love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 18)

Hii frends this is diksha with the ff called “love : beautiful or dangerous.” hope u all gonna like it. So let’s start.

@ tejaswi’s house
Sanskar was knocking at the door but found no response than he ask from her neighbour about her they tell him that she is gone out of station for two days than you can meet her. Sanskar thanks her and was going back when suddenly a van come infront of his bike and block the way. Just than som,e goons come out of the van.
Sanskar : what the hell what is this? Who the hell stop his vehicle infront of other blocking the way. What if my bike would have bump with ur van I would had an accident today and maybe would had admitted in hospital because of ur this stupidity.
Goon : u shut ur mouth and one more thing this time we leave u. If u again try to get information about that girl than next time u will be in heaven understood.
Sanskar : about which girl u r talking?

Goon : about that girl at whom house u had went?
Sanskar : tejaswi, but why?
Goon : just stop ur search for that girl.
Sanskar : what if I don’t? What will you do?
Goon : you really wanna know. We thought you are an intelligent person. But look like you want to see the trailer. Ok than.

Goon signals to other and they start attacking on sanskar. First goon and was about to hit sanskar when he hold his fist and twist it and lock it at his back and kick him at his knee and he fell down. Another two goons come one hit him with stick at his back and another one was about to hit him at his leg but he jumped and than kick one at his face. And hit anoyher one at his nose. He picked the sticks than all goons attack together at him. But he defends himself by those sticks and being a trained officer he beat all black and blue.
Sanskar : if again any of u try to threaten me or came infront of me. Than non of u will alive now go. U idiots, just wasted my time.
He warn them and He straighten his shirt and went to his work.

@ Sanskar place
@ night

Sanskar was having his dinner but his mind was stuck at the morning incident.
Sanskar : who were they? Why were they warning me to stop to get info about tejaswi what is all this I have to get all info? Hmmm I’ll get my all answer only when i’ll be able to meet her. I have to wait for it. I have one more way I should get info about those goons maybe by this I’ll get some more info. I have to do it fast because from n next month I have to go to join my post. Ufff all this getting more puzzled. I have to solve it as soon as possible. In next two days he was gathering all info about those goons and was busy in his work. After two days. Sanskar get ready and went to meet tejaswi at her house.

@ tejaswi place
Sanskar park his bike. He was going toward tejaswi’s house when he listen some sound which are coming from her home. He quickly went to door he was trying to listen but he was unable to understand anything he think to get inside. just than two person came outside from her house and went from their and sanskar enter inside. He saw everything messed up in her house. Things were scattered here and their and than he saw a girl at corner and she seems to be frightened. He went to her.
Sanskar : what happened to u and who were those who left just now?
Girl look toward him.
Girl : officer, u here anything important?

Sanskar : tejaswi, right? and do answer my question first.
Girl : yes, officer. About them I don’t know who were they but they come here threatens me to tell them about the proof which ragini had against them otherwise they will kill me. But when I told them I don’t know anything and I m not afraid of their threat. Than They tell me that they will kill my younger brother.
Sanskar : ok but what they wanna know from u? And why r they behind u?
Tejaswi : actully they saw me last with ragini and they think that I know their secret and they don’t want that their secret come out which ragini know.
Sanskar : which secret? About which secret u r talking about and where is ragini?
Tejaswi : I don’t adjactly. I just know that ragini get to know something about them because of which they were behind her even they killl her parents. And they attacked on her serval times.

Sanskar : what? And where is ragini. Is she alright? Nthng happend to her right she safe? Tell me she safe.
Tejaswi : Sanskar : why are you silent. Tell me is my ragini safe?
Tejaswi : no, I can’t if they will get to know that she is alive they will kill her and as far as I know they are already keeping eyes on u and if u go their to meet her they will come to know about her and I don’t want that.

Sanskar : u just tell me where is she? Left I’ll see.
Tejaswi : ok officer ur wish but what if they try to harm my brother than, what will I do?
Sanskar : see they will not get to know about that u tell me anything and as u say they don’t know that ragini is alive than how will they get to know I m meeting ragini and about their informer I know how to handle them so u just tell me about her ok.
Tejaswi : ok sir. but pls be careful. she write something on paper and gave that to Sanskar.

Sanskar : I’ll be and one more thing did u have keys of ragini house maybe I’ll get to know something about that secret and those people.
Tejaswi : yes, wait I’ll come im two minute. She come after sometime and handoverhim the keys.
Sanskar : thanks. One more thing how u know about ragini?

Tejaswi : actually 3 months before i was coming back after my training at night.
Fb starts
Tejaswi was going in her car humming song. When suddenly she hear some shouts. she went towards the sound. She saw a girl was running and some people were behind her. Girl was in really bad state at that time tejaswi park her car and went towards them and cover face with scarf and than went towards the goon and take out the spray and sprayed it on goons face and than run toward ragini goons also run toward them but because of spry they fell down,and than tejaswi reach to ragini and take her in car and admit her in hospital. She had a bag tejaswi take it and kept in car.

After treatment she gain her conscious and tell her that her name is ragini and those goons were behind her for some proof than. She tell her parents no. and they came their and dr. told them she will be discharged in three days. Than I came to home. I went to hospital after two days I saw some people coming from her ward. And when i went inside i saw she was in a critical situation. Her head was bleeding she has some injurey on her hands. I immedietly went to call the doctor. When we come she was unconciouse. Doctor start treating her. Than i tried to call at her home but no use than i get her address from hospital. And went their but i was sock to see the situation of her house. Their was police inside their house and than i saw dead bodies of her parents at floor. Police was doing their work. They investigate me too i tell them all thing. Than with the help of their neighbours i call their relatives.

So frend this is diksha singning off this epi of “love : beautiful or dangerous.” ” hope you all gonna like it. Thanks for your support, comment and appreciation.

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