (while wipeing her tears) : u uhhh o…only scold me. i m not mad mr. 6 feet. i didn’t do this intentionaly. its not my hobby to fall and twist my leg. i m already in pain in place of taking me to dr. u r scolding me.
she againg start crying geetroh console her.
rohan : sanskar stop scolding her take her to medical room.
sanskar pick her up in his arm. and they r going toward the medical room. in mid way a peon come and says that their sir has call four of them.

rohan : sanskar u take her to medical room i and geeta will go to sir.
in medical room
sanskar place her on bed dr. check her and dressed her leg. than he was going to give her pain killer injection seeing which sanskar half closed his eyes and hold ragini’s hand tightly. ragini take the injection calmly. doctor give her medicine and go from their. ragini than look toward sanskar who was still standing holding her hand tightly with half closed eyes. ragini laugh a bit.
ragini : sanskar now u can leave my hand and open ur eyes.
sanskar immidietly leave her hand.
sanskar : i m sorry.
ragini : its ok i understand u r scared of injection.
sanskar : no, i m not scared of injection. and y will i scared and that to u were getting injected not me.
ragini : really
sansakar : yes
ragini showing him his pic of scared face.
sanskar : delete this pic know
ragini : no
sanskar : yes
ragini : no
sanskar : yes
ragini : no
sanskar tried to snach the phone but not able to in this sanskar and ragini fall on bed sanskar was top of her they both had eyelock and inbetween all this sanskar snach the phone and delete the pic than he again pic her in his arm and drop her to her room.

so frends this is diksha signing off the epi of love : beautiful or dangerous. hope u all look this. pls do comment.

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