love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 17)

Hii frends this is diksha back with the ff called ” love : beautiful or dangerous.” hope you all gonna like it. Let’s start the epi.

Next day

@ hospital
Sanskar gain his conscious. He was laying down on hospital bed. When he remember about last night incident.
Sanskar : I saw ragini befor felling unconscious. But how can it be possible? How will she come to know that i m here and that to in this hospital? Maybe I was hallucinating. But I should confirm this. But how? Just than a nurse come inside.
Nurse : how are you feeling know mr sanskar.
Sanskar : much better sister.
Nurse : ok here is ur medicine have it and have some rest u will be discharged tommorow.
And she gave him the medicine and water. And he gulped it down.
Sanskar : sister, did someone come to meet me.
Nurse : yes some officer and a girl who get admitted with u…… ya her name was tejaswi. And she told me to say thanks to u for saving her.
Sanskar : oh! thanks and sorry for the trouble.
Nurse : it’s ok and one more thing she was addressing u differently. She was calling u as mr. hottie.

Sanskar : what? Ok thanx sister.
She leave from their. Sanskar again get in thinking.
Sanskar : how can it be possible y will tejaswi call me like this till now only ragini use to call me like this. Did tejaswi is my Ragini or did she know her. I have to find out about her?

Next day
After completing some formalities sanskar got discharged. He thought to get info about tejaswi. He went to his sir and try to know about her. he get to know she was their working as a trainee for last three months now it increased his doubt more he try to find her pic but to his disappointment he didn’t get any. He tried to find about her whereabout but again he was disappointed. Than he again went to ragini house but as usual it was locked. He had went their that very time when he entered in the city he went first to her house but it was locked. he went after some days their many time in hope that maybe they will be back but it was locked always. He tried to get info about them from their neighbours but of no us.

He went to his home he was frustrated he went to his room bolted the door and directly went to take shower as he was losing his temper. He went inside and on the shower cold water start runing through his body. He was in his clothes he has worn orange shirt and black denim. He had closed his eyes he was trying to make himself calm. As soon he closed his eyes the moments which he spends with ragini start coming in front of his eyes. He bang his hand on wall. Sanskar : where are u ragini pls come back. I love u ragini. Please come back. I miss u alot. why you left me alone? When you came here leaving me alone. at that time I realized that I love you. I came here just to tell you this but my bad luck that I can’t even able to see you. He than come out and change than he went to his office.

Near ragini home
A man was talking on phone.
Man : sir that boy came again here and was trying to know about that girl. He is the same boy who make arrest all persons of xyz place.
Other man : Ok u do one thing go behind him and keep your eyes on him that what is he doing their. And one more thing just threaten him to stay away from all this.
Man : ok sir.

@ sanskar place
Sanskar get the info about the tejaswi’s whereabouts.
Sanskar : now atleast i’ll get the info about is she is ragini or did she had any connection with ragini or not?
He started his bike and went to tejaswi home and knock at the door.
So frends this is diksha singning off this epi of “love : beautiful or dangerous.” hope u all gonna like it. Thanks for ur support appreciation and comments

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  1. A.xx

    Nice but why so short yar xx

    1. Diksha

      thanx for liking it. and sorry for short epi actually i didn’t get much time for write so thought something is good than nothing.

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    1. Diksha

      thanx for liking it. and sorry for short epi actually i didn’t get much time for write so thought something is good than nothing. i m glad u like it.

  5. Asra

    fabulous dear….our ragini s teju….and who’s that person yar….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

    1. Diksha

      thanx for ur appreciation and comment. i m glad u like it. u will get all ur answer soon.

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    awesome loved it

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