love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 21)

Hii frends this is diksha back with the ff called “love : beautiful or dangerous.” Hope u all gonna like it. Let’s start.
Dr. : chill officer she is fine i call u to inform that she came out of coma last night. now i had given her medicine so she is resting.
Sanskar : really dr. thanq so much to give me my life back. I m really happy.
Dr. : ok officer i m going out. She is fine but it will take time to be perfectly fine. we have to take extra care of her now.
Saying so Dr. went out. sanskar sit beside ragini and hold her hand.
Sanskar : i m really happy that u are fine. I can’t explain u how happy i m? I am not understanding what should i do? You know when u will perfectly fine i’ll tell u how much i love u? And now i know that u love me too.
He kiss her forehead and was caressing her hair. Just than her phone rings. He picked the call.
On call
Sanskar : hello
Tejaswi : sanskar i m tejaswi we had file the case. Dr. Trisha call me is everthing ok with ragini.
Sanskar : yes she is fine.
They hung up the call.
After one month
Ragini was perfectly alright and was living at sanskar home and sanskar had went to his post. And the case had ended and those goons get punishment for their did.

@ ragsan place
Ragini was walking here and their.
Ragini : what the hell is this?
Neither he is picked my call and nor he call me till now. No problem just wait and watch i’ll teach u good lesson for this. Just than her phone rings. She checked it its sanskar.
Ragini : now see mr. Hottie.
Saying so she picked his call.
Sanskar : hii chuhiya. How are you?
Ragini : hii mr. Sanskar why you call anything important?
Sanskar : ohh look like someone is very angry.
Ragini : who is angry mr. Sanskar? Sanskar : you, my friend sorry wo I was in a meeting thats y I didn’t get time to call.
Ragini : me y will I gonna angry on u. who I m to u? (Hum apke h kaun?) By the way don’t make silly excuses I m not fool to belive.
Sanskar : u r my life and my best friend. I swear I m not making any excuses really I was in meeting.
Ragini (in mind) : only friend idiot when u will gonna prpose me tejaswi tell me that u love me. But u fool till now didn’t say anything.
Sanskar : ragini are u their? Are u fine? Anything wrong?
Ragini : ohho stop ur question express. I m fine. I was thinking how can some meeting can run till 8 hrs.
Sanskar : sorry pls forgive me. Ok u can give any punishment but don’t be angry. U now I can’t live without talking to u. Pls
Ragini : ohoo mr. Hottie I m not angry and I know u care for me alot. Send me ur pic.
Sanskar : what? pic now?? Y??
Ragini : first u send ur pic than I’ll tell.
Sanskar : ok wait.
Sanskar send his pic.
Sanskar : now tell me y u want my pic?
Ragini : y can’t I ask for my friend’s pic.
Sanskar : u can, but suddenly? Ragini : actually I want to see ur expression. and as I thought u are looking too cute. That much cute that If u was here I would have kiss u.
Sanskar : what?
Ragini : not like that I mean I mean….
Sanskar : what do u mean?
He said smirking. And raised his eyebrows.
Ragini : nthng leave that I have work talk to u later and take care.
Sanskar : ok u goo take care bye.
He hung up the call.

@ sanskar place.
Sanskar was lying on bed. He take out ragini’s pic and kiss her at her forehead.
Sanskar : u know my cute chuhiya. When I’ll came their i’ll propose u and will merry u. U know how difficult is this for me to be away from u and after knowing that u too love me it became more hard for me not to express my love. And now I can’t leave without talking to u even for one day. Only I know how hard it was for me to see u in that condition it was like I was dieing every second. U know I missed u a lot. I promise I’ll always their for u and will love u till my last breathe.

@ ragini place.
Ragini : now I can’t wait as soon as u will come here to meet me I will propose u I can’t wait for ur prposal if I leave that on u maybe i’ll be unmarried my whole life. U r not mr. Hottie u r mr. Buddhu. (silly)
Next day.
Ragini was getting ready for her job. Just than her phone rings. When she show the caller name a beautiful smile came at her lips.
Ragini : hii mr. Hottie. How r u?
Sanskar : I m good. U tell how’s u?
Ragini : Sanskar now I m going for job. I m getting late we will talk at evening what say?
Sanskar : ok bye have a gud day.
Ragini : bye take care.
Than ragini went for her job. And sanskar get busy with his work.

@ eveng
Ragini come back at home. And than had her tea and call sanskar.
Sanskar : hii chuhiya so mam get time for me.
Ragini : look who is saying u r complaining as if u never did this.
Sanskar : ok mam no complaints. So how’s ur day today.
Ragini : superb. Let’s video call. It’s been almost two weeks since I saw u. U know how much I miss u.
Sanskar : ok mam ur wish my command.
Ragini : hii mr. Hottie
Sanskar : ohoo my chuhiya is looking beautiful.
Ragini : ohoo mr. Hottie is complimenting me frome where the sun rises today?
Sanskar : u r saying as if I never give complement.
Ragini : u urself tell when u give me any complement?
Sanskar : ok mam leave this now I give u a complement that my chuhiya is looking beautiful.
Ragini : I know I m beautiful but from when I became urs.
Sanskar : oh from when we meet and became friend from that very moment u became mine and will always be mine.
Ragini : oh really.
Sanskar : ya really and never keep any doubt about it.
Ragini : ok sir. By the way why r u looking dull?
Sanskar : wo actually a bit headache nthng much don’t take tension.
Ragini : really u had headache and I shouldn’t take tension. If not me than who will take ur tension ur co-pilot.
Sanskar : hmm ya they can? What wrong in this? Amd now i have a hot lady co pilot for next flight.
Ragini : no its my right to care about u? No one has this right either than me u can’t give that right to anyone.
Sanskar : really, who I m to u? (hum apke h kaun).
Ragini : stop ur questions and as far as I know u wouldn’t have taken any medicine till now so go and take ur medicine right now.
Sanskar : ok mam command accepted.

He take out the first aid box and have the medicine.
Sanskar : now happy.
Ragini : no, idiot u should take care of urself always taking unnecessary tension.
Sanskar : see in ur scolding session I forgot to tell u that rohan has call me and he invited us to his and geeta wedding. U know how much geeta is missing u.
Ragini : really they are getting merried? That’s awsome. And why they didn’t call me and when they’re getting merried andhow are they.
Sanskar : oh god this much questions.
Ragini : Sanskar pls tell me.
Sanskar : ok mam one by one I m giving u the answer. Yes they are getting merried. They didn’t call u as they lost all contact with u I had give them ur no. so she will call u and talk with u they are fine and they are getting merried next week so they call us. So u take leave and came here than we both will go from here to their place together.
Ragini : ok than done I m coming this weekend at ur place. U will come to receive me at station is it cool to u.
Sanskar : ok mam, Now go and prepare for coming here. I’ll be waiting for u.
Ragini : ok and do one thing apply balm befor sleeping it will help to reduce the headache and pls take care of urself.
Sanskar : ok mam I’ll take care of myself and will be waiting for ur arrival. It will gonna get very hard to wait after knowing ghat this weekend I’ll gonna meet u. bye.
Ragini : bye They ended the video call.

@ sanskar side.
I know how much u show that u r happy but u r still not able to come out of that incident. And I know this is hard because u lost ur family in this but u have to come out of this incident and I know u will move on soon as I know u r a brave and strong person otherwise a person who went all this will never be able to smile but u r smiling urself and making other smile too. I hope in this wedding u will smile wholeheartedly and I promised I’ll make it happened because I love u and when u will come out of this than I’ll gonna make u mine for forever and will never let any sadness come near u.

@ ragini side
Ragini was holding her parents pic.
Ragini : mom why this happened with us I never hurt anyone never make anyone cry than y all this is happening with me. I miss u both so much. I m trying my best to come out of all this but how can I forget that in all ghis I lost my most precious thing my parents who love me so much. If sanskar was not their with me I would have died. But mom dad I promise I’ll will never let my smile fade as u both use to say that u both love my smile. I love u mom dad I love u both a lot. She sleep while holding their photo frame.

@ weekend
@ railways station.
Ragini was waiting for sanskar for almost half hours.
Ragini : see mr. Late latif didn’t came till now I don’t understand from where the hell he is busy. I should call him again. She call him but of no use he was not picking her call.
Ragini : now what should I do. She saw a cafe nearby so she think of going their and waiting for him. Their she saw a boy and girl fighting.
Boy : are u nut, what is the need to stand their.
Girl : that’s not my falt idiot i was talking with my friend when those boy start passing idiotic comments and I didn’t tell u to come in between u was the one who come in between and start fighting. I can handle myself I don’t need anyone for my safety.
Boy : oh really.
Seeing all this ragini remember her first meeting with sanskar and a smile came on ragini lip. Than she msg sanskar that she is at xyz cafe beside the station.

So frends this is diksha signing off this epi of “love : beautiful or dangerous.” hope u all gonna like it and thanx for precious and beautiful comments.

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