love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 20)

Hii friends this is diksha back with the ff called “love : beautiful or dangerous.” hope u all gonna like it. Let’s start.

Next day
Sanskar get ready look outside. He saw two goons their. Just than he call tejaswi and told her to come with her team when he will call her and went outside he saw two goons following him on bike. He went toward a forest area on a silent road. He sped his bike and stop his bike on mid road and leaving his bike he went to a tree and climb on that tree. After few minutes those goons came their and saw the bike standing. They stop their bike.and start searching for him. Here at tree sanskar call tejaswi and told her to come with team.
Goon 1 : where the hell he went?
Goon 2 : this is second time we lost him if boss will get to know about him he will kill us.
Goon 1 : let’s search him his bike his here only. He will be near about.
They search for sanskar for sometime. But they didn’t find him.
Goon 1 : now we have to informe boss about this.
Goon 2 call his boss.

On call
Goon : hello b..bosss.
Boss : tell me why u call me now?
Goon : boss we lost him again.
Boss : u idiot why the hell I am giving u money for keeping eyes on him or for making excuse?
Goon : but boss
Boss : stop ur nonsense and come here. He hugged up the call.
Goon : let’s go boss has called us. They were going just than they hear a voice.
Sanskar : where are u going without me? Wait I’ll too come
Goon 1 : u, where was u?
Sanskar : this is not the matter. Matter is where are u going now? And moreover I m coming with u?
Goon : u will come with us and will get a gud lesson.
Saying so they was about to beat him just than tejaswi and her team come their.
Sanskar : so now u will do as we will say.
Goon : ok
Sanskar : gud. So now u will take me as u caught me and help our team to enter their. Dare u try to act smart. If u will help us. I assure u we will make sure u get less punishment. Now u call ur boss and tell him that u had find me while following u and u gind me and is taking me at his place.
They call their boss and tell them as sanskar told. They went behind the goons and stop near a building. Goons hold sanksar and tied his hands with take him inside and and take whole team inside and hide them. They take sanskar infront of their boss.

Boss : so finally mr. Sanskar u r here. See finally we meet remember me. Sanskar saw himand was socked to see him.
Sanskar : u here? This time u will gonna face hell.
Boss : look like u forgot our last meeting result. Should I make u remember.
Sanskar : last time I leave beacause it was for me but this time u tried to hurt my love and now u will face the consequence.
Boss : oh really let’s see who will do what?
Just than sanskar free his hands and give a tight slap on his face and call the team and when they came boss signal his goons to attack but after sometime officers arrested the goon and boss and they make those two goon witnesses and take their……….than sanskar went to ragini house and search for the memory card he start searching for that his all family photographs frame but didn’t able to find any thing just than he ope the cup board and find his poster like pic with ragini and when he touch the pic he find something odd he take out the pic and find the memory card pasted at back of pic with tape. He take out the memory card and than take that to his home and play it. He saw ragini near bank of river and their was sunset is happening.

Ragini : hii mr. hottie, u know after coming here I missed u a lot. And when u use to praise some other girl I don’t know why but I used to be really angry on that girl and u too. I missed our spcl moment which we spend together whether it was our fighting or ur scolding ur care or ur way of pasifing me. And when yesterday I saw two couples going together happily I missed u. And when geeta said me that u like someone else. And the fear of losing u make me realise my love for u. Than I realised that I love u. See this sunset how beautiful its looking.
Just than sanskar notice something weird he zoomed the video and saw some goons killing a girl. Sanskar copy the video in his lappy. And than he went to police station and give the memory card to tejaswi. She too saw the video. When she saw the girl face. She was socked as she was the vitness of a drug racket case. Sanskar went back to his home just than he get the call he recived it. he smile listening something.
He start his bike and and went to the same place were ragini was. He immediately went to ragini room. And saw her sleeping and dr. was checking her.
Sanskar : what happened doctor? how is Ragini? Is she alright?
Dr. Trisha : chill officer she is ok I call u to inform.

So, friends this is diksha signing off this epi of “love : beautiful or dangerous.” hope u all gonna like it. Sorry being late but what to do I was confuse with some parts yhat how to write them. So forgive me. And thanx a lot gor ur beautiful and precious comments.

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