love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 13)

Hii my frends i m back to irritate u with the next epi of “love : beautiful or dangerous.” Hope u all gonna like this part. So let’s start the epi.

Sanskar come to ragini. He went toward her but ragini ignored him and went inside house. Their was no one inside. Sanskar hold ragini’s hand.
Sanskar : ragini where are u going i wanna talk to u?
Ragini : but i don’t.
Sanskar : y? R u angry on me?
Ragini : no, how can a mice can angry on a human being.
Sanskar : i m sorry yr but u r the one who started it.
Ragini : but i didn’t take ur name.
Sanskar : same here me too didn’t take ur name.
Ragini : ok now go and sleep we have more function to perform tommorow.
Sanskar : wait firstly u show me ur hand i had listen girls hide their bf or husband name in it. So show me ur hand i wanna know ur bf’s name.
Ragini : i didn’t write anyone’s name in my mehandi.
Sanskar : really than let me see.
Ragini forward her hand. He saw her mehandi he was trying to find out the name.
Ragini : its been more tthan five minute yr i told u na i didn’t wrote anyone’s name y r u wasting ur time now i m sleepy let me go pls.
Sanskar : only two minute pls.
Ragini : mr. Hottie i m sleepy bye.
Saying so she left and both went to respective rooms

Next day.
All gather in hall for the haldi function. They divided sitting place in two part via net cloth. One side was ronak and another side nilima. Ronak parents start the ritual by applying turmeric paste first on ronak and than on nilima. Than come geeta and applied turmeric on both than come rohan and he too applied turmeric on couple than comes geeta and she too applied turmeric on groom and bride. After that all come and applied turmeric on couple than they start applieing turmeric on each other so, sanskar went back to his room. All were busy when kavita went to sanskar room. Sanskar was seeing outside his room when she entered inside.
Kavita : hii sanskar.
Sanskar turn as his back was facing her. He was socked and hell angry after seeing her. Their was a devilish smirk on kavita face.
Kavita : uuff don’t look at me like thats uff ye ada.
Sanskar : why the hell r u here?
Kavita : seems like u r still angry on me. don’t u?
Sanskar : angry and that to with u? U do not worth even that i m just frustated to see ur this blo*dy face infront of me again.
Kavita : oh really, did u forget how much hurm this face can make? did u?
Sanskar : leave my room u dirty fellow i don’t want to forget my values and say anything bad to u. So just leave ok.

Kavita came toward him and put her hand on his shoulder. Sanskar shrug her hand from his shoulder and hold her hand take her to his room door. And pushed her out.
Sanskar : get the hell out of their understand u…. let it be u don’t even worth my anger so just leave.
Saying so he pushed her out and went back to his room. Within few second ragini enterd in his room her face has turmeric all over their was a cute mischeviouse smile on face and turmeric in her hands. She tip toed toward sanskar like a cat without making sound. Their sanskar was lost and worried thinking something. Ragini came from behind and applied turmeric on sanskar. And their come a sudden outburst of sanskar.
Sanskar : are u nut? Can’t u see i am not in mude of all this and i don’t like all this thats why i came here and what the need to applied it on me is it neccessary u fool. Just get lost and dare u came again front of me.
He shouts on her almost top of his lungs. Ragini tried to speak but seeing his this mude she got scared and didn’t utter anyword she just left the room. And went to her room and lock it she was crying. Here sanskar realised what he had done he had taken out his whole anger of kavita on her the girl who actually understand him or atleast try to understand him. Make him happy make him smile. And what he did shout on her. its second time he had done this. He was frustated on himself he just banged his hand on wall his hand had a little brushes but he was not worried about it he was worried about ragini. He was going toward her room. When he saw her talking with rohgeet.
Ragini : looklike someone will gonna miss her gf very much hmm.
Rohan : yupp
He said side hugging geeta.
Rohan : u guys will go tommorow. I will miss u geeta.
Geeta : i will miss u too.
Ragini : that’s not fair u will miss only ur gf not your best frend hmmm. No one will gonna miss me.
Just than sanskar realise she was going tommorow and here he had hurt her. He feel like something pain in heart but ignoring this he went toward them.
sanskar : who told u this. I’ll gonna miss u so much he was going to side hug her when she move toward geeta and hold her hand.
Ragini : geeta i forgot sometjing I’ll be back she went to her room and lock the door. Rohgeet went down side and was preparing for wedding. Sanskar knocked the door but ragini didn’t opened the door.
Sanskar than think of an idea and went outside and here in ragini room she was talking on phone and after ahe hung up she realised she heared a knock but this time from window she went their and open the window sanskar came inside.
Ragini : what r u doing here?
Sanskar : i m really sorry ragini pls forgive me.
Ragini : what the hell u think of urself? And what the hell u think of me? Haan wheneve u want u can shout on me and whenever u want u can appologise? And i m like a duffer will forgive u and tolerate ur all this drama like really.
Saying so she move toward the door she was about to open the door when sanslar hold her hand and pull her she land on his chest because of ot sanskar also looses his balance and both fall on bed sanskar with ragini on top. Ragini tried to stand when he encircled his arms aroud her waist and pull her more close.
Sanskar : Ragini pls forgive me. I m sorry i don’t want to hurt u espacially when i know u will go tommorow its just happened ots all because of that kavita she come to me and said something which irritate me. And after just that u come and my whole angered come on u. i m really sorry i didn’t means to hurt u. U can give me any punishment for it and I’ll accept it pls forgive me. Ragini stand and was about to go when again sanskar hold her hand.

Tumhari nazar kyo khafa ho gai
Khata bakhsh do gar khata ho gai
( sanskar stand and hold his ear with one hand and blink his eyes for asking sorry)
Hamara irada to kuchhbhi na tha
Tumhari khata khud saza ho gai
( ragini frees her hand and than remove his hand from his ear and turned )
Saza hi sahi aj kuchh tomila hai
Saza me bhi ik pyar ka silasila hai
Mohabbat ka ab kuchh bhi anjam ho
Mulaqat hi iltaja ho gai
Tumhari nazar kyo khafa ho gai
Khata bakhsh do gar khata ho gai
(Sanskar come infront of her make an innocent face and again hold his ears and start doing sit ups)
Hamara irada to kuchh bhi na tha
Tumhari khata khud saza ho gai
Mulaqat pe itane magarur kyo ho
Hamari khushamad pe majabur kyo ho
Manane ki adat kaha pad gai
Khatao ki talim kya ho gai
( ragini told him to stop and hold his hand and take him out. And than turn to go inside but sanskar again said her sorry.)
Tumhari nazar kyo khafa ho gai
Khata bakhsh do gar khata ho gai
( sanskar : i m really sorry i promise I’ll never ever repeat this again swear pls forgive me pls i can’t afford to lose u pls.
Ragini forgive him.
Ragini : than y did u this.)
Satate na ham to manate hi kaise
Tumhe apane nazadik late hi kaise
Kisi din ki chahat amanat ye thi
Vo aj dil ki avaz ho gai
Tumhari nazar kyo khafa ho gai
Khata bakhsh do gar khata ho gai.
( sanskar : frends are like this only. And by the way my frend people say we get on angry on the people whom we cosidered close to us. So now i think we shold do the prepration for marriage.)
They go outside for wedding prepration.

So frend this is diksha signing off the epi of love : beautiful or dangerous. Hope u all gonna like it. Than for ur preciouse comment, support and appreciation.

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