love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 3)

This is diksha with another epi of “love : beautiful or dangerous”. I m really greatful for ur preciouse comment. And as u said me that after such a long wait a shorter upadate is not fair so this epi is a bit long.

Our girls is just about to reach near the training center so they thought to call. And as ragini already had a fight so she says geeta to call but here our sleeping beauty is still sleepy.
Ragini : oye wakeup we r just nearabout to the bus stand.
Geeta : nearabout yr not reached. When we will reach than wake me up ok.
Ragini : oye wakeup and call the officers.
Geeta : you also have the no. so u can call them so u do na y u r disturbing me.
Ragini : firstly y u r this much sleepy didn’t u sleep last night what were u doing whole night. And my phone is dead so u call them.
Geeta : ok yr i am calling. And about sleeping i slept last night but wakeup early thats y i m sleepy.
Geeta dial the no.
Geeta : hii officer
Rohan : hii may i know who r u?
Geeta : i m student who is coming for the project.
Rohan : oh i see. My seniours had told me.
Geeta : Officer our proffessor has said u will come to recive us so i just call to inform u that we r just about to reach the bus stand.
Rohan : ok we will come.
Geeta : thanx officer this is nice talking to u bye.
Rohan : bye

Call ended.
Geeta : now happy i talked to the officer. I must say he is very well mannered and nice.
Ragini : what?? Really are u joking me? I dont belive this.
Geeta : why u don’t belive it?
Ragini tell her all thing.
Geeta : really but with me he was too nice maybe that time he was angered on another thing and his all frustation came out on u.
Ragini : maybe u r right.
Here @ boy side
Rohan came to sanskar.
Rohan : hey buddy let’s go. The student who are coming for their project they are about to reach so lets go to recive them.
Sanskar : u go yr i m not in mude.
Rohan : y what happened?

Sanskar : u know na i don’t like all this and maybe i had gone with u but i had talked to the girl she is such a stupid girl and her ego is like on the sky.
Rohan : yr i also had talked to him she is such a sweet girl and really well mannered. And leave all this you come with me. And if u don’t want u won’t talk with them ok.
Sanskar : ok as u say lets go
And they both went to recive the girl.
@bus stand
Girls get down from the bus they were looking around as it is evng time weather was pleasent they were enjoying the whether.
Ragini : such a pleasent whether isn’t it?
Geeta : yupp
Ragini : officers didn’t cone yet yr.
Geeta saw a golgappa vendor.
Geeta : they will be come yr. Lets go their and have golgappas what say.
Ragini : than what r we waiting for lets go.
They went their and were having golgappas. Here the boys had come and they were searching for them. And now sanskar is angered.
Sanskar : how irresponsible that girl is? Where she is?

Rohan : chill man maybe she also was waiting for our call. Wait I’ll call her. He was about to call when he saw some boys who were eve teasing two girl. He went toward them sanskar also go their. They firstly try to stop those boys but they start fighting with them and sanskar and rohan beat them and they ran from their. Than they saw toward girls and they are just memerised to saw the girl. Sanskar on ragini and rohan on geeta. But sanskar compose himself. And here rohan start talking with geeta.
Rohan : hii miss
Geeta : geeta
Rohan : what
Geeta : my name, my name is geeta. And ur.
Rohan : i m rohan
Sanskar to rohan
Sanskar : oh mr. Flirt, u can countinue it afterward first search those girl.
Rohan : ok as u say
rohan excuses himself and call geeta and geeta’s phone ring they both see each other
Geeta : so u r the officer who come here to pick us.
Rohan : yes. We both are the officers who come to pick u. And u r the girls who comes here for project.
Geeta : yes we both r the girls my name is geeta its nice meeting u.
Rohan : my name is rohan and its nice meeting u too. I must say u r really beautiful.
Geeta : thanx for the compliment but r u trying to flirt with me.
Rohan : y u didn’t like it?

Geeta : hmmm its ok i don’t mind and i must say u r also handsome.
Rohan : thanx but r u trying to flirt with me.
Geeta : y u didn’t like this.
Saying this the both laugh but than only they notice. That beside them world war 3 is going on
“Let’s go some time befor when geeta and rohan were happily meeting each other but here our angry birds are fighting”
Sanskar (slowly) : nice meeting my foot such irresponsible girls.
Ragini hear him
Ragini : what, what u said mr. We r irresponsible. Really u r idiot
Sanskar : what u say idiot that to me. Shut ur mouth miss otherwise.
Ragini : otherwise what, what will u do.
Sanskar : otherwise we will leave u here only. Than some more boys will come for ue welcome and than we will not come to protect u here understand.
Ragini : oh really i got afraid. What u think us are we looking like kids to u. We can come center by ourselves and about boys we can handle them. We dont need u ok.
Sanskar : oh that i had sawn some minute befor.

Ragini : u
At that time rohan and geeta saw them.
Geeta and rohan at a time : stop it guys.

So frend this is diksha signing off this epi of love : beautiful or dangerous. A big wala thanx to all the readers. Love u all.

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