Love : Beautiful or Dangerous (epi 2)


Hii frend this is diksha with second epi of “love : beautiful or dangerous” i m really grateful for ur precious comment. So lets start the epi.

Day befor the tour
Girls side
Ragini : hey Geeta lets go to shopping for the tour.
Geeta : ok lets go.
After sometime they both enter in shopping mall. They both saw a old couple who were fighting.
Old lady : its almost 50 year of our marriage but till now u didn’t understand my like and dislike.
Old man : i m not god who understand ur wish without saying. U and ur mood swings.
Old lady : oh really for understanding my choice u have to become god. But i always have to understand ur choice.
Old man : oh u are saying as if u understand my all likes and dislikes. i m the only one who sacrifice his all choice.
At that time by mistake he put his hand on a nail which is on the nearabout wall. He shout in pain and old lady saw his hand and blood start coming from his finger. The old lady see his hand immedietly and wrap his finger in her duppata and scold the old man for hia careless behaviour she is almost at the edge of the crying when old man hold her and say its nothing my cute oldy know lets leave otherwise what will youngster think that oldies are becoming young. And they both laugh.
Seeing this our girls are happy.
Ragini : yr such a cute couple they are.
Geeta : really this is called true love.
Ragini : right they grew old together and now also their care is same.
Geeta : ya love is so beautiful.

@ boy place.
Our both boys are getting ready for the class. They took their classes. After that they enter in their room and get fresh than they switch on the tv and changing the channel and stop on a news channel where they were showing the honey trape.
Sanskar : i dont understand how can anyone leak that much important info. Just on the name of freaking love.
Rohan : he is not completely wrong he was in love yr.
Sanskar : really if love has this reasult thats means love is dangerous for the person and for country too.
Next day
Ragini and geeta got ready and went to the bus by which they r going. They saw some other student.
Ragini : its look like they are also going with us.
Geeta : ya its gonna fun.
They were talking when their proffessor come in bus and says
Proffessor : u all r going to diffrent forces training centers u will just observe u will not disturb them while their training. U all give ur no. And ill give u the no. Of officer who will gonna help u while ur project. Proffessor complete the procedure. Both ragini and geeta feed the no. Of both and they start their journey.
Ragini was enjoying the nature and geeta slept on ragini shoulder after sometime. While she is enjoying the nature by mistake she call on sanskar no. Here our sanskar was in class so his phone was on silent. After sometime when he came out from his class and saw his phone. he saw missed call from unknown no. He dial the no. And here ragini pick the call.

On call
Sanskar : hii who r u?
Ragini : (check the no.) Oh i m really sorry officer i by mistake dial ur no.
Sanskar : what the hell, r u idiot from next time u dare call me. I know ur type of girl.
Ragini : hey mr. I said sorry for my mistake ok but that doesn’t mean u can say anything to me.
Sanskar : just shutup
Ragini : mr. go to ur freedge and put some ice on your head maybe it will decrease ur temper.
Sanskar : what
Ragini cut the call.

Here sanskar seniour call them and says i m sending u no. of students. And u and rohan will recive them ok.
So friend this is diksha signing of the epi of “love : beautiful or dangerous” hope u will gonna like it. And a big wal thanx who comment on the ff.

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