love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 14)

Hii frends this is diksha back with the ff called “love : beautiful or dangerous.” Hope u all gonna like it. So let’s start the epi.

They had prepared well for wedding their. Pandit call the bride nilima was coming downstairs just than she see her parents coming inside running they just went to them and hug her.
Nilima’s parents : beta r u ok?
Nilima : yes mom i am fine. Y? What happened y r u asking so? And u here how?
Nilima’s mom : beta we get a call that u met with an accident and the caller tell us this address to come. Just than ragini come.
Ragini : sorry aunty i call u.
Nilima : ok u call them but y u lied that i met with accident? Look how much tensed they are?
Sanskar : to call ur parents here at ur wedding. u r the one who want that ur parents should be present in ur wedding.
Nilima : but this is not the way see they r really tense.
Sanskar : really u care.
Nilima : what do u mean sanskar? Offcourse i care for my parents.
Sanskar : than where was the care when u eloped from the house don’t u care about them at that time how they will feel? How much people taunt them. atleast u should had tried for make them understand. I m not saying u r wrong or loving a person is wrong but u should have think of ur parents too who love u too and that to unconditionally from childhood.
Ragini : and uncle aunty u should also tried to understand them they love each other u being a parents care for her small wishes and like. than y u want her this much big happiness from her.
Nilima’s parents and nilima and ronak ask sorry too each other and than nilima and ronak get married and they left for their place and now their is only sanroh and rageeta was their in farm house. They were chatting with each other when ragini says.
Ragini : guys lets go to disc and have fun. As its our last day tommorow we will go. She told while being a bit sad.
Sanskar : hey don’t be sad and as u said we will talk regularly and will do video chat than y to be sad. So now u girls go and get ready fast. Lets move to disc fast and enjoy.
Rohan : right but first u be ready first because last time u was the one who was taking lots of time to be ready.
Ragini : and geeta u too pls get ready fast this time ok.

Rohrag giggle and hifive to each other. Than they all left to room for getting ready. After sometime they all come down. Ragini had wore a floreal LBD with silver belt silver studs and silver heels. And sanskar had worn white tee and black denim with black blazer. They four sit in car and went to disc. Sanskar was driving rohan was beside him and both the girls are at back sanskar was admiring ragini from front. Ragini was also feeling his gaze she was feeling shy. She had lowered her eye lashes and she was unknowingily blushing. Sanskar was lost in her when rohan call him. Rohan : sanskar where are u lost. Drive a bit fast we have to reach tonight only.
Sanskar : no where yr. i m not lost and we will reach their in 10 minutes so chill.
Four enter inside and were having fun while dancing. Rohan take geeta aside.
Rohan : geeta don’t u think their is smthing between our frends ragsan. Geeta : u r right rohan but i think they did not realised their feeling for each other. We should do something.
Rohan : hmm u r right but now we don’t have much time as u both will go tommorow. What can we do in this short period?
Geeta : hmm u r right. By the way rohan tell me is it true that after drink people tell truth?
Rohan : i don’t know. But why r u asking so?
Geeta : actually i was thinking to make both drunk and make them confess their feeling.
Rohan : what? Yr u girls. really stop watching stupid dailyshops yr. Geeta : rohan just shutup ok. And atleast i m giving some ideas unlike u. If u have any gud idea than do tell me otherwise just follow as i told u.
Rohan : hmm ok mam let’s do that now don’t be angry my jaan u r my heart pls.
Geeta ignore him and went toward ragini. When rohan hold his hand and hold his ears with one hand and mouths a sorry and make a puppy face. Geeta smile seeing it and hug him.
Rohan : let’s take ur plan in action.
They both get drink for ragsan and went toward them and offer them drink. But ragsan make them drink. Than they start act weird as this was their first time. So ragsan take them back to farm house and make them sleep at their room and went back to their room and get change in their night dress.

@sanskar room
He was not sleepy. He was feeling restless whenever the thought of ragini going away cross his mind he beacame restless. so for being relax he went to the garden.

Sanskar was sitting and just looking at surrounding and reminscing their moment. When ragini come their and offer him caffe. Sankar take the caffe.
Sanskar : thanx.
Ragini : plsr is mine mr. hottie what happened u here are u not getting sleep.
Sanskar : the same thing apply on u and u should sleep as u will leave early morning tommorow. He said this with a bit sadistic tone. And ragini notice this.
Ragini : sanskar are u alright. I means u r sounding sad?
Sanskar : mr. Hottie se sanskar not faire.
Ragini : don’t change the topic tell me y r u sad. Sanskar hug her really tight and was caressing her back. Ragini to recopricate and hug him back she was moving her finger in his hairs
Sanskar : ragini didn’t it possible that u live with me. Pls don’t leave me yr. U know after so much year i m geniuanly happy. after meeting u i again start living. I start enjoying my life and living my life the way i actually dreamt of. Pls don’t leave me. Ragini relaesed the hug and cupped his face his eyes were teary and he was struggling to hold his emotion back. He was not making any eye contact.
Ragini : mr. Hottie look at me.
Sanskar look at her.
Sanskar : i m sorry ragini i just told all that in a flow. U go and sleep afterall u have to leave tommorow.

His voice almost chocked while saying this. Ragini once again hug him tightly and was carresing his back.
Ragini : don’t hide ur feeling from me and their is no neeed to do so. U know we should express our feeling. Because if we keep them inside it hurt us only so pls don’t. U know i have to go but i promise I’ll talk to u regulary and whenever i get chance I’ll come to meet u for sure now please smile mr. super hottie and wink at him ;).
She gesture him through her for finger and thumb. Sanskar too smile a bit.
Ragini : what is this pls don’t give me this fake smile. Pls give me ur natural and wide smile.
Sanskar : let it be ragini let’s go inside.
Ragini : don’t divert the topic atleast befor going i want to see u smiling.
Sanskar went inside in his room ragini. Ragini too went behind him.

So frend this is diksha singnung off the another epi of love : beautiful or dangerous. I know i m late but what can i do. I m a lazy fellow. So pls forgive me. And thanx for ur support, appreciation and comment.

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